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Amazing to see William looking & sounding so well.


“We Love Jess” says Clare Balding, BBC Radio 2 on her Good Morning Sunday Show

Yes, Jess’ song “The Shield” was played on Clare Balding’s Good Morning Sunday show this week (10th July 2016).  As always, Clare was very complimentary about Jess and said “We love Jess” before she played the track.  27 more words

My Animals and Other Family By Clare Balding

Clare Balding grew up in a rather unusual household. Her father a champion trainer, she shared her life with more than 100 thoroughbred racehorses, mares, foals and ponies, as well as an ever-present pack of boxers and lurchers. 218 more words

Grovelling British subjects thank the Queen for letting them pay for her party and no bank holiday

Grovelling British subjects throughout Britain have come together to thank her Royal Highness for having a party at their expense without actually being invited themselves and no sodding bank holiday. 248 more words

Book Review: One Dollar Horse / Lauren St John / 9 - 12

Published by Orion

Having just written the post for Clare Balding’s The Racehorse who Wouldn’t Jump and referred to this wonderful book within that post, I suddenly realised I hadn’t reviewed this one. 81 more words

Book Review

Book Review: The Racehorse who Wouldn't Gallop / Clare Balding / 8 Onwards

For those young ladies who are into horses. This is a lovely book about Charlie Bass the young daughter of a farmer. She is into horses in a big way, however, her parents cannot afford for her to have one. 97 more words

Book Review

Serendipity Wins The Epsom Derby

“I had a dream” Clare Balding told me as I started to explain my win in the Epsom Derby.  Poor Clare.  I wanted to know, I really did but unfortunately with the overexcitement of the main race, I’d been reduced to a babbling mess.  602 more words