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Spanish Science Fiction: A Round Table Discussion #HHM

LINK: With Spain’s Top Contemporary Voices

Elia Barceló
César Mallorquí
Juan Miguel Aguilera
Rafael Marín
Rodolfo Martínez
Eduardo Vaquerizo
Javier Negrete


Bite-size Books: Iron Ladies, Iron Tigers

Vita awakens blind, her onboard AI assuring her there’s no problem with visual feed. Stranded in a ship so damaged it can’t tell where it hurts, can Vita face her own wounds and find her way home?  357 more words


How to Write Ideas into Fiction

When I was in an undergraduate fiction workshop, my teacher told us not to worry about what our stories were about. Focus on the characters and plot, he said, and the rest will sort itself out. 1,094 more words

Creative Writing Prompts

SFF review: imagination and annotation in "The Sentry Branch Predictor Spec: A Fairy Tale"

“The Sentry Branch Predictor Spec: A Fairy Tale”, John Chu, at Clarkesworld (http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/chu_07_16/)

I imagine that everyone involved in SFF circles has by this point seen the programming for World Fantasy Convention, and the very merited backlash to it. 811 more words

Reviewer: Cat

Reading Goals for the week of 31 July, 2016

I apologize for the lack of reading goal posts for a while. I got lazy. Now that I have a laptop again (I got it a couple weeks ago), I’m going to try to start back up. 71 more words

Reading Goals

Progress Report (26 June 2016)

More incremental progress on several fronts.

I seem to have lined things up so that my slush-pile submissions get responses all at once. “A Fire in Winter,” “Guanahani,” and “Pilgrimage” all picked up rejections in the space of three days. 424 more words