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Class projects as publishable research?

Have you thought of collecting real, publishable, data as a part of lab that you’ve taught? Specifically, is it workable to use a single lab activity, conducted over multiple sections over multiple years, to build a dataset to ask a pending research question? 749 more words

AIGA Asks: Who becomes a graphic designer?

AIGA tackled the question of whether or not a person should become a graphic designer, and they did this by talking through the qualities that many designers share, and the kinds of interests that designers begin with. 168 more words

Class Projects

Helvetica Film

We watched the documentary Helvetica, by Gary Hustwit in class, and it was an interesting look at the period during which Helvetica came out, and the reaction that followed it by postmodern designers which came about later. 261 more words

Class Projects

What Are Modernism and Postmodernism, Anyway?

Studying modernism and postmodernism, and particularly creating pieces to reflect both of those movements, proved to be a little more challenging than I’d expected. It seems so simple to grasp, and to talk about the elements included in each makes them seem easy to quantify, but there’s a complexity to both that’s hard to nail down. 290 more words

Class Projects

Modernism and Postmodernism Project

In looking at quotes I wanted to find something that I could run with, and what wound up happening is I kind of picked one quote that I feel I could apply more to my work, and another that resonates with me on an intellectual level. 360 more words

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In using the Library of Congress digital image collection, my biggest complaint was that it was difficult to navigate and rather poorly laid out. It’s in real need of a major overhaul, but as it’s a government site it’s not likely to get one any time soon. 147 more words

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