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This site will help new players get started in warcraft. things like Quest Guides, character roles in dungeons or raids, and finding and killing hidden monsters.link


Improving your gameplay- Raiding

‘What can I do to make myself a better player and contribute more in Raids?’.  That’s a deep question that can be daunting to try to answer, let alone come to a solution that has meaning and a way to be turned into a positive result. 1,950 more words

Class Guides

How To: Demon Hunter

They have sacrificed EVERYTHING!  What have YOU given?!?  Blizzard’s second ‘hero’ class starts at level 98 in order to get into battle with the Legion on the Broken Shores as soon as possible.   148 more words

Class Guides

How To: Warrior

For as long as there has been war on Azeroth, there have been brave men and women to take up arms and fight.  Warriors keep good company with the likes of Broxigar the Red, King Varian Wrynn and others who have charged selflessly into the heart of the most inauspicious battles.   94 more words

Class Guides

How To: Shaman

The Shaman is the master of the elements.  The class features both ranged and melee dps as well as a healing spec that all rely on totem power to decimate their foes.   158 more words

Class Guides

How To: Rogue

The ever-elusive and mysterious rogue is not a class for the faint of heart.  While everyone loves the rogue who can open the occasional lockbox or stealth your group past an annoying trash pack, building an intangible assassin, a deceptive outlaw or even a slippery subtlety weapon of destruction takes time, patience and passion.   85 more words

Class Guides

How To: Monk

Monks rely on their zen-like mastery of martial arts to defeat their enemies.  They use Chi offensively and defensively at every opportunity.  The tanks drink brews, the healers drink tea, and the dps class… well, they just punch and kick their way out of trouble!   130 more words

Class Guides