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ignorance is NOT bliss, get out there and play YOUR part in wiping it out

For the record, that phrase “Ignorance is bliss” is NOT justification for one to remain ignorant in order to attain happiness.

I double checked it this week and found that it goes back hundreds of years into Europe (no surprises). 1,248 more words


Let there be no compulsion in religion !

Shaykh al-Azhar Imam Mahmud Shaltut   (Grand Imam of Al-Azhar 1893–1963)

To explore this subject let us first understand the nature of Islamic da’wah (the calling to Islam) and answer the question of whether or not it requires coercion. 3,833 more words


From the ways of the innovators

Years ago I read Al Fatawa Al Jaleeyah by the great scholar, the Mufti of southern Saudi Arabia, Sh. Ahmad An Najmi, and wrote some benefits from it but unfortunately I forgot to reference these benefits. 297 more words

The New Hizb

Slavery In Modern Times - Islamic Viewpoint

In response to the recent atrocities happening in Iraq and Syria, a large group of our respected scholars got together and wrote an open letter to the ‘Islamic State’ leader Dr. 661 more words


Interesting Finds

The posts with the tag “Interesting Finds” will have links to articles that I would love to discuss with you.


Interesting Finds

Murder in revenge for the Prophet!?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Recently in Paris, someone murdered a cartoonist who drew the Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم) in an inappropriate manner. Without doubt this such an act is condemned is Islam as other acts of terrorism are. 473 more words

Jama'ah At Takfeer

What I do.

I spend most of my time studying, reading, contemplating various theories and practising methodologies developed specifically for the attainment of penetrative insight into the nature of reality, I do this in a creative and actively experimental manner . 338 more words