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It HAS To Be Said

Early Saturday Morning,

As I continue to pull historical reference after historical reference about who the Marxists are and what types of core beliefs and tactics they claim — I am more convinced than ever that the United States is currently experiencing a political revolution. 723 more words

Class Warfare

Climate Change: The Biggest Hoax and Land Grab in History ⋆ The Constitution


Climate Change: The Biggest Hoax and Land Grab in History

By Constitution.com August 18, 2017

By: Robert Darby

All the talk today is about Climate Change and how it will change our world, when in fact Climate Change is nothing more than a big hoax and one of the biggest land grabs in history. 544 more words



Are Liberty , Freedom, small government and personal responsibility coming to an end in America?  This seems to be the choice of Democrats (Socialists), our entire libetal-controlled education system, the RINO’s and the Republican Establishment and those who just hate our country. 255 more words


Precious Few Moments

The Tower Bridge, London, England (Last Spring)

Hello Dear Readers! Last night was one of my favourite events, “The Edmonton Story Slam” where up to ten writers read their stories (all without censorship) for a shot at a cash prize. 929 more words

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Moving from Making War For the People to Making War On the People

As the Republicans are busy shrinking government until it is left with just two functions: making war/protecting borders and protecting contracts (especially corporate ones, but not labor ones), we would do well to understand how they got to their current position. 196 more words


Bigger Elephants in the Room

This is the very heavy US Politics post.  I talk about Fox and Socks next week as a balance to this.  So if you want to keep reading me in a political athiestic kind of way, come back to next blog. 956 more words


Golden Dreams

Dreams of cities paved in gold
–Gold, shiny glittering rocks
That people rape the Earth to obtain
And kill each other to keep–
Reality of soul sucked cities… 77 more words