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"A corrupt, unresponsive and plutocratic disaster"

Elias Isquith writes about politics here and there. He’s got a good article at Salon about Congress passing legislation (for example, fixing Medicare payments to doctors) now that the Senate Republicans are in charge and have decided to let the government function. 188 more words


An exhibition in Moscow: “The History of Anarchism”

The official opening of the exhibition “The History of Anarchism: Sources” will be held April 17 at the Centre for Social-Political History of the GPIB of Russia. 194 more words

un-PC Thai Chicken Curry Soup

I live in the midst of the organic-free-trade-gluten-free-hipster-spirituality, the one that strongly believes the personal is political and the political begins at home, and by golly, if you are not an actively practicing vegan, your negative vibes have shamed Gaia herself. 584 more words

Tax Reform and the 2016 Election

I’m a huge fan of a simple and fair flat tax.

Simply stated, if we’re going to have some sort of broad-based tax, it makes sense to collect revenue in the… 1,619 more words


A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

“Yea, we like it here. It’s a good area,” he said.

“You feel safe and everything?”

“Oh yea, definitely. I mean, over there is a doctor. 1,302 more words

Comparing Today’s Conservatives to the Founding Fathers

It is common practice in conservative circles to invoke the Founding Fathers with reverent tones. But if one makes a fair comparison it is not at all favorable to today’s conservatives. 408 more words