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Reduce Business Taxes!!

So, President-elect Trump wants to reduce business taxes to keep businesses here in the U.S. Actually I am in favor of that. But for that to be reasonable, there must be an understanding. 676 more words


President Obama's Wealth Destroying Goal: Taking The 'Curley Effect' Nationwide

(The Democratic strategy of weakening the economy, increasing the percentage of dependent poor people as a means of expanding their voter base has its roots in the early part of the 20th century.) 1,279 more words


Coming Up Cover - Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco is one of my favorite poets and songwriters.  I couldn’t resist performing a cover of her popular song/poem Coming Up.  Think about current events, and consider how timely and relevant the verse are to our time.



The Professor: Public Sector Unions and the President-elect

Professor Mike Clark liked to surprise his class by occasionally serving his blend of rich roasted Columbian coffee and pastries to his 11 o’clock class. He used these periods to deliver an informal discussion-style lecture to his class of political science honors students. 396 more words

Intelligence & Politics


To all my brothers and sisters out there; just know that poverty is an idea they made up to keep us in our place because we see things differently. 628 more words

Social Commentary


So, apparently when you go to do the Exodar scenario, in the final battle with Rakeesh, two of your class hall peeps show up.  In this case it was an Orc warlock and a demon. 9 more words


Three Weeks a Fire Mage

Frost was okay, but nowhere near the big hits I was used to on Draenor, so I decided to do something decidedly boring.  That’s right, I swapped to Fire. 932 more words

Class Warfare