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Of Lewis N Clark Uncharted Square Cargo Bag

Rampant fuel price rises remain the single largest factor in the forecast, bringing carrier capacities into sharper focus and asking questions as to the cost-effectiveness of air… 154 more words

Lewis N Clark Analog Alarm Clock

Online to buy? An alarm clock is merely what it sounds like, a clock with an alarm that we’ll set to prompt us about numerous actions or to awaken us in the morning. 306 more words

Lewis N Clark Immersion Heater 120240V White One Size

Utilizing a gas patio heater is a fantastic way to heat your out of doors patio. It can generate ambiance in addition to keeping your guests comfortably warm even though they are outdoors. 290 more words

my clarky boy

as many of you know, my younger brother clark, whom i affectionately call clarky boy, has lived with me the past year here in atlanta.  well, this week begins a new journey and chapter as he makes a sizable move up to chicago, illinois to start a new job.  178 more words