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Class 9 - Entrepreneurs

Here are the videos from class, as well as an additional one of a talk by Chris Anderson of TED fame and unofficial spokesperson for the Maker Movement. 18 more words

Class Notes

Monday Class: Click!

Click! is the sound of “getting it” — and while there are a few awkward spots today, there were also a lot of click! moments. … 390 more words


Class Notes

Com 100 notes

9/24/15 Comm blog/ journalism/ news Brother Williams

Brother Williams

  1. Be more informed/wsj
  2. Career started here when we entered college/Get experience/ internships
  3. Start blogging…
  4. 932 more words

Saturday Class: Pretty Decent, All Things Considered

I did haul my butt out of bed on time this morning, and since I had everything ready to go (including instant coffee already in the Hydra flask and granola bars sitting next to it so even I couldn’t forget them), I made it out the door more or less on time with everything. 189 more words


Class Note: BYU's Champion at Google

What does Matt McGhee say most prepared him to thrive in his dream job at a multinational tech giant? Participating in his LDS young single adult ward activity committees—planning dances and mix-and-mingles. 454 more words

Class Notes

Modern Parable - Bria Blassingame

The Parable of the Lost Sheep (Luke 15:1-7)

A schoolteacher took her class of 28 students on a field trip to a National Park. After they reach the park, one child wanders away from the rest of the group. 153 more words

Modern Parable - Chris McKenna

“The Diesels and The Gas-Powered Cars” (A Wheat and Tares Rewrite)
A Volkswagen dealer is working to sell cars, when one day, news breaks out aboutall Volkswagen diesel models being fitted with a device meant to cheat emissions tests. 127 more words