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Matt L'Hommedieu An Innocent Man: Case Exposing Massive Corruption in Washington State Government and Local Feds

PLEASE NOTE: As the AG Ferguson runs around lecturing Trump and America on how “No one is above the law” on immigration and other questions, this AG, along with Inslee, along with local law enforcement in several WA communities, along with local FBI who work with them, along with several judges, along with several local prosecutors, along with some judges in Olympia and local politicians both parties, key local businesses and prominent civic leaders, covert secret societies like Rotary and Masonics, law firms all combine together to run covert networks of power, privilege, trading in public employment, infiltration and control of key institutions with covert agenda, awarding no-bid government contracts to key public-sector contracts, legal business, use of public monies and resources for reprisals against and/or buying off whistle-blowers, and various other forms and levels of massive, coordinated, institutionalized corruption and crime. 20 more words


That Makes 10 Microsoft MTA's

Today I completed my tenth Microsoft Certified Technology Associate (MTA) exam. The test was the “Mobility and Devices Fundamentals (Exam 98-368). This exam focussed on the following: 100 more words

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Former Clark Student Comes Back as Award-Winning Author

Award-winning author and former Clark student Mitchell S. Jackson came to Clark on Tuesday to read and discuss his novel “The Residue Years.”

This presentation was part of the Columbia Writers Series, an event where local, national and international writers are brought in to Clark to inspire, teach and talk to the community about their writing and their lives as writers, according to the Clark website. 236 more words


That Makes 4 Years

Well, this week marks the end of my 4th full year of teaching classes at Clark College. It’s amazing how quickly time goes by. I’m working on a longer post which reflects back on my experiences. 44 more words

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Dale Chumbley: Making Digital Marketing and Social Media Work for Real Estate

On Wednesday, November 17, 2016, Dale Chumbley gave a talk at the Clark College Business Web Practices class entitled Making Digital Marketing and Social Media Work for Real Estate. 259 more words

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Business Web Practices Speaker Series: Dale Chumbley Real Estate, Digital Marketing & Social Media

This week’s Business Web Practices lecture features Dale Chumbley, a real estate professional with a passion and successful track record with digital marketing and social media. 270 more words

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Eliza Greenwood: The Convergence of Digital Marketing and Accessibility

This week’s Business Web Practices lecture features Eliza Greenwood, a web professional who focuses on marketing and social media deliverability concerns for people with disabilities. Eliza Greenwood is a freelance digital marketer and accessibility evangelist. 204 more words

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