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Rights Go Left

Easily offended is something I am not
but Left’s use of word Right is simply poppycock.
A Universal Right, at least historically,
was not wealth redistributed under flag of “FREE!” 427 more words


The Professor and Saving the Democrats


“Are you all ready for the summer break? Next year you will all be sophomores. I am very pleased with this class. Because of you, I have agreed to teach this honors class for two more years. 736 more words

Intelligence & Politics

Dishonesty About Taxes

The Current Administration wants to cut business taxes. They say the current rate, 35%, is too high and a 15% rate would be better for one and all. 424 more words


They Are Just Better Than Us ... and Getting Betterer

Notes on How the Class War is Going (Hint: You Are Losing Worse, Much Worse.)

According to an article in Bloomberg News: “… the poorest fifth of 50-year-old American men can now expect to live just past 76, six months shy of the previous generation. 377 more words


Another Peek at Marxist Extremists - Antifa

4/24/17 (just before the carriers arrive off NK)

Quick article to share a link showing one of the VIOLENT Marxist organizations behind the anti-patriot / anti-Trump demonstrations — especially in Berkeley. 604 more words


'If I was Chancellor, I would confiscate the homes of the super-rich', says Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh : Daily Mail.

Irvine Welsh, the novelist, would confiscate the property of the super-rich and redistribute it to everyone else if he were made Chancellor.

The radical thinker and author of Trainspotting says he would like to introduce a universal allowance to enable people to stop working for wages and write poetry, become entrepreneurs or even just blow their cash unwisely. 108 more words


Free Speech on its Death Bed in Europe

Professor Paul Cliteur had some interesting things to say during the recent Geert Wilders trial in which he gave excellent rational evidence supporting Mr Wilders right to ask his supporters at a meeting in an Hague bar whether they desired more or less (fewer) Moroccans to immigrate to The Netherlands.  461 more words