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Class Warfare: The Mechanical Man, part 1

Johnstone Metzger is the author of Class Warfare. The Dungeon World supplement deconstructs the original game’s classes and gives game masters the tools to create their own class. 1,005 more words

Role-playing Games

Scooters, Keurigs & Consumerism

By Adam Zens

It dawned on me recently that I’ve made quite a few rather impulsive purchases over the years which turned out to be not so useful in hindsight. 831 more words

Wha . . . ?

According to Politico “TPP supporters also released a report today attempting to debunk or at least address some of the key criticisms of the trade deal. 288 more words


A rigged system

In “The Labor Party Illusion,” Sam Dolgoff notes the enormous practical difficulties facing any effort to reshape the government in the interests of the majority through electoral action. 346 more words

Hillary's Grave-Robber Tax Hike

What’s the worst possible tax hike, the one that would do the most economic damage?

Raising income tax rates is never a good idea, and there’s… 1,145 more words