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A return to Tom Clancy's The Division

With Ubisoft recently confirming plans for a sequel, we dive back into this ground-breaking game and find out how they managed to resuscitate a dead franchise. 884 more words

12 Things I learned about Gaming from Monopoly

Modern gamers will typically cringe when you bring up the dreaded “M” word. The elitists of the group might even summon an eye-roll for the one who dares utter the phrase. 1,533 more words

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Kirby's Dream Land 3 Review

Kirby’s Adventure was the last great NES game, and Hal’s pink, spherical hero once again closed out a Nintendo console with the SNES. The Nintendo 64 had launched in 1996, with Kirby Super Star and a handful of other classic titles insuring the 16-bit system went out in style (it wouldn’t be inaccurate to claim the SNES had a better ’96 than the N64 did). 1,216 more words

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Kirby Super Star Review

*Review based on Kirby Super Star’s release as part of the SNES Classic Edition*

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System had a way of bringing out the best in Nintendo’s most beloved franchises. 970 more words

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SEGA AGES Brings Classic Games to Nintendo Switch

SEGA of America today announced that they’ll be bringing a whole host of classic games to the Nintendo Switch in the form of SEGA AGES… 59 more words

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Sega Announces the Mega Drive Mini and Sega Ages 2018

At the Sega FES conference last night, Sega made plenty of announcements that should prove exciting for fans of classic gaming. Following on the tremendous success of Nintendo’s NEW Classic and SNES Classic, Sega is going to be producing a Mega Drive Mini (for those who don’t know, the Mega Drive is the non-North American name for the Sega Genesis!) this year. 265 more words


Kirby's Dream Land 2 Review

By 1995, Kirby had quickly established himself as one of Nintendo’s premiere franchises. Kirby’s Dreamland, though simplistic, found an audience due to the popularity of the Game Boy. 748 more words

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