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Magic Money

Life is easy once you realize you can order things into being.  This ability is real and will never go away.  We just have to vote for enlightened representatives of humanity who believe strongly enough in the power of orders.   801 more words

*NEW RELEASE SPECIAL* Graphic Novel Riddler’s Fayre: The First Matter By Steve Carroll and Jeff Anderson

I need to declare an interest – Steve is a fellow tutor at Northbrook College and a thoroughly nice chap. That said, I wouldn’t have volunteered to spread the word about… 407 more words

Book Review

Class Warfare vs National Community

Overarching the political spectrum are two doctrines that in a way supersede the detail of party politics, these are class warfare and the national community. Class warfare is a Marxist doctrine that seeks to divide the society of a nation into two groups, the exploited and the exploiters.  964 more words


INSIGHTS 271 Letter From A Citizen To A President

Dear Mr. President:

I am a Korean War Veteran with 27 years of Cold War service, including two years in Vietnam and two years as a special assistant to President Reagan in the fields of intelligence, covert action and counter-terrorism. 433 more words

Intelligence & Politics


OBAMA SUDDENLY CARES ABOUT THE “RULE OF LAW”:  Obama Calls Baton Rouge Assault an Attack on U.S., Rule of Law

“Attacks on police are an attack on all of us and the rule of law that makes society possible,” he said in a public address from the White House briefing room.

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Barack Obama

Americans Again Fail in International Math Competition, Wait, ... Wha?

The rapacious “entrepreneurs” trying to capture American public school funding for their own personal gain through the creation of bogus charter schools have been using flat out dishonesty to wage their campaign against our public schools. 192 more words


Graffiti in Liverpool

I recommended Liverpool as a place to visit to someone I met at work a few months ago. Last weekend, he visited. And he fell in love with it. 230 more words