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CARNIVÀLE (2003-2005)

Creator: Daniel Knauf

Cast: Michael J. Anderson, Adrienne Barbeau, Clancy Brown, Nick Stahl

During the Great Depression, an Oklahoma farm boy and a charismatic minister learn that they are key players in a  war being fought between Heaven and Hell. 212 more words


Warcraft: The Beginning

Director: Duncan Jones (2016)

Feeling defeated after two hours of crushing cartoon violence, I beat a hasty retreat from this fantasy adventure.

Two worlds go to war in this combination of live action and state of the art animation. 628 more words

Movie Review

Highlander: A Love Story

Anyone who has known me longer than five minutes will know that i have a pure and absolute love for Highlander. I’m not one of those nostalgia fiends who merely declares a like for a film in order to score some cool points (I don’t even think Highlander would score any cool points in any era of time to be honest). 1,324 more words


The anticipated adaptation of the popular videogame series Warcraft will soon be hitting theaters. 248 more words


John Dies at the End (2013) Review


John Dies at the End is a film that tries hard, and succeeds in being weird above all else. It’s a hard film to describe, much less give a plot summary of, as it juggles drugs, the paranormal, and alternate dimensions. 557 more words


New 'Warcraft' Trailer Takes Duncan Jones' Fantasy Epic to a Whole New Level

Universal, Legendary, and Blizzard Entertainment have released the second trailer for their upcoming video game adaptation, Warcraft. The highly anticipated film is directed by Duncan Jones and is based on the highly-loved video game  388 more words


Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

An outlaw with total amnesia teams up with the local townsfolk, his old gang and the last surviving members of an Apache tribe to rescue their people stolen away by body snatching aliens. 165 more words