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Does anybody believe Hillary Clinton is against globalized outsourcing?

Headline from the Daily Kos:

Stand with Hillary if you agree: Companies who walk out on America should pay a price.

Bubba J. Clinton passed NAFTA and Hillary negotiated big parts of the shitty TPP deal that Obama is all in for.

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Final Piece Photos #1

Here are the first lot of photos for my final piece. I took them of my sister in our hot tub but sadly for her it had been off for winter meaning it was freezing cold. 215 more words


Regular Saturday drawing class for 9 to 14 years old

This is a new Saturday drawing class for budding young artists, run by art teacher Sarah Martinez. Come and experiment with charcoals, pastels and art pencils, and create large scale drawings and intricate details. 47 more words


#5 – Lies and Spider Leggings

Oct. 5th

“Rise and shine, sleepyhead!” A voice screeched from the hallway, directly outside of my bedroom door. Slowly, I woke up, eyes drooping like the fronds of a palm tree. 638 more words


Research Case Study: Brisbane Letters

In March, I visited Brisbane and was intrigued by the giant letters that stand along the river at South Bank. Their history and significance to the city and local communities are just as interesting and colorful as the letters themselves. 888 more words


Frugal or Just Plain Cheap?

Hey ya’ll! How has your day been? I have spent the entire day cutting my coupons and organizing them. Oh yes! I didn’t tell you? I am that frugal, crazy coupon lady with the big book of coupons, holding up the line for fifty cents. 756 more words