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Enoch Arden and Adaptation

Historically, film adaptations have been viewed as a nexus wherein high literary culture merges with the lower culture of the film medium; this serves to introduce works of classical literature to audiences who would otherwise not have access to them either due to economic, social, or language barriers in the case of… 905 more words

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Those Classic times, those classy songs

Those looks,

Those charms,

Eye lids,

Those tremendous handsome curls,

Days have just swept past.

Those times of , innocence and platonic instance.

Days of… 15 more words

Crazy for Caligari: Exploring Early Horror Cinema

I suppose I’ve been intrigued by The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari ever since I realized it took slot #1 on Rotten Tomato’s Best Horror Movies of All Time List.  1,206 more words

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The Battle of Algiers Film Review

If there was ever a film that truly brought its viewers into the midst of the drama, it is Gillo Pontecorvo’s 1965, The Battle of Algiers… 892 more words

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