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A walk along Human Philosophies, and Realizations (#1)

Life is all about realizations. According to the endless loops of ciphers and sacred pieces of knowledge from the ancient periods, life is but a journey to learn about everything and everyone, and end up in the realization that… 1,018 more words


WoW - Warsong Scramble 7

Scrambling further down the tunnels… are you afk? :p



Is Group Work O.K. in College?

I have a friend. He’s in EGGG101. The other day he came up to me and sounded really pissed off. It turns out that my friend’s group, that is supposed to work on a weekly activity together, doesn’t do any work. 403 more words

Retail Store Closing

It’s been five years since I began selling retail products at crops and events around the state of Michigan.

It’s been five years of fun — I love getting in new product, setting up displays, making samples and meeting people who share my passion. 846 more words

12x12 Scrapbook Pages


Okay, so I’ve been dying to reread Harry Potter simply because an old teacher pointed out an interesting tidbit. (Plus fall is the PERFECT time for this) The writing style starts out dull and young, much like Harry Potter inĀ  87 more words


Oct 31: On My Path to Letting Go

The topic of this course is letting go, and the main subject is you. The focus is your willingness to broaden and deepen your personal relationship with yourself. 126 more words

Oct 29: Animal Totems and Meditation Workshop

Join Animal Communicator Rick Finbow and Dr. David Goldberg for this fascinating workshop. We will learn the difference between Animal Totems and Spirit Guides and put it into direct application with guided meditation. 83 more words