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Pillsbury Sugar Cookies are Fucking Worthless

That’s not me raging, by the way. It’s just a stern opinion.

At the house of fetid desires, I know how it goes. We bake a lot of stuff, because we’re a family of decent tastes. 330 more words

Clarifications, Corrections & Intellectual Property

The Orkney News will correct errors as soon as we can and all corrections and clarifications will appear in this category.

Intellectual Property: all the contributions of columnists are their sole property and if shared, authorship must be cited. 40 more words


Some Clarifications Needed

A few weeks ago I was approached on this very website about one of my posts concerning vaccines and I feel that I must finally state the direction that I wish for this site to take.   426 more words


On Terminology

I thought I should clarify this.

There is a reason I don’t call myself a Quranist or a “progressive Muslim.” I’m just a Muslim who does not hold secondary sources as religious authority. 205 more words


Chapter 1.Unknown: A Beginning

Erm… let’s give this another try.

My name is Gordon, and I am a community college student living in New Hampshire. I live about five minutes from the Massachusetts border, so that’s where I go to school. 356 more words


Jarh and Tadlees spubs style

After it was said that Sh. Fawzaan warned from the likes of Yahya Al Hajoori by Amjad Rafeeq on this link:


And after Mustafa George made various analogies regarding Sh. 311 more words

Hamza Yusuf in a nutshell and racism.

Well in a nutshell in case we forgot:

Hamza Yusuf is a Sufi, Ashari, promoter of Shirk (Qaseedah Burdah) and Bid’ah in the West who said that the most sacred place on earth is the grave of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم). 783 more words