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Remember when

the world was our playground?

Me neither.

The Primitive Working Class

It’s no secret that the elite upper class that run the United Kingdom are completely out of touch with every day working class people. This is obvious due to the constant blunders that we witness on TV, radio, and social media. 269 more words


Baby is Born

Baby is born.

Baby is brought up in a mansion in the countryside. Baby has everything he needs, and more. Baby has the best food, baby has the best toys, baby even breathes the best air. 254 more words


The Chosen Ones

Inequality is everywhere you look.

There is race discrimination, gender discrimination, nationality discrimination, sexuality discrimination, age discrimination, and religious discrimination everywhere. There’s even discrimination discrimination, where people are discriminated against depending on who they themselves discriminate. 621 more words


Ten Years Old and Living in Poverty, Channel 5+1, 11pm, 26th November 2014

Not crisp packets, just really nice stuff.

I’d love a really good room to show off

About. They shout

Tramp, I can’t ignore them.

I keep getting that in my head… 708 more words


Shadow of the Groundhog # 19: All Roads Lead to (and from) Zero

Latest developments, worldly and otherwise.

There was the exodus from Zer0 as reported in SOTG #17. This gave me a partial feeling of being back to “square zero.” The weather meanwhile was well… 1,371 more words

Why is there hunger?

We can spend hundreds on suits but can’t give everyone food
Congress gets to do nothing but we arrest kids in the hood
We spend money creating rags to riches stories instead of… 170 more words