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Information Overload

Regardless of the subject being discussed, there are many noticeable differences between writing platforms. Many of these differences center around the idea that the Net/modern technology can change not only our thoughts but the way we think, process information, and the speed at which we receive this material. 429 more words


Are we in control as much as we think?

Here’s a scary thought: a world in which human beings are no longer the most intelligent lifeforms, and in fact are now subservient to a new dominating “life form”- one that they invented themselves. 382 more words


Cultural Sensitivity 101

Cultural sensitivity is a spiritual practice of embracing our diverse humanity without capping the beautiful potential each one of us holds. We all have biases that are hidden in the back of our minds, weighing us down. 131 more words


23rd February 1447 A.D. The Death of Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester #Onthisday.

Humphrey of Lancaster 1st Duke of Gloucester, 1st Earl of Pembroke born 2nd October 1390 A.D. and died onthisday 23rd February 1447 A.D. was an English nobleman. 120 more words


Plugged in

A concept I’ve been thinking more about is the way we’re “plugged in” to the Net and media as human beings. We’ve developed a mentality that’s dependent on being fed information every hour through a variety of devices. 392 more words