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Wha . . . ?

According to Politico “TPP supporters also released a report today attempting to debunk or at least address some of the key criticisms of the trade deal. 288 more words


A rigged system

In “The Labor Party Illusion,” Sam Dolgoff notes the enormous practical difficulties facing any effort to reshape the government in the interests of the majority through electoral action. 346 more words

Hillary's Grave-Robber Tax Hike

What’s the worst possible tax hike, the one that would do the most economic damage?

Raising income tax rates is never a good idea, and there’s… 1,145 more words


It’s About Groceries

It seems at times that the world is what it must be like for a fly climbing a window pane. You can see it all out there but you can’t get to it. 632 more words

Social Contract

Forced into the "gig economy"

Last year, one of my daughter’s teachers worked as a waitress on the side, in order to keep up with the bills and student loan payments. 263 more words

Deregulation and Trust

As I have commented on before, an article in JAMA Internal Medicine reported that in the 1960s, the sugar industry paid Harvard scientists to publish a study blaming fat and cholesterol for coronary heart disease while largely exculpating sugar. 220 more words


CEO Pay Scam ... by the Government!

You have all heard about how CEO pay (aka remuneration) has risen from comfortable levels, roughly 20 times the average worker’s pay in the mid-1960s, to mind-numbing levels today, roughly 373 times the average worker’s pay in 2014. 257 more words