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रईसी से ग़रीबी तक

रईसी से ग़रीबी तक का फासला
उतना ही है जितना
एक अंडे से मुर्गी का
और इन दोनों से सूखी रोटी का
एक भेड़ से ऊन के गोले का
और इन दोनो से सर्दी के स्वेटर का
एक पेड़ से कागज़ का
और इन दोनों से किताबी शब्दों का
चार दीवारों से छत का
और इन दोनों से बारिश वाली रातों का
एक चाय के प्याले से होठों का
और इन दोनों के बीच के हादसों का
रईसी से ग़रीबी तक का फासला
उतना ही है जितना
ज़मीन से आसमान का
और इन दोनों से जनमे क्षितिज का

Jeremy Corbyn is Labour Leader (Good news, for once)

Jeremy Corbyn has been voted the new Labour leader. It’s about time we had some good political news, after years of disillusionment and disappointment!

He took almost 60% of votes in the first round of voting, whereas Liz Kendall, the most “righty” of the candidates, took a measly 4%. 327 more words

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Shaved Dog helping to spread awareness.

This does not get talked about enough.


Boring but Important


This blog touches on a lot of issues related to imprisonment, like addiction, drug laws, mental illness, and intergenerational poverty.  One thing I’ve been meaning to address is… 667 more words


The naming of body parts

There is much that separates the classes, the amount of money each has being the least important.  Social structure is determined by the language we use; and how we name our body parts is a good indicator of where we fit. 249 more words


The Square: Rosie Milliard

“If you just drove in and out of the Square all day to deliver your child to The Prep, which is ferociously exclusive and expensive, you would feel as if life was a sort of planet of plenty, thinks Tracey, who knows full well from her clients who buy cosmetics from her that it is not.” 1,028 more words


Reading about success - Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

I love to read, always have a book or two on the go, something academic in my bag to ponder over or a few e-books lined up. 652 more words