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Alert: MAY. May is here! May. This is May calling.

Today is May 1st.

And I think this is the saddest gif I’ve ever seen. Pikachu is adorable why would you make him cry? 332 more words


The Luxury in Charity

Perhaps it is too early in life for me to verge on this topic. But at the same time it pricks me so much. Previously I held on to the notion that some people were not sincere in there attitude towards charity, but now being in direct contact with such a situation I think it is downright deplorable. 352 more words


A Week of Lasts

I finished my last week of instruction as an undergraduate yesterday, and it was strangely anticlimactic.

I took a quiz and a test this week in my Chinese class, and stayed late on campus for the first and last time ever to finish a group project. 346 more words


Stepping into What I Hated

I hated economics in college, yet most of my adult life has been diving deeply into money, class and economic justice.

I hate fundraising, yet I have been part of Be Present, Inc.’s fundraising team for twelve years. 734 more words


Some comments on race and class

My second piece in the link above discusses race and I believe that one of the ways White supremacy continues is through trauma.  (Trauma and my dad’s racism were inseparable for this little White kid growing up.)  I was reminded of the links between child abuse and racism again when I came across this article by an upper class White man.   257 more words

Child Abuse

I have always loved anything art related  but I hadn’t realized how it positively effected my life. I am taking a creative journaling class that consists of writing and expressing ourselves with  pieces of art and all different type of materials and I really found more of a passion for hands on art. 43 more words

Song lyrics

The other day I stopped in a classroom and got to join in on a quick classroom session. The teacher had his students choose a song that they liked the lyrics of. 448 more words