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On the Class Divide

If you are interested in intellectual content and perspective, there’s no better site to follow than Moyers & Co 517 more words

No Way Out

This is a series of posts about Belize and Guatemala that starts here.

Mike’s Place is a tourist complex where we would go kayaking or canoeing—it wasn’t  clear—in caves. 683 more words


The People

This is a series of posts about Belize and Guatemala that starts here.

Here’s the demographic run down on who was on this trip in Belize. 685 more words


Belize Bound

When I was poor, many years ago, it used to really piss me off when people said things like, “Why don’t you just move to a better neighborhood?” when I told them I’d been burglarized and mugged in one week, that my neighbors kept me up all night with loud parties, and that I had found a used condom and needles in my front yard. 647 more words


The Good Old Days

This is a series of posts about Italy, Malta, and Spain that starts here.

Our last full day in Toledo.  The next day we would take the train to Madrid, spend a night at an airport hotel, then fly early—me to Minneapolis/St. 672 more words


An 'aspirational' society is still a divided one

‘Poorer children making less progress’ – hardly the most surprising ‘news’ the BBC has ever reported.  “It’s a tricky one, the old class divide” says the DfE in not so many words, “but we’ve got the solution: Social Mobility”. 773 more words

Education (general)

A Lexicon of Inconsistencies (or: A Boston/Brasstown Dictionary)

A Run:

  1. Something that one goes on. A popular form of exercise. Can be performed anywhere, though areas featuring trees and/or water are preferred. Can require many accoutrements.
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