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So here’s an interesting fact:

Class divides don’t exist until you’re an adult (or at least teenager).

They exist in the sense that you may not go to the poshest school if you’re from a working class background, and you may be on cheaper food, but it’s not something you realise or care about until you get older. 912 more words

Just Me

Penultimate Day in Ethi

My penultimate day in Ethiopia.  There, I’ve always wanted to use that word.

Today I would be observing a training and a women’s group.  But first, I settled up my canteen bill, handed in the Chinese dongle that had never helped me get an Internet connection, and returned the ancient Nokia I had been given the first day.  647 more words


Cool Scotland

I am sitting on a big bed in a big bedroom in a big house in Scotland.  It’s so quiet, so clean, so cold.  It’s August 6 and there’s frost on the windows.  680 more words


The Dual Economy

In his new book The Vanishing Middle Class, MIT economist Peter Temin provides a short and accessible take on this country’s deeply unequal economy, which he argues now represents two different Americas. 1,437 more words


Beatriz at Dinner

The kind of quiet movie I don’t often watch anymore because of a number of factors… including watching fewer movies overall… it’s also a quite good, small, thought-provoking, carefully written and acted little film that’ll stay with you and give you plenty to think about. 460 more words



We’re the Disunited Kingdom of Dysturbia

A once great nation now a dystopia

Where the leaders cling to power while the rest of us suffer… 237 more words


A tale of two...

It was the wealthiest council, it was the poorest council 

It was the council of everything, it was the council of nothing 

It was the council of the wise, it was the council so foolish… 248 more words