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Three Branches of Government/Checks and Balances

The Branches of U.S. Government

Checks and Balances (click on link for Branches of Government rap)

Balance of Power

  • Branches have different jobs, working together to run government…
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Class Notes

Data Blitz

I’ve been playing around with different ways to record your data blitz presentations. I was originally going to use PowerPoint’s “record” feature – but I do not think this is very user friendly for watching a nice coherent presentation. 190 more words


Class notes: Wednesday, August 24

Greetings and good afternoon! Welcome to Journalism 590.

During this first class, we will review objectives and expectations – basically going over the “ground rules” – and will also get up to speed quickly on some basic tools. 337 more words

Journalism 590

What Works assignments

For your weekly What Works assignment — which should be posted to your WordPress blog before class time each Wednesday — select a news feature or story in the medium of your choice (print, online, TV, radio, multimedia) and provide an analysis of why its effective/high interest/high impact. 202 more words

Journalism 590

Introducing the SNC Physio Psych Blog

Welcome to Fall 2016 Semester! We’ve got about a week to go, but the last week before classes start will surely be a frenzy-filled with last minute emails, preparation, and getting resources in order. 1,020 more words

General Post

Comparative Language Analysis: multiple texts

If ‘language is the dress of thought’ (yeah, you heard me) then look at the visual language at play in these two images of Malcolm Turnbull and analyse the representations together.   1,112 more words

Teaching Adult Beginners: They Grow Up So Fast!

My Sunday class is making amazing strides — their tendus, dégages, and even ronds de jambe looked so great this week.

I also experienced one of those great moments in which I grabbed a student’s leg and demonstrated how rotation and placement could help her A) keep her RdJs smooth and B) balance her arabesque, and then got to see that amazing thing where the light-bulb inside just clicks on. 1,347 more words