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How GOG.com gets games

Computer gaming exploded in the 90s. Big walls of big boxes in every Electronics Boutique. (Now, not so much.)

So what happened to all those games? 199 more words


Level 11: Are retro games an investment?

Investment and speculation are common themes in the retro community, but how much of an investment are these games actually?

Anyone who’s been around the retro collecting scene for a while has probably read more than a few forum threads, etc about buying games as an investment, but how viable are retro games as commodity that will give a solid return for what you’ve initially invested in them? 1,091 more words

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Simpsons arcade game - 25 years, going strong

Baby Maggie is kidnapped and the Simpsons family fights to get her back.

Players control Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Marge in a side-scroller beat down through familiar locations like Moe’s Tavern and Krustyland–fighting characters like Mr. 140 more words


Paper Mario

Hello everyone!

Today I have another game review for you. It’s an old school Nintendo 64 game.


Title: Paper Mario
Company: Nintendo
Console: Nintendo 64… 465 more words


Level 10: Price Burnout (is ebay is killing the fun?)

“Well I saw it’s listed for X on ebay…”
This phrase is a trigger for rage for any collector…we’ve all had to endure being at a yard sale or junk shop, found a random treasure, only to be told by the seller “Just let me look it up”. 1,277 more words

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Top 5 Best Retro Arcade Bar Games

Not many things beat a girls’ night in. Whether that means pizza and Netflix, drinking and chatting, or even a good old-fashioned game night, there’s just something timeless and wonderful about getting your best girlfriends together at home and worrying about absolutely nothing else. 983 more words

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