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Simulating Stability of an Uber-Esque Transit System

IEOR 131 (Discrete Event Simulation) is a core course in the department of IEOR at UC Berkeley. The course requirements include a term project to model and analyze a system of one’s choice. 757 more words

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The Boy, a Movie Review

by Adriana (spoilers included)

The Boy is a terrible movie. It is about a boy named Brahms who dies mysteriously and his spirit takes over a doll. 269 more words

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From the Eyes of the Wolf… 😼😺😸

by Juliana

     I’ve been starving for days now. Everyone in the village and near the forest know who I am,  so there’s no point in hiding and shaving. 284 more words

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Poems from the Fields

Balzano’s class has a project every year where we bring in something that means something to us.  Then we write a poem about it.  You’d be surprised how many times the poem has to do with a sports moment. 350 more words

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Don't Call Me an Idiom Part II...the Foreign Edition

One of the things we talked about in Mr. Balzano’s class was how when you change the culture, the idioms change.  Here are some other popular ones kids had heard from their parents and grandparents.

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Still Image Project - 9/15/16

Enjoy a photographic tour of FIU’s Biscayne Bay Campus!

Class Projects

Chinese Stir-Fry

Chinese Stir-Fry by Norma Garza
Story and Photos by Claudia D. Cardona

When deciding what dish to prepare and eat, Norma Garza, assistant to the director of alumni events, felt adventurous. 408 more words

Class Projects