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17 College Classes That Might Actually Help You Survive In The Real World (Unlike Calculus)

1. Sociology 171: How To Make Friends Sober

2. Communication Studies 10: How To Say No To Things You Actually Don’t Want To Do

3. 239 more words

Hello Sophomore

So today was the first day of my sophomore year of high school. It was a little better than the first day of freshman year. Because this time I actually knew where the rooms were without massive help. 579 more words


My Outdoor Classroom...

Day one of classes began today. This was something that I was certainly scared of, but after today I realized that my classroom is literally the ocean! 333 more words


ART 407 // Freebie Links! (or cheap sites for images, etc)

ART 407::

As discussed, here are some links for where to purchase images/vector/type…no particular order for my list. After my links is a list Jessica has compiled for us as well and her links are all freebies. 275 more words


Top Ten Teachers in Speculative Fiction

Today marks the return to high school for me–as a teacher, not a student. Although, if the subject was math? Let’s just say there are many, many reasons that I’m a happy English teacher and will never have to cosine a tangent to balance an infinite number of Pi. 468 more words


Cooking classes @ The Blue Sandcastle

September cooking classes

The Blue Sandcastle is doing some re-furbishing in September. And while we are not doing villa rentals because all the suites are being upgraded we still use the villa. 137 more words


Weeks 31-34

Hi ho, my lovelies.

I thought by grouping my LIfe Book posts, I’d discipline myself to post more frequently and cover more artistic ground.  Not so much. 39 more words