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Hello Everyone!

My name is Christie and I am excited to get started


Expanding on Restorative Justice

Chapter 4 in  Repair: The Impulse to Restore in a Fragile World by Elizabeth Spelman focused highly on restorative justice and how it works. Restorative justice in my opinion is dealing with the criminal with justice but also showing them how wrong what they did was, it also focuses on healing the victim and community because often times whenever a crime happens the victim is faced with pychological pain. 714 more words


Things Don't Go Back To Normal

Can someone be repaired from an emotional fracture? Who has had their heart broken? Whether it be by an old friend, a distant family member, an ex girlfriend, really anyone who you have ever cared about and lost touch with. 650 more words



“Children need to learn what an apology is, and when, how, and to whom to make one. They need to think about what it means to keep or break a promise. 579 more words


Ruins and Repair

While the homo-reparans has an innate impulse for repair, Spelman introduces the reader to that which is admired for being destroyed: ruins. In chapter six of… 727 more words


Country Line Dance for Beginners

Come join us for our Country Line Dance for Beginners class! Classes are paid for as part of the Fitness Pass through Shawnee County Parks and Rec. 99 more words


The Act of Repair

Ashil Patel

Professor Joe

English 110

September 16, 2016

Studies show that nearly 32 percent of federal prisoners returned to prison within five years of their release to community supervision. 598 more words