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The Death of Superman

When it comes to live action movies, DC still has a long way to go. But, if there’s anything that DC does better than anyone else, it’s animated movies. 693 more words

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“Missing Margot: Forever our Lois Lane”

Missing Margot, Missing Miss Lane

As Superman Celebration 2018 comes to a close and the Big Blue Boy Scout enters his octogenarian years, it struck me that, unlike The Man of Steel’s uplifting 75th anniversary, this one felt a little hollow. 1,084 more words


...it looks like a job for...

I rarely post two scenes from one story, but this was simply too iconic to pass up!


Trying To Understand The Most Inconsistent Comic Book Writer Ever

Grant Morrison utterly fascinates me. He’s one of those guys readers tend to have strong opinions about. But I don’t. He’s written both some of my absolute favourite comics ever –  1,843 more words