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Thursday Class: Company B Sorts My Arms

Tonight, I went to Company B’s class, and I’m glad I did.

Barre was generally good, though my arms crept back past my shoulders a couple of times, as is their wont (the downside of hypermobility: wonky proprioception). 552 more words


Wednesday Everything, OMG 

Summer Intensive being over, Killer Class with Ms.B is back.

It wasn’t too bad yesterday, though I was too bad yesterday.

Sure, a year ago, I would’ve killed for a class in which I was like, “Yeah, I’m hella tired; I’ve only got half-baked double turns and single assemblés battu.” … 1,208 more words


Longtime educator to lead Homecoming parade

Upper Iowa University will celebrate “Blue Pride Worldwide” during its 100th Homecoming celebration Thursday–Saturday, Oct. 6–8. From the Bonfire Pep Rally and Coronation ceremony on the evening of Oct. 360 more words

Class Notes

Monday Class: A Rule of the Universe

Even though it was completely unnecessary and unreasonable, I decided to do class today.

My lower core, adductors, and turnout muscles are on strike. I worked them… 588 more words


Ballet Intensive, Day 4: In Which I Forget To Eat

(And then can’t stay asleep, either.)

Yesterday, I ate an early lunch, dithered around for a while (in the process remembering why I don’t bother with shopping malls even as places to take a walk when it’s abominably humid out), then transferred myself over to the hotel (which, alas, does not have a pool after all). 615 more words


Ballet Intensive, Day 3

Last night, conditioning class was tough —Ms. A2 opened with a gentle warm-up that lulled us all into complacency, then whipped out the most-demanding Pilates workout I’ve done to date. 424 more words


Ballet Intensive Day 2: Albrechts, Pluriel

Yesterday, after a conditioning class in which I one again reflected on my gratitude for the grueling classes I take at Suspend and a technique class in which I had less-than-great balances but oh-my-G-d extensions and a fantastic time in… 249 more words