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What Does the Market Say?

If you are in the market for certain workers and compared to neighboring states you lower their salaries, reduce their job security, and demean them as being unworthy, what does the market say about your labor prospects? 20 more words


Greek Stock Market Follows Manufacturing Sector Over the Cliff Upon Opening this Morning

Greece stock market nosedives after five-week shutdown

Greece’s stock market plunged nearly 23% on Monday when it reopened after a five-week shutdown brought on by fears that the country was about to be dumped from the eurozone.

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Is the U.S. Corrupt?

Ian Walsh (www.ianwelsh.net), as he is wont to do, tends to clarify things. In a recent post to his blog, he made clear that the U.S. 328 more words


Good Ideas or Bad Faith?

I have been reading a wonderful book (The Age of Atheists by Peter Watson) who makes the point that philosophers in the early 1900s tried to bury the idea that ideas were “truths” out there waiting to be found, but rather were adaptions made by people to live in the here and now. 617 more words


WTF? About Race and Racism

An interviewer in the N.Y. Times asked an expert on racism: “Can we talk about race in America without inevitably talking about racism?”


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Class Warfare

Kapital: An Economic Memoir, Introduction

The first durable goods purchase I ever made, back in the early sixties, was a baseball glove. Up until about twenty years ago, that was my glove, and it served me well for countless innings, hours of catch and as my goalkeeper’s glove playing street hockey. 2,322 more words


The Market Will ... The Market Will ...

Plutocratic education reformers are fond of using business tools for reforming our public schools. As part of their plan they want to fire all of the bad teachers and replace them with good ones. 288 more words