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Long Hiatus.

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

I know it has been quite a long while since I have written however by Allah’s will our brothers and sisters would benefit from a treatise regarding how the people of innovation should be dealt with. 157 more words



Following the mirrors article, it is sad but necessary to clarify the position I’ve always held:

  1. The images always come first
  2. Images are subjective, and like/dislike is personal.
  3. 284 more words

Meta-Systemic Musings cont.

In my considered opinion, conscious, collective alignment grounded in non-duality, which undeniably underpins reality in its totality, will remain beyond accessible usefulness to the complexity and diversity of the lived experience of collective myriad beings – just as knowledge (realisation) of the integrity of the individual self aware entity is beyond the reach of the myriad contributing systems that participate in the process of animating its life form. 208 more words



The perceived realities for all of us are different. We make daily decisions on how we perceive situations. Of course, it does make it difficult to see it as other people do. 173 more words

Diversity is Life

Natural systems and biodiversity

When we go outside and look into the living environment, whether it be into a small pavement bounded lawn, a public park, a local waterway, or a vast nature reserve, we will notice that there are many things there existing together. 1,039 more words



In the post immediately preceding this one, please understand the term “greatest rock song” means exactly what it says. Not greatest rock n’ roll song, not greatest heavy metal song…greatest rock song. 25 more words

Shout Outs

HAMPSTEAD NEW: Social Media Clarification - 6 May '15

Social Media Clarification

May 6, 2015 jacquifarmer1984

This is the only Hampstead Research. We are honoured to see that we are causing this Satanic cult and its supporters so much consternation that they are creating YouTube channels, Twitter and Facebook accounts and so on. 104 more words