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Socialism ... Bad

We are hearing incredibly bad stories about what is going on in Venezuela, a nominally socialist state. Comments extend about as far as “Socialism … bad!” When anyone brings up the option of socialism as a governing structure in general, opponents bring up the USSR, another failed state. 620 more words


Marx Was So Right, So Often

Even though I am a philosophy nerd, I read no works of Karl Marx when I was young because, you know … psst, he was a communist. 450 more words

Class Warfare

Trigun Review #4 - Love and Peace

Yo-ho! This is Anime Parlay and we like to switch up the regular formula by reviewing things that don’t need a review. It’s perfect that way because then we need no thanks. 1,377 more words


Two Heartening Responses to Seattle's Self-Destructive Tax Grab

I wrote last July about how greedy politicians in Seattle, Washington, were trying to impose a local income tax.

That effort has been stymied since there’s anti-income-tax language in the state constitution (Washington is one of… 810 more words

Big Government

Day to Day Politics: Conservatives in a class of their own - » The Australian Independent Media Network

When you have an inequitable distribution of the country’s wealth it is obvious that people will be divided by income if nothing else. In 2013, the then Treasurer Wayne Swan wrote an essay about the ever-increasing inequality that had invaded our society.

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Why Capitalism Creates Racism

This is a “must read” post on the Naked Capitalism site.

Why Capitalism Creates Racism

Here are some excerpts:

“In the current era, when NAFTA was passed, Mexico was flooded with American industrial corn. 430 more words