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Tovey’s marginalia

Donald Francis Tovey left thousands of marginal comments on the sheet music he owned, dating from different periods of his life.

Here and there one finds a score that is chock-full of pencil scribblings, critical, historical, personal—clearly remarks that Tovey meant for his own eyes alone, though it is impressive that he often wrote complete sentences with full punctuation. 172 more words


These Wilder Years (1956)


A wealthy businessman, Steve Bradford (James Cagney, The Public Enemy), visits an orphanage in hopes of finding out something about the illegitimate child he abandoned twenty years earlier. 457 more words

Classic Era

Q: What is the deal with that small banjo?

A: In Frederick’s Tiny Methodist Hymnal, there are two kinds of banjo- 5 string and tenor and the two are really as different as night and day.  340 more words


The Tragedy Queen of Indian Cinema: Meena Kumari

“This is Life”

My heart wonders incessantly           

If this is life, what is it that they call death?

Love was a dream?

Ask not about the fate of this dream? 1,661 more words

Classic Era

Q: What came first, the chicken or the egg?

A:Well, I don’t know the answer to that, but if we could rephrase the question and ask instead “What kind of music was popular for the banjo before the ragtime era?”  Well the answer to that would be “Classic Music”. 144 more words


The Blue Lagoon (1949)


Two young cousins survive a shipwreck with help of an old sailor. The castaways find a gorgeous island and the old man teaches the young kids survival techniques. 440 more words

Classic Era

Rancho Notorious (1952)


After his fiancee is brutally raped and murdered by a bandit, cowhand Vern Haskell (Arthur Kennedy, Peyton Place) sets out to find the man responsible for the death of his beloved sweetheart. 422 more words

Classic Era