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שוואַרץ חתונה: Marrying the Spanish Flu Away

Note: This post is also published on steemit, which is the platform we’re using this semester in my Non-Profit Management class.

On October 25, 1918, Harry Rosenberg and Fanny Jacobs stood together in a cemetery near Cobb’s Creek. 656 more words


Uranus: The Distant Ruler of Aquarius

This is Uranus, my favorite planet and the “ruler” of my astrological sign, Aquarius! Uranus is the 6th planet from the sun and one of the largest of our solar system, a cold, icy planet with peculiar rings that ushers the observer away from the inner planets into the farther regions of the solar system. 338 more words

Music and Movement For Very Young Children Starts Mar 10

Come swirl and twirl in this class, where fun and movement abound for the tiniest of dancers, boys and girls from two to four years of age. 92 more words


Beginning Youth Ceramics Starts March 7

Students will explore their creative side while learning the fundamentals of ceramic creation in this class focused on teaching youth the proper techniques of hand-building ceramic pieces. 56 more words

Community Class

Camp N.E.T. Youth Basketball Camp Presidents' Week

What is Camp N.E.T.?

Eureka Parks & Recreation is excited to announce Camp N.E.T! A brand new specialized basketball camp for youth to refine their skills, learn new tricks of the game, become part of a team and have fun! 188 more words

Special Events

a first step for all mankind

Hello there fellow astronomers, I’m doing the trial run for now. Got to practice in a simulation, before you go into space right? Pictured here is actually a piece of art that reminds me of the stars, just thought I would share it since I took it. 49 more words