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The First Phase of ADDIE

I am in the first week of my EIDT-4001 Capstone course and we have learned the details of our course project, which begins with identifying an authentic workplace or professional environment in need of an instructional solution.  59 more words


Quickie Chili

Quickie Chili
Story and Photos by Troy Grohman

With quick company coming over for dinner and not much time for preparation, Tabitha Grohman, former biology major at St. 402 more words

Class Projects


CS380: Artificial Intelligence for Games

Instructor: Iker Silvano

Framework: C++ engine provided in class

Topics covered in the course included the game AI programmer mindset, AI architecture (state machines, rule-based systems, goal-based systems, trigger systems, smart terrain, scripting, message passing, debugging AI), movement, path-finding, emergent behavior, agent awareness, agent cooperation, terrain analysis, planning, and learning/adaptation. 91 more words

Class Projects


CS500: Ray tracing

Instructor: Iñigo Arredondo

Framework: C++ custom engine

In this class we were introduced to the basic techniques used in ray tracing: intersection calculations, illumination models, antialiasing, the underlying Physical and Mathematical underpinnings as well as the practical aspects of how to implement a ray tracer. 44 more words

Class Projects

Space Partitioning

CS350: Spatial Data Structures and Algorithms

Instructor: Jorge Usabiaga

Framework: C++ custom engine

The course covered the efficient representation and processing of complex 3D scenes in order to improve CPU &GPU throughput. 134 more words

Class Projects

Curve Interpolation and approximation methods

MAT300: Curves and Surfaces

Instructor: Barry McCullagh

Framework: C++ Engine provided by Jon Sanchez.

This course was an introduction to parametrized polynomial curves and surfaces with a view toward applications in computer graphics. 25 more words

Class Projects