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C is for Charley horse

Yesterday was the first time I had ever heard the term “Charley horse,” – or so I thought. Here is the text exchange between me and Child 2 that I received: 555 more words


Trackball - #AtoZChallenge

Whatever happened to the good ol’ trackball?

The trackball was a bit of a staple of arcade video games in the early days.  Centipede, … 343 more words

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Arcades, Nostalgia, and the Next Generation

This was not my first trip to an arcade, but is was my first trip to a “true” arcade. My first arcade was Chuck E. Cheese… 428 more words


Pinball machines are like the Ents of video games.  They have been around far longer than all of their electronic descendants.  They look in most shape and manner unique to anything that passes as mechanical or electric tabletop gaming today.  142 more words


GameStop Begins Classic Video Game Service

In March 2015, GameStop started buying PlayStation 2 consoles again due to its popularity. Now, GameStop has announced that they will start buying and selling classic consoles and games again in New York City and Birmingham. 78 more words


A to Z Challenge: (M)ega Man

I would be remiss if I didn’t use my “M” day to talk about one of the most iconic video game characters of all time…especially since he’s my husband’s favorite. 692 more words

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Feel the Wrath!

Hey everybody!

Welcome to another game day here at spalanz.com! Today it’s the turn of the first expansion for Thunderstone, which came under the spotlight of awesome… 591 more words

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