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When, exactly, did being nice lose its value?

As kids, it’s what we were taught; what we knew. My parents drilled this concept into my head since before I can remember, and when I entered school, our days were filled will learning all about kindness.  475 more words

Posiblemente, la mejor traducción de la historia

He estado buscando una reseña que apareció en el El País (creo que en el suplemento Babelia) en 1998 o 1999, de la novela de intriga Balance of Power de Tom Clancy (escrita junto con un pobre tipo), traducida al español como “Equilibro de poder”. 407 more words


The bed is getting squishy 

Two weeks old and the bed is getting filled up! Look how they’ve grown! There’s not much room anymore. Don’t worry, this is not their everyday bed. 56 more words


Real men wear pink

Okay, it should say “real boy puppies wear pink”. But that didn’t sound as good for a title😉

This is what happens when you’re almost out of red ribbon and forget to get it on your once a week shopping trip. 45 more words


Hide and seek

As Jules approached her due date I kept studying her; wondering, guessing and comparing her round belly to past pregnancies. How many was she going to have? 153 more words


Clancy's Digital Artifact

I first have to apologize for the occasional ‘pops’ in recording; I did my best in Audacity to mitigate this annoyance but they’re not completely eradicated.

79 more words