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Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth Review

The Nintendo 64 may not be famous for housing very many shoot-em-ups, but it had at least one under its belt in the form of Hudson Soft’s Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth. 590 more words

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Tinhead Review

During the 1990s, the platformer genre saw a huge boom in popularity. After Sonic the Hedgehog struck it big, it seemed like every developer was trying their hand at making a mascot-based platformer. 730 more words

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Tetris Attack Review

In 1995, Nintendo released Panel De Pon on the Super Famicom. It was something akin to an inverse Tetris. A falling-block puzzle game where the blocks ascended from the bottom of the screen, as opposed to falling from the top. 739 more words

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National Videogame Museum admission will be free on April 1 and 2

To celebrate its first anniversary this April, the National Videogame Museum (NVM) has announced that general admission will be free to the public on April 1 and 2, 2017. 54 more words


The Karate Kid (NES) Review

Like so many other movie-based games to hit the NES, The Karate Kid’s transition to the world of 8-bit video games was provided by LJN, a publisher that has gained infamy in the world of retro gaming, for seemingly tainting every product they touched.  793 more words

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WWF Super Wrestlemania (SNES) Review

Though LJN was most infamous for the many movie-based games they brought to home consoles (namely the NES), the also had their go at the realms of pro wrestling-based games, such as WWF Super Wrestlemania, which was released in 1992 on both the SNES and Sega Genesis. 460 more words

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JAWS (NES) Review

Like so many movie-based NES games, JAWS was unleashed onto Nintendo’s 8-bit console by the now-defunct, ill-remembered LJN. While JAWS is a superior game to most of LJN’s output, its utter monotony still makes it a completely forgettable experience. 685 more words

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