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the culture of poverty

A couple of days ago I was speaking to a colleague in my department about pretty much whatever, as it was a Friday afternoon work social and awkward as anything (one of those illustrations of pluralism- of which I am not necessarily critical). 298 more words

Thought 26. Observations for Breakfast.

I sit in a lively French place for breakfast. With their cane furniture and duplicate Renaissance paintings and monochrome tiling with croissants in glass display racks and smell of bread permeating the air, I frequent this joint quite a bit. 437 more words

Design, Prototype, Iterate. Repeat: Thesis Video_v1

Here is our first attempt at trying to contextualize our thesis project on increasing civic engagement in working class youth. The script and video was show to my class and with the feedback they gave us we will create another script and shot another film where we will refine our points. 195 more words

Reflection: Barriers of Civic Engagement in Teens

In researching our thesis Manolo and I are initially focusing on two topics. Understanding the barriers between teens and civic engagement while also further exploring the additional barriers that a teen of immigrants might face in being engaged. 590 more words


Kenneth Oppel is one of those authors that I always look forward to when I have a daunting To Be Read pile that I must review. 285 more words