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Risk Strategy

Aww, the game of Risk. The perfect game for teenagers to gather together, roll some dice, and conquer the world. Unfortunately, if you don’t play it right, you could be out sleeping on the couch. 615 more words

Strategy Games

Getting Your Feet Wet

Co-op games are great, aren’t they? I love a good bit of co-operative play. In fact it seems that almost all of my recent purchases have been about playing together nicely with friends. 1,549 more words

Classic Games

Resident Evil Review

*Review based on the PS4 release*

Some games are timeless. Though the technology and the hardware keep moving forward, and the nature of gaming changes drastically in relatively short periods of time, some games just deny age and hold up as perennial classics no matter how much things change. 870 more words

Video Games

Watch Yourself

Guide the four flames around the room while collecting jewels and avoiding spikes. But there’s a catch: they can only move once they have touched a rock. 17 more words


Daily Gamer: Look Me in the Eyes

From the Day One, this blog was supposed to be a personal sketchbook to capture my disorderly thoughts about games I was playing, so I didn’t care much about having a profile picture, but since I’ve started to comment other blogs, I think that it’s necessary to finally get one. 145 more words

Daily Gamer

Classic games for family time

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest toy craze, to hunt for that “must have” gift. During the holidays, we are often bombarded with Holiday Toy Lists and Hot Toys of the Year. 451 more words