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Daniel is one of my best friends. I have known him since my freshman year in high school and now i am a senior and he is starting his freshman year in college. 335 more words

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My Best Friend: Tiffany

~Tiffany’s Theme Song~

One year ago I came to the Cerritos College Community Education for the summer. It was fun, and I got to make many friends. 347 more words

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Zion Dodoo


Zion Dodoo is a tall 9 year old boy. He has very curly, Black hair. He is about 4 foot 10 and likes having a Mohawk  hair cut. 188 more words

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Friend Review: Jeffery Fernandez

For my last class project I will do my friend review on Jeffery Fernandez. 349 more words

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About My Dad

My dad is a very dedicated, hardworking, and well educated parent. He knows when I lazy out on things and when I work hard. My dad always pushes me to the limit on either tennis, homework, or chainese wok. 105 more words

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What Would You Do With 1 Million Dollars?

If I came across one million dollars and got to keep it, I would split it into 10 different categories, each having 100,000 per group. 352 more words

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What will we miss?

In the video What will we miss by Vsauce he talked about the Earth’s future. Vsauce is a very interesting person that talks about science. The mosty interesting part of this video was the part when he talked about the collision of… 178 more words

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