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Creole, Cajun, Casserole

This continues a series of posts about a road trip to New Orleans that starts here.

We had the same conversation every morning: 728 more words


How Limiting Women's Access to Birth Control and Abortions Hurts the Economy

Source: AlterNet

Author: Michele Gilman/the Conversation

Emphasis Mine

Reproductive health isn’t just about abortions, despite all the attention they get. It’s also about access to family planning services, contraception, sex education and much else. 1,447 more words


The Other Country

I woke at 5am.  My plan was to go to Walgreens—conveniently located at the end of the block—which opened at 7am.  I would buy all the auto fluids they had and pour them into the car in hopes it would make it to New Orleans. 663 more words


Ponce City Market - Atlanta

I marvel at this behemoth of old red bricks and glass held up by thick columns of concrete fortified with a skeleton of hard steel. I marvel at its longevity, history, and willingness to  be reborn. 124 more words


Minis, Everywhere

This is the ninth post in a series about a UK road trip that starts here.

Day Two of the Mini United festival in Silverstone, England.  681 more words


A - Z Challenge Day 2

The word for today’s story has been provided by the ever-helpful Kate. Actually, Kate has suggested a number of excellent prompts for this challenge and this will be the first in a sequence of them. 686 more words

Short Story

Mr. Whooooo

This is the eighth post in a series about a UK road trip that starts here.

Rebecca and I spent our first day wandering the Mini United festival grounds.  504 more words