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Election 2019: What next?

Election result is out. Whatever and however the election propaganda was carried out & the election was conducted & “managed” by the state, the result is finally declared. 225 more words

Nanni Balestrini (1935-2019)

Nanni Balestrini was born in Milan in 1935. Known both as an experimental writer of prose and verse and as a cultural and political activist, he played a leading role in avant-garde writing and publishing in the sixties. 1,404 more words


Nanni Balestrini | "I close my eyes and start to sing"


I close my eyes and start to sing

threads are entangled and transformed into spots whose dance moves ever more slowly

I sang my repertoire then I started monologues…

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Poetry & Poetics

The Struggle is the Meaning

by Craig Murray  edited by O Society May 21, 2019

There is no conceivable interest of the ordinary people of the Western world being served by the crazed decision of their governments to firmly take the Sunni side in the Sunni/ Shia tensions of the Islamic world, and to do so in a fashion which deliberately exacerbates points of armed conflict across the Middle East. 1,129 more words


We Will NOT Go Back! All Out for Roe!


1) After passage of the anti-abortion law in Alabama: “We Will NOT Go Back! All Out for Roe!” (reprinted from May 2019 issue of… 2,204 more words


All Out to Protest the Illegal Seizure by the D.C. Police of the Venezuelan Embassy!

National Mobilization Saturday, May 18 at the Venezuelan Embassy in D.C.!

UPDATE: In violation of international and U.S. law, police invaded the Venezuelan embassy and arrested the Embassy Protection Collective members who were inside. 744 more words


U.S. War Drums Beat Louder and Louder!

U.S. Hands Off Iran and Venezuela!


As we go to press the U.S. war drums are beating louder and louder.

As part of a mounting series of U.S. 1,794 more words