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Red And Black Telly: DANNY BAKER - FAKE OUTRAGE. With comment by Mal Content

Whilst I share Martin’s utter contempt for the Windsors, the BBC, liberals, politicians, royalist sycophants and other hypocrites, I think this misses the mark for a number of reasons. 349 more words


Some interesting reflections...

There’s been a lot of focus on the Extinction Rebellion protests that have been taking place across central London over the last week and look set to continue into this week. 260 more words

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Requiem For The Paper Hanger

Requiem for the paper hanger, the dapper outlaw. Less flash than the bank robber but much more gall. Class warrior with so much finesse! Redistribution with small paper checks. 93 more words


Women with imposter syndrome, take note: young, rich males are inclined to bluff and get away with it, a UCL study shows

Turns out posh boys are better bullshitters.

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Episode 25: It's too late to be politically correct

It’s pretty hard to find something light and fun to write about when the Diaper Blimp is threatening Americans from the Whitehouse with the far right wing extremists who follow him, while the rest of the Republicans do nothing. 1,042 more words