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“How does it happen that there are major corporations in America where CEOs receive extravagant compensation packages, who pay their workers wages so low that many of them are forced to rely on food stamps, Medicaid, and public housing—subsidized by taxpayers—to survive?”

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Class War

Conservatives and the likes of the IPA claim these are exceptional infractions and far from systemic. However when the system is shaken there’s an overabundant number good corporate people found to be screwing thousands of better Australian workers for an improved bottom line, their shareholders and their own personal pockets.

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Class War

Class war? Yes please!

According to senior Press Gallery journalists, Bill Shorten is guilty of class war for exposing Malcolm Turnbull’s unearned wealth. Political editor Dr Martin Hirst disagrees and argues public figures are legitimate targets when they duck for cover. 2,326 more words

Would or could ordinary people ever unite for change? (ODT)

The world’s largest economies have grown at a steady pace and unemployment has consistently fallen in the years following the greed-driven global financial crisis of 2008, but income gains during the so-called recovery have been enjoyed almost exclusively by the top one percent while most workers experience “unprecedented wage stagnation.”

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Episode 1147: The Strain

“You’ve seen the strain in this house.”

First of all, I would like to make one thing quite clear: I never explain anything.

“But then something happens,” writes girl governess Daphne Harridge in her personal revenge journal, “just like now, and I feel such…

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Sam Hall

IF the Government thinks the nation’s credit card can afford $144 billion in personal income tax cuts and $65 billion in business tax cuts, why can’t it afford:

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