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Clarified Butter

Why would anyone clarify butter?

To separate the milk solids from the pure butter fat so that you can use butter at a much higher temperature without smoking! 339 more words

The Spoon Mage Explains

The Resurrection 1/4

1961 Los Angeles Closed Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

398A – The Resurrection

Good Evening.

Q:  Is consciousness God?

A:  Or the question could have been: Is God consciousness? 1,552 more words


Holy Spirit Guidance Clarified

The kingdom of God is of a different REALM, it is in a different DIMENSION from the physical that we experience around us and the only way that we can KNOW what is happening in the kingdom of God and what God is doing is if we HEAR from Him, if we are led by the Holy Spirit. 1,342 more words

All about BUTTER!

Why are there so many different ways of measuring butter? Why can’t everything simply be in one measurement because I use a measuring cup to measure pretty much everything – except butter. 319 more words


Obama Team Removes Requirement to Defend USA From Citizenship Oath

Town Hall — The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has “clarified” requirements for individuals becoming naturalized citizens by stripping out the requirement of defending the United States through military service. 98 more words


Mid-Trib Confusion CLARIFIED! ~ End-Times Prophecy SIMPLIFIED!

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Has Scottie suddenly lost his mind and become a mid-tribulation rapture theory believer?! What was that last video really supposed to mean? 7 more words