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Plane Crashes, Speculation at 11!

An EgyptAir flight (MS804) disappeared from radar recently and has been presumed to have crashed. This announcement set off a flurry of speculation as to whether is was mechanical failure or terrorism or a communications failure or some other cause of the purported crash. 337 more words


Cartoon: If the economy was an airplane...

Matt Wuerker is one of my favorite cartoonists. And I’d missed this one, somehow.

Thanks, Barry Ritholtz for tweeting it, today.


Arbitrary Lines: Poor People Don't Pay Tax

As an election looms, class warfare has once again come to the fore, as have the talking points. Firstly, that the rich should pay more tax, and then the predictable rebuke that the rich are the only people actually paying tax, such as this provocatively titled article by Adam Creighton,  668 more words


Lenin on State and Revolution by Gaither Stewart, Part 5

by Gaither Stewart
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Rome, Italy
May 14, 2016

“The state is an organ of class domination, an organ of oppression of one class by another; its aim is the creation of ‘order’, which legalizes and perpetuates this oppression by moderating the collisions between the classes…”

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Obama's Next Neoliberal Regime Change: Venezuela president declares emergency, cites U.S., domestic 'threats'

from Reuters

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro declared a 60-day state of emergency on Friday due to what he called plots from within the OPEC country and the United States to topple his leftist government. 178 more words


The Henny Penny Syndrome

Do you remember Henny Penny, a.k.a. “Chicken Little”, who became convinced the sky was falling when an acorn dropped on her head? As a consequence of Henny’s alarm, a number of her panicked chicken colleagues were eaten by a wolf. 606 more words

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