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ART: Mondays

Mondays. I don’t get the hate. Like, why?

“Oh mah gawd no. I hate Mondays. Like I had 13 classes today, and I chipped a nail, and they fucked up my order at Starbucks, and I just found out my bff is dating my ex. 439 more words

Review of Sanford’s Citizens Academy

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Sanford, FL – It has been a more than years since I was in the first class of Sanford’s Citizens Academy. This is a free class in which everyone learns about many aspects of local government and how it works. 632 more words

Central Florida

Correction: Kids' Basketball Camp During Presidents Week

This update reflects the correct ages and grades for children who want to attend this camp.

Children will learn the fundamentals of basketball through drills that focus on dribbling, passing, basic plays, and teamwork. 67 more words

Adorni Center

Quote of the day: Putting the Gasolinazo in context

The New Year saw a dramatic increase in gasoline prices south of the border, with the government ordering gasoline prices raised to about four dollars, or what an average Mexican minimum wage worker earns in a day. 565 more words


There are plenty of fascists out there to fight, don't just focus on Trump!

If folks are wondering what they can do to make our society better for all in the wake of the massive marches, people should look at who they’re doing business with and the ethics of those companies. 111 more words

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