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Gentrification is both a very logical social, cultural and economic phenomenon yet a very head-scratching one in the same time. The Middle and the Upper class, whose goal in society is to always look richer (to the point  debts  to look better off), are also the ones wearing jeans with tears, entering charity shop after people living in homeless refuges got out, or living in former poor part of the town because it is “fashionable” 

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The Real Issue in the Fight over Capital Gains, Class Warfare, and Carried Interest

Why would the economy grow faster if we got fundamental reform such as the flat tax?

In part, because there would be one low tax rate instead of the discriminatory and… 1,171 more words

Fiscal Policy

The Function of the Democratic Party in the US Political System

The Democratic Party plays an indispensable role in society’s political machinery. This doesn’t mean it has any power, in terms of controlling the state or setting policy. 1,571 more words


Macroeconomics Should Be a Required Course

People avoid silence because they’re afraid of what they might hear.   Although we value our freedom of speech, polite conversation in America is subject to one crushing rule, “Don’t talk about religion or politics!”  Most of us were raised with this stifling warning in our ears.  1,285 more words

Dr. Robert Owens

Apparently It Is Never Enough

The oligarchs running our government could just rest on their laurels as they have won on every front, but apparently that is not enough. 28 more words


Betsy DeVos and The Christian Right’s “Big Ideas”

In Rolling Stone there is a big article on our new U.S. Education Secretary (Betsy DeVos’ Holy War by Janet Reitman). (How did Rolling Stone get from being an “entertainment” magazine to the only U.S. 511 more words


The Expected Perfect Storm

The second Monday in March was full of dire warnings. The National Weather Service, part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) branch of the Department of Commerce – a science-based service not yet eliminated by the new Trump administration – said there was a blizzard coming. 3,297 more words