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Classic Games 1

February 25, 2015

OK, here we go… this is the first of many posts that it will take to show you all the classic games that are here in the Wunderland game room!   125 more words


Super Mario Bros. Madness

What up, peeps? *Gags* I’ve been playing Super Mario Bros. for the past two or three days, and it’s been insane! I’ve pulled off awesome tricks, I’ve accessed the Minus World, I’ve died (numerous times), and everything. 254 more words



¿Qué pasa? (Spanish term for “What’s up) Right now I’m going to rant a little about Gamestop. It’s a nice store and all, and you can preorder all the awesome upcoming games, but a gamer like me has some serious problems with it.Seriously though, would it kill you to keep the case and inserts for the DS? 234 more words



Hey everybody!

It’s game day once again here at spalanz.com, and today I’m taking a look at a real classic of the deck-building genre – today under the spotlight of awesome, I’m taking a look at Thunderstone! 1,806 more words

Board Games

Say yes to the NES

Hiya, folks! I was on a trip so I didn’t post for a while, but thankfully I have something new to talk about. Yesterday I was gifted a copy of  132 more words

What screams Nostalgia for you?

I love these big budget new AAA titles, But nothing really will ever beat the classics or games that are throwbacks to the classics. I recently began for the first time Link Between Worlds, Now I loved LTTP on SNES, First Zelda I ever played too stands as my favorite. 182 more words