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fitness challenge post 4

We are now 3 weeks out of 5 done with the challenge.

I am a little sore but not really much more than usual. I did lose a toenail but that is how it goes. 216 more words

Rudimentary Yoga Dance Stretch Knit Skirt High to Low

The SunShineYoga.com mat rolls give you flexibility, durability, and cost savings. They are durable, long lasting, easy to maintain, and high quality. It is easy to perform all of your practices on the non-stick surface. 174 more words

Fashion through the years

So I just came across this video on Facebook, and man I wish could get into a time machine and travel back a hundred years. I would definitely wear anything from 1915-1975, so much class! 15 more words

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Morning Walks

I was awake before my alarm. The sound of the fan and my breathing created a soothing lullaby that almost put me to sleep again. 511 more words



Hey, how have you been doing? Where I have been, you ask? Right here, all this time, I have been right here. Why haven’t I written more posts? 249 more words


MSNBC's Chris Matthews Looks At Marco Rubio's 'No Class' Comment On Obama

Above is a part of MSNBC’s “Hardball” from July 22nd, 2015 where host Chris Matthews takes a look at a comment made by Senator Marco Rubio that Donald Trump and the President have “no class.” 52 more words



Everything in life is a choice; it isn’t as clear as a yes or no, white or black or white, right or wrong, statement – it’s a big fucking grey area. 135 more words