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Realflow Magic Daemon!!

You can go through a ton of videos and you will still come back to the French one. It’s on the top list of YouTube videos for… 232 more words

(Not So) Thoroughly Modern Monday

Modern class this morning was interesting.

I was a complete space cadet, having failed to take both allergy meds and Adderall, and having also slept for a loooong time. 323 more words


Seaworld Orcas: Blackfish

The documentary “Blackfish” enlightened the word on the harmful conditions of the life at Sea World for the animals that are held in captivity in these types of arenas. 534 more words


Autism Awareness Month: Light It Up Blue

As April has concluded, it is time to address the purpose and the history of the “Light it up Blue” movement to spread autism awareness across the world. 398 more words


Class notes 4/26/16

  • *** Never interview somebody when you don’t have the presence of the camera, known to them ***
  • Looking at people’s labor of love
    • Emma – “Teacher for a while, inspiration for life….” …
  • 33 more words

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Final next Thursday: bring labor of love (printed) to class @ 10:00

News V. PR

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” –George Orwell… 1,059 more words

Class Notes

Class Notes 4/28/16

Our final: is our printed off labor of love and our printed off reflection of the class

Shane -news director of channel 7 – from California, traded beaches for corn… 517 more words

Class Notes