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Prepositional Phrase Notes

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Critical Vocabulary

  1. Noun — person, place, thing, or idea
  2. Pronoun — replaces a noun (e.g. he, she, them, they, we, who, etc.)
  3. Adjective…
  4. 56 more words
Class Notes

All Fun and Games—And a Lot of Hard Work

Model rockets, toys, and board games. This isn’t a child’s wish list; it’s Myles Christensen’s résumé. The 2001 MBA grad and design engineer recently added one more fun item to his line-up—electric bikes. 364 more words

2015 Summer

5 Religion Characteristics 

This music excerpt comes from the ritual music of the Vajrayana or Tibetan Buddhism, it is called A Prayer of Kala Rupa. Here is a little bit about the Tibetan Buddhism: “The best known face of Tibetan Buddhism is the Dalai Lama, who has lived in exile in India since he fled Chinese occupation of his country in 1959. 57 more words

Class Notes

Class Notes and Brainstorming on Judaistic, Taoist, and Islamic Terms

Class notes/brainstorming on Judaistic terms

Class notes/brainstorming on Taoist terms

Class notes/brainstorming on islamic terms

Class Notes

Class notes F15 - Weeks 1 & 2

Some things to remember from the first 2 classes:

  • evolution of how we think about design: from human factors approaches to improving interfaces to user-centered 
  • 181 more words
Class Notes

5 Religious Characteristics 9/2

Ethics/Moral Conduct – Carter: Ethics and morality are concerned with how humans should live their lives in accordance with what they know to be right and wrong. 268 more words