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2. Personal experience of using social media

Social Media; wether its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, has permeated our personal and professional lives and affected us in several ways we didnt imagine.They have revolutionized the way people communicate and socialize on the Web , both positively and negatively. 242 more words

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Learning Minimalism

When I started this course, I was inclined towards learning minimal art style. There was a lot I learnt along the way with experimentation from different styles. 145 more words

Course Work

Introduction to Adobe Fireworks

To start off our second semester with Thomas, we started messing with Adobe Fireworks.

I feel like I had an advantage with working with this program, because I use (and love) Adobe Photoshop. 275 more words


Insurance Fiasco

The course started on the 19th of September. We we’re given the course outlines and how the entire semester would progress. Along with the grading, projects due and teaching methodology. 121 more words

Course Work

To the Moon, We Go!

On Thursday, January 12th, Cheryl made us do an activity with our new teams. We had to rank a list of items that we needed in order to survive in space. 225 more words


Voila! I found my design

So after months and weeks of fretting over how I should execute my final brief..I have found it! I took a very minimal approach towards the brief. 38 more words

Course Work

Shifting towards Minimalism

Okay, so I’ve read a whole lot about minimalism and the art movement. I think I’m ready to take on the challenge of executing my ideas through as little as design as possible. 109 more words

Course Work