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Week 2 Post 1: Age of the Millennials

Jacqueline Novogratz brings up poverty in a way that most people have never thought of before, with the use of many personal stories she defines poverty not only by the amount of money the poor makes per day but also goes into depth and describes the personalities, the jobs, and the lifestyles of these people. 612 more words


"Oh what a tangled web we weave..."

“…When first we practise to deceive! (…ourselves we can train for a triathlon when we’re working).”
Sir Walter Scott, ‘Marmion’ (with addendum by Unironedman).

‘Twas a funny week, training-wise. 1,177 more words


Cash machine (and Stevie Wonder)

Monday 31st August 2015, 7.55pm (day 1,467)

Why Stevie Wonder? No idea. Why not? More of a wonder was finding a cash machine in Hebden Bridge with cash still in it, at the fag-end of a three-day Bank Holiday weekend.

Daily Post

The Iron Trial - Black and Clare - "Love wants to overcome"

If you knew there was something wrong inside of you, would you tell someone about it? If this news would shatter everything about your life, could you be brave enough to face your destiny? 796 more words