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Lemon Pepper Salmon

College students face constant challenges everyday. Who would’ve thought that food would also be one of them? Between the low budgets, lack of time, and constant unhealthy food options, it’s hard to keep a healthy diet. 399 more words

Class Projects

Fixing Our Blog Posts

Today, in table groups, we worked on fixing our blog posts by adding more adjectives, adjusting the punctuation and fixing grammatical errors. We were working as busy as a ticking clock and we were all co-operating very well but as we were co-operating everyone shot down their idea, but at least in my group we took turns. 60 more words

Class Projects

Extended Studies Forum

Extended Studies English is for students who already speak English well, and who want to be challenged a little bit more. In our Sixth Grade Extended Studies class, we are reading Murder of the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie. 90 more words

Adapting to Understanding - Film Trace

 “Consciously choose an attitude… Learn to adjust… Do not leave the room… Stay connected… Slow restraint… Cultivate Sensitivity to temporal and spatial issues… concentrate the energy and then, be precise.”

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Class Projects

Adapting to Understanding - Process Reflection (PT. 2)

Research Questions:

What is the impact of removing verbal language from the studio practice?

What new experiences in sensory perception, kinesthetic sense, community understanding, energy, and exchange have been shared? 470 more words

Class Projects

Adapting to Understandings - Process Reflection

In this process I was interested in collaborating with dancers and exploring ways in which we convey and interpret meaning, while creating in a nonverbal environment. 1,128 more words

Class Projects

Creamy Cheese Lasagna

Creamy Cheese Lasagna: A Recipe That Brings Home Closer
Story and Photos by Michelle Michimani

Being from St. Louis, Missouri, Christopher Repka, sophomore history major, longs to be with his family. 525 more words

Class Projects