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Danseur Ignoble: Now That's Showbiz

Did Brienne’s class today, and I made it All. The. Way. Through!

(Though I skipped a couple of reps of petit allegro.)

She has a really fun CD of class music called “West End to Broadway” (hence, in part, the title of this post), including some nice, slow pieces for torture fondu and barre adagio. 477 more words


Danseur Ignoble (Again!): A Teaching Tip I'm Totally Going To Steal

Tonight, I went and rocked out Ballet Essentials (even though The Divine Ms. M playfully scolded me: “What are you doing in this class? You should be in the other class!” I explained I was saving my toe against Wednesday’s Intermediate class). 393 more words


Class Notes - Knife Round Up

If you noticed, in my last post on knife training, I went through the gogyo no kata (also known as the sanshin no kata) in classifying knife attacks we trained around. 557 more words


Danseur Ignoble: Intermediate Again

I returned to intermediate class today. I had my doubts, but it actually went reasonably well.

While I didn’t look stellar at the barre, I did make it through all the combinations (of note, either today’s fondus were less sadistic than usual, or my legs are really fresh, or both). 211 more words


It is never too late to start achieving your dreams..

I am now in Saudi Arabia on unpaid leave.  Being a woman who loves his family so much and knowing that a wife and mom should always try their best to be around with her family to give them support and help.   347 more words

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Class Note: Tales of a Touchdown Triumph

In 1980 finance alum Ryan Tibbitts was one year away from graduating, but it wasn’t the textbooks he was hitting hard. Tibbitts was gearing up, along with the rest of the BYU football team, to take on Southern Methodist University—a showdown now immortalized in Tibbitts’s new book, … 304 more words