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What classes will I be taking?

This page shows the course requirements for the different degree programs year by year. For example if you are a first year Antiochian MDiv student in 2017, your required courses are: 101 more words

Classes And Books

What books will I need?

This is a list of books for each course. Most students find that it is not necessary to buy all the books on the list. Many times they can be borrowed from other students, or you might only need to buy one or two on the list.

Classes And Books

What is the schedule like?


This is a calendar of chapel services, though the complete schedule may not be available outside of term time.

Classes And Books

CPE Clinical Pastoral Education

If you are an MDiv student, CPE means two things:

  1. A jail ministry course during first year
    The jail ministry course if taught by the seminary, and you will visit the local jail, travelling by car together with classmates once a week.
  2. 156 more words
Classes And Books

Finding your transcript

To find your transcript you need to use the Student Portal – the name might make it sound a lot like E-campus (see the post about e-campus… 32 more words