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Bad Taste beatmaker Walter Ego releases ‘Smoke Bomb’, the second single from his upcoming EP, ‘Radio Bits’ .  Taking his cues from UK Bass, Garage and Grime, the Sheffield-born producer creates an all-out attack in ‘Smoke Bomb’; as various percussive elements jostle for position alongside ominous synths.  Stream below via SoundCloud.

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Album Review: Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls

All too often, the case with new albums from ageing rock bands demonstrates solid proof of age, as well as a dramatic need to slow down, unplug the electric guitars and discard the spandex trousers of yesteryear. 528 more words

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Album Review: Foals - What Went Down

Ever since the release of 2008’s ‘Antidotes’, each new Foals record has shown a considerable amount of maturation. From math rock beginnings to soundtracking teen dramas such as Skins, right the way through to topping the bill of some of Britain’s most highly regarded music festivals. 441 more words

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OTH Spotlight: Lawrence Taylor - Bang Bang

‘Bang Bang’ the title track from the forthcoming EP, out in Fall 2015. Clash Magazine considers Taylor to be mature beyond his years. OnTheHeir.net says once you hear this young man’s voice, you’ll only want more.


Album Review: Leon Bridges - Coming Home

Texas has always been a state synonymous with pioneering musical innovation. Yet, with the release of Fort Worth native Leon Bridges’ debut album, an anomaly has arisen which sends the listener back into the past. 285 more words

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Album Review: A$AP Rocky - At.Long.Last.A$AP

At long last, A$AP Rocky has returned with the follow-up to his major label debut.

‘Long.Live.A$AP’ was released at the beginning of 2013, and since then, plenty has changed for Rocky. 336 more words

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