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Warbow Guide

Hi everyone, This is a guide from YasuriNanami, currently a Warbow/Bard in Hydra. She explains the details here..

Since most of the guide on warbow are already outdated and warbow is still a very underplayed/underrated class after their nerf, I made this guide to help players have a general idea on how to build a warbow that works. 5,235 more words

Warbow Class Guide

Assassin Class

Tired of using heavy blunt weapons? You can’t stand wearing Heavy Armor anymore? Want to finish a fight before your opponent even touches you? Then Assassin is the perfect class for you! 123 more words

Class Guides And Tips

Designing a class guide on the fly

When I started this DFW, one of the projects I was really excited about working on was creating class guides for various instructors to use to supplement their course assignment sequences.  721 more words


Gymnastics :: The Forward Roll

Sarah Marshall here. Earlier this week I forgot my gear, but luckily I was able to write a report on what happened… 18 more words

Class Guides

Witch Doctor Guide

Witch Doctors possess the ability to slow, infect and terrify opponents. Their skills give them the ability to have control over a battlefield. Their skills can range from manipulating attacks, decreasing movement speeds, crowd control spells and spells to raise minions. 143 more words

Class Guides

Demon Hunter Guide

Demon Hunters are able to deal insane damage using long ranged weapons. They have the ability to wipe out a cluster of monsters and also pick out targets one at a time with kill shots. 163 more words

Class Guides

Barbarian Guide

Barbarians are my favorite class. Their brute strength allows them to deal massive damage and they have a lot of health and armor. Barbarians can either use their offensive… 219 more words

Class Guides