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Kill Boomer

Boomer, what an asshole. Nobody ever really liked him. He was some quasi hippie/Brady kid who ended up taking a corporate position where he bought into the “American Dream” mostly to be cool, or know someone who he could feed off. 556 more words

Social Commentary

Quick Hits - Who Interfered Again?

1/19/17 (late) So with all the talk about how the Russians supposedly “hacked” into the election…..I can’t help but notice the glaring lack of equal time given to these elec… 6 more words

Acting Like the Victim While they Attack

1/19/17 (too late) This is something that’s a hallmark of American Marxists – they are VERY GOOD at painting themselves as the victim — even as they openly attack someone / someth… 8 more words

But When We are Wealthy ...

But when we are wealthy … well, the song has the same notes but the lyrics change when countries go from poor to rich.

I have made the point in previous posts that “free trade” is a weapon used by the “haves” against the “have nots.” (Free Trade’s basic function is to prevent the have nots from competing with the haves by selling them our more cheaply made stuff so they cannot develop a capacity to make that stuff for themselves and become our competitors.) China’s President just stated that China is committed to free trade. 372 more words


Capture - Recent Examples of Marxist Conflict At Work

1/19/17 – a work in progress – the intent is to capture examples of how the Karl Marx crowd are driving conflict and violence over the course of the inauguration period. 223 more words

A Note to (Leftist) Fence Sitters

^^ Do you think that guy saw the world in shades of gray? Or did he MAYBE have some “absolutes” in mind????

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Cartoon: repeal, replace

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