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The Emotional Beatdown of Clannad & Clannad: After Story

“Have I told you about Clannad?” I asked my friend Kristi one night as we sat at the dining table.

“The show you said was really difficult for you to watch?” 1,648 more words


Anime Collection Spotlight: Clannad

I had been intending on saving this post for when I would buy the Japanese blu-ray boxset re-releases for both seasons of Clannad, but it seems there have been a number of other anime releases that have taken my interests over the past year that has made me put that goal on the back burner for awhile and I don’t know when I’m gonna finally purchase them. 1,020 more words

Limited Edition

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Best Clannad Collection ever!

Clannad Season 1 Limited Edition DVD Boxset images

While browsing through the web, I encounter someone’s WordPress blog website and I became intrigued with the images of collectible anime DVDs. What was really interesting was the Clannad collectibles, this is where I will say “shut up and take my money”.  53 more words


Clannad: The Motion Picture Review

Like most anime that receive popularity, they usually get a movie treatment. Believe it or not there is a film for the Clannad. Before you read more, just be aware that I might spoil the movie. 510 more words


Final Diagnosis: "Clannad" and the Romanticization of Parasitism

A disclaimer before we begin: the following is written without my having yet experienced the second season/sequel to the discussed show, entitled Clannad: After Story. Instead, this will be an examination of the original 23-episode run of Clannad on its own merits, and the inevitable After Story piece that will follow will serve as both an individual examination of that season and as an overall reflection of the franchise with the original show in mind. 2,548 more words

Final Diagnosis

Happy Valentines Day!

Love is in the air, and it’s time to dedicate your time and affections to the special someone. If you are single, don’t despair. Don’t think that you are the only one without a Valentines, there are millions out there without one. 356 more words