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The Real Danger from Association with Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon is a close advisor to President Trump. He has a very impressive résumé and he is clearly “one of the smartest guys in the room,” any room. 457 more words


Straw Dogs to the Left of Me ...

The N.Y. Times is running a series on wealth with the subtitle of “Articles on Managing Fortunes, Improving Lifestyles, and Finding Financial Security.” (Somehow sucking up to the wealthy qualifies as all of the news fit to print.) Today’s contribution is “Why You Might Not Want to Take Away a Billionaire’s Money” by Jeff Sommer. 684 more words


Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Which Nation Punishes Productive People Worst of All?

Back in 2014, I shared some data from the Tax Foundation that measured the degree to which various developed nations punished high-income earners.

This measure of relative “progressivity” focused on personal income taxes. 1,114 more words


Black Lives Matter - Frauds

From 2-10-17

Originally started working on this one about a week ago – didn’t want it to get lost in the shuffle.

Here’s a link to analysis and review of this controversial, deceptive organization. 51 more words


So, Now It Is Obvious?

From the Naked Capitalism web site (“Grantham: ‘Twas Capitalism That Killed Capitalism” posted by Yves Smith, text attributed to Jeremy Grantham): 359 more words