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Reversing course after one election? Good luck with that | #cdnpoli #elxn42 #TPP

Yeah, well.

As a couple of friends have pointed out, some of my recent blatherings about voting may seem inconsistent with my “brand.” You know, civic engagement, the responsibilities of citizenship, the obligations we have to society and to each other … yawn. 632 more words

Pillage and Class Polarization: The Rise of “Criminal Capitalism”

By Prof. James Petras Source: GlobalResearch.ca About 75% of US employees work 40 hours or longer, the second longest among all OECD countries, exceeded only by Poland and tied with South Korea. 22 more words

Slavery as the "ideal" system

The more I think of it, slavery (in one form or another) is the ultimate goal or at least, ideal, in this nation’s economics.

It started with slavery engrained in its economy. 2,885 more words


President Putin, part one - Videos - CBS News

Whatever your (western propaganda) view of Uncle Vlad, this is a great interview wherein he once again shows why he is so incredibly popular in Russia and formidable in the world.   45 more words


Donald Trump's "Progressive" Tax Plan Perfectly Illustrates the Role His Candidacy is Designed to Perform: Get Jeb Elected

by Scott Creighton

“I’m not a populist,” Trump said. “No, I’m not. I’m a man of great common-sense.” That’s one way to put it. But judging by his supply-side (trickle down) tax proposal, conventional Republican is another…

2,341 more words
Scott Creighton

Cereal Killer Cafe vs The Selfish Anti-Gentrification Mob

Hipsters can be irritating, yes, but launching a pogrom against them is more than a little bit fascistic

One of the unintended new side-effects of gentrification in London seems to be roving bands of self-entitled class warriors, presuming to speak for the whole city when really they represent only themselves, carrying out… 1,591 more words

United Kingdom

Alexandra Pelosi's New HBO Documentary Isn't the Anti-Tech Movie You Think It Is (Q&A)

“Mark Zuckerberg is on the cover of Vanity Fair right now. Something tells me he’s winn-iiing! Documentary filmmakers are always losing.”

Although Alexandra Pelosi, director of the new HBO documentary… 2,108 more words