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HBO and Netflix "tackles" Race and Class

Directed by “Selma’s” Ava DuVernay, “13th” builds a compelling case for how after the Civil War racial division historically served the needs of political elites, and how coded language and policies — including “wars” on crime and drugs in the 1970s and ’80s, respectively — advanced those objectives. 435 more words


What to Watch: 10/03/2016

Our recommendations tonight are practically a treatise on time and morality, both real and imagined. Mondays, amirite?

As a sucker for a good time-travel yarn, I was in for  187 more words

What To Watch

A Conversation sans Intent

A beggar stands with his hand outstretched for alms while a middle-class lady staggers under the weight of her shopping bags (New Delhi, 2015)


The look in his eyes

Our eyes met again.

I hurriedly looked away, while an eerie feeling engulfed me, feeling his eyes still on me. Shuddering as I drove away, I decided once again that I will take the longer route to the bus stop starting tomorrow. 812 more words

Radhika Says

Is this the America we want?

If you watch the video of DeRay Mckesson‘s arrest, you will see that moments before he was arrested, the police who were following protesters along the road warned that if he crossed a line into traffic he would go to jail. 696 more words

Class Divide

The problem with the EU ref solutions

I am not a fan of the EU Referendum result, for many reasons. It was built on a pile of bullshit; it opens the door to the Conservatives trying to scrap the human rights act again; it has concerning implications for immigrants in the UK; and it seems to have been taken by a small number of racist wankers as a signal that their views and behaviour are OK. 1,481 more words


Oxford to St. Louis via Festus

This is the latest post in a series about a road trip to New Orleans that starts here.

While Lynn slept, I explored the breakfast bar at the Quality Inn in Oxford, Mississippi.  684 more words