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Rec: "Last Chance" by Nicole Kornher-Stace

Last Chance” by Nicole Kornher-Stace, Clarkesworld July 2017, SF novelette

The cons of this story are that it’s a tired post-apocalyptic tale; that it’s an unsurprisingly unrelievedly bleak story for the bulk of it; and that, while there’s something to be said for concise endings, this was a bit too compressed. 321 more words


Rec: "Fool's Cap" by Andy Dudak

Fool’s Cap” by Andy Dudak, Clarkesworld June 2017, SF novelette

A woman hunting a war criminal gets stranded on a planet with nothing but her drone swarm, the planet’s strange psychoactive alien lifeform, and her prey. 221 more words


Enjoying some Clarkesworld short fiction by Reed and Chandrasekera, Narrated by Kate Baker

Me and audio fiction have a tenuous friendship. I tend to get distracted while listening to audio fiction, which means I have to listen to the same stories over and over and over again, almost like they are long musical pieces. 969 more words

Short Stories

Bite-size Books: Of Sight, Of Mind, Of Heart

Of Sight, Of Mind, Of Heart is one of those short stories that should come with a warning: don’t read in public; guaranteed to make you cry. 283 more words


Short story: Left of Beng: Pre-emptive Self-Actualisation for Autonomous Systems by Vaira Chandrasekera, from Clarkesworld magazine, April 2017. Recommended.

Poem: Iris by T. D. 30 more words

The Ray Bradbury Challenge

March 2017 Review: Part 1

The world is ending! No, the world has ended. Death is upon us. But death is not the end. I’ve scoured some of the most popular science fiction and fantasy magazines available online and these are my thoughts. 2,731 more words


Short story: Real Ghosts by J. B. Park, from Clarkesworld, March 2017. Highly Recommended.

Poem: New Endymion by W. S. Di Piero, listened to on the Poem of the Day podcast, from March 2017. 25 more words

The Ray Bradbury Challenge