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How the Media Keep Failing Us

The Nation published an article under the miswritten title: How the State Can Make Inequality Worse by Steven Teles and Brink Lindsey. The subhead was “From zoning and licensing boards to bank bailouts, the state has often been captured by corporations and the wealthy.” 278 more words


We’re No. 1 ... We’re No. 21! Wait ... WTF?

The new 2017 Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report helpfully calculates median net worths of countries. Switzerland and Australia top the global list. (Reminder: a median is the value in the middle, not an arithmetic average.) The median Swiss adult has a net worth of $229,000. 326 more words


Teachers Unions? Bah, Who Needs Them?

Six years ago, the state of Wisconsin passed the highly controversial 2011 Wisconsin Act 10, which virtually eliminated collective bargaining rights for most public-sector workers, as well as slashed those workers’ benefits, among other changes. 739 more words


Tax reform on life support?

Never mind the administration’s public face of optimism about tax reform.

The only way the Senate passes anything, even just something to compete with the House version, is if voters in the states represented by the holdouts apply enough pressure to sway their senators to vote for it. 516 more words


Michael Hudson: The Class War is Still in Business

with Michael Hudson
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Michael Hudson
November 19, 2017

RT on Nov 7, 2017

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss 100 years of humiliation and unintentional self-parody as one empire goes and another, perhaps, rises again.

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The End of Gothamist Is a Terrible Sign for the Future of Local News

Billionaire Class Scumbag

❝ …While on my lunch break, I lost my job as editor in chief at LAist. I’d just finished a bowl of unmemorable office cafeteria chili and was sitting in the lobby of our WeWork when a coworker in New York sent me a three-word text: “Check your inbox.”…there was just a letter from our billionaire owner Joe Ricketts, informing readers that he had made “the difficult decision” to discontinue publishing DNAinfo and Gothamist, our parent site.

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If Millionaire Leftists Don't Want a Tax Cut, Here's How They Can Continue Paying their "Fair Share"

There’s an amusing ritual that takes place in Washington every time there’s a big debate about tax policy. A bunch of rich leftists will sign a letter or hold a press conference to announce that they should be paying higher taxes rather than lower taxes. 654 more words

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