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Class 5: 3/17/15

The class started with Professor showing us a video about how Edgar Wright and uses close-ups in his films. There is no denying that close-ups are absolutely important when making a film. 311 more words

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Class 4: 3/3/15

The main focus of this class, guided by Pierre in the audio mix lab, was how audio and sound effects can really shape and carry a scene. 316 more words

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Characteristics of Wu Wei 2/23

– Flowing
– Constant motion
– Balance
– full circle
– focus
– momentum
– creative

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Class 2: 2/3/15

This class was focused mainly on two things. First, we all presented our blogs and our music video ideas. Then we were taught that “dialogue doesn’t matter”. 375 more words

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Islam Test Review Notes (10/7)

Articles of Faith:
6 of them-
-Belief in Allah as one and only god (like the Shahada)
-Belief in angels
-Belief in the holy book, ex Quran… 566 more words

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Mosques (Notes 10/1)

Plan of a Mosque

Minaret – a tower with a balcony, from which a Muslim leads the prayer
Ablutions fountain – the fountain for ritual washings before prayer… 63 more words

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