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Pac-Man Battle Royal: Fun With Friends Not Good Replay Value

     The Coin Jam is a pretty amazing arcade and last time I was there with a friend and my fiance we happened to be there on “Free to Play” day where certain games you can play for free. 329 more words

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Banjo-Kazooie Review

*Review based on Banjo-Kazooie’s release as part of Rare Replay*

In the wake of Super Mario 64 came a new kind of platformer. Differing from the 2D sidescrollers of the past and earlier, more linear 3D platformers such as Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario 64 ushered in a more open-world style for the genre, one that had a greater focus on collecting specific key items at the player’s own leisure,  as opposed to simply making it to the end of a stage. 1,207 more words

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Where Can You Find a SNES Classic

The SNES classic is finally here. For those who missed out on the incredibly finite pre-orders or midnight release, that means lining up outside of your local retailer to hopefully snag the nostalgic plug in and play console when new shipments come in, or crossing your fingers that you can get one online. 76 more words


80's 90's Classic Games [#01] 4 GAMES + BONUS| Retro, SNES, Ninja, Street Fighter

Quick List:

  1. Classic Ninja Kage Shadow
  2. Tank 1990 HD ( Free )
  3. Comix Zone Classic
  4. Shinobi Wars

    BONUS | More Advanced:

  5. Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded


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Classic | Blade Runner (1997)

Games based on movies have been usual during videogames history. As someone who started playing in the 80s, those days were full of licensed games, some better, some worse, which many of them I enjoyed. 369 more words


Ninja Gaiden (NES) Review

“Nintendo hard.”

That’s a term commonly used to describe the often brutal difficulty of games found on the NES. From Mega Man to Castlevania to Battletoads, the NES was riddled with games so punishing, that arguably no system has since repeated such consistently high difficulty. 615 more words

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Milon's Secret Castle Review

Milon’s Secret Castle is a prime example of a decent video game concept gone awry. Developed by Hudson Soft for the NES, Milon’s Secret Castle had the potential to put a new spin on the platformer genre by setting all the action in a single location (the titular castle), in which you must uncover secrets to delve further into its chambers. 529 more words

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