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Let's Play Half Life Ep 4

In this episode Dave tries to be his best Gordon Freeman, as usual, and finally get’s past the giant, flame spewing, monster! Now he’s on a rail trying to find his way! 66 more words


Let's Play DOOM Ep 3

Gabe heads on down to hell to teach the demons how much they really suck! There is no safe place to hide from him, as he finds all the secrets and destroys the forces of hell in the lost Deimos base! 10 more words


Review: Mhing


Designer: Robert Sun

Publisher: Suntex (English Edition)

Players: 2-6

Weight: Light / Meduim

Play Time: 15 minutes

Type: Card Game, Set Collection

Mhing is a card game based on Mah Jong where players use rummy style mechanics to create sets and runs. 809 more words


EarthBound Beginnings Impressions

*Note: The following are just brief impressions about EarthBound Beginnings based on a couple of hours of gameplay. I’ll write a full review once I delve deep enough into the game.* 683 more words

Video Games

Are These Two Both Video Games?

My blog is having a bit of an identity crisis.  I look at a game like Pac-Man.  I look at a game like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt… 410 more words


Hula Hoop Your Calories Away!

You can burn at least a hundred calories just by hula hooping for 10 minutes a day! Add lunges and squats to your daily hoop exercise and you just might lose more than that in a very short time! 81 more words


Duncan’s Yo-Yo: Revolutionizing Legendary Toys of Old

Almost everyone, if not all, knows what a Yo-yo looks like. Most people might have owned, or at least played it once in their life. It is a toy, after all – one that can be cheap, easy to use, and small enough to be pocketed and brought to school. 37 more words