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FBU will reaffiliate to Labour

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has decided to reaffiliate to the Labour Party.

At a recall conference today, the issue was debated and delegates voted to reaffiliate. 1,515 more words



The conflicting attitudes towards Philby between the sister services of British intelligence would expose a cultural fault line that predated this crisis, long outlasted it, and persists today.

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The Scottish Clearances- Part One

It was the greyest of grey days in grey Galloway. It was January 2003. I was standing in the dreich drizzle on the Old Military Road on Kelton Hill just outside Castle Douglas, trying to describe what the landscape would have looked like on the same spot in 1724 for Andrew Cassell and Peter Aitchison. 1,045 more words

Black Friday

Black Friday, which is the Friday after Thanksgiving, for the last forty years, has been signifying the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. However, in drawing upon Baudrillard’s notion of ‘hyperreality’, it is possible to shift from the classic understanding of Black Friday as just a festivity and thus highlight its discursive nature and consequently its multiple meanings. 1,000 more words


The problem of cycling servants

The anti-cycling brigade of the 1890s often were particularly concerned about young women’s attraction to the bicycle. While cycling celebrated freedom and movement, middle-class women in the period were meant to be home-centred, refined and demure. 224 more words


Quote for the day - November 27

“The anti-industrial critique does not deny the class struggle, it preserves and surpasses it and, moreover, class struggle cannot exist in today’s world other than in the form of anti-industrial struggle”. 25 more words


Different class

Often it’s the smallest things that catch us off guard, stirring up old memories and reminding us of our former selves. A childhood friend from Manchester – let’s call her Brenda – telephones one evening to arrange a visit. 546 more words