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"Clannad" and "Clannad After Story" OP&ED Review

In this small soundtrack, you get the opening song “Megumeru” and ending song “Dango Dai Kazoku” in both Full and TV (short) version. You also get the “off-vocal” version of the songs which is the same as above but the lyrics are intentionally out of place but sounds very pleasant. 149 more words


5 shows to get you started in the anime world

So you’ve stumbled across this blog knowing nothing about anime or you’re just looking for some recommendations for shows to start with. Lucky you, because I’m going to share my top 5 shows that every anime newbie should watch. 381 more words


Here Comes the Anger Train: Military Anime!

I have always enjoyed military shows, the sense of brotherhood and the fighting for a larger cause. The idea that any character that you enjoy can die at any moment. 293 more words


Charlotte Ep. 1 Preview

The preview for episode 1 of the latest creation from Key has already been released.

Just a reminder: this new series is being worked by Aniplex (Sword Art Online, Anohana, Durarara!!, Fate/Zero) and P.A. 25 more words


5 Short Anime that will turn you into a Proud Otaku (Anime Nerd)

What you expect when you start watching a series is entertainment and something that will have you hooked. Now your definition of entertainment might range from drama, comedy, suspense, action, romance to even gore. 1,853 more words


Released today in 1989: In A Lifetime

This was the second issue of the collaboration between U2’s singer and Clannad. Maire Brennan and Bono’s single In A Lifetime (credited solely to her band Clannad) was recorded in 1985, and first released in January 1986. 320 more words

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