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Classic House Series Episode #24 - My Feeling - Junior Jack

Despite the hoards of advantages that the digital age has brought us in terms of accessing music, I really miss record shopping.  I still do it as often as I can, but I miss the days when my Saturday afternoons were always blocked off for a trip to Yonge & Dundas in downtown Toronto where I would troll the record stores and HMV to grab the latest bangers, browse the hard-to-find classics and, if I was lucky, hear something completely at random that would shift the mood of the entire trip (and my purchasing priorities). 418 more words

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Classic House Series Episode #23 - The New Wave - Daft Punk

When Daft Punk burst on to the North American consciousness in late 1996, for most of us it was via the mind-blowing, genre smashing throb of their first single released through Virgin Records,  504 more words

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Don't Miss: Pete Tong @ Soundcheck, 9/22/16

Pete Tong (Photo courtesy Infamous PR)

Pete Tong has seen it all — as radio host, producer, and DJ. The man was there at the start of acid house, and he famously signed Run DMC and Salt-n-Pepa to landmark record deals with London Records. 248 more words

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Classic House Series Episode #18 - Ultra Flava - Farley & Heller Project

In the world of house music, a production can make a moderate impact at one moment and sometimes, just sometimes, be resurrected to even greater acclaim years later.   265 more words

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Classic House Series Episode #17 - Life Is Changing - Cricco Castelli

Nothing makes a great night of house music even better than dropping a funky, quirky stomper and Cricco Castelli‘s “Life Is Changing” covers all of those bases. 151 more words

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Friday evening with Eduardo Hyx at BarDeco

What a great party a little to laggy for me as i crashed totally and have to wait until I am done blogging before I can go back inside, classic house set from an awesome dj that needs no further introduction. 23 more words

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Canadian Classic House, Episode #3 - I'm Hot For You - L'il Louis

Let’s clear up some confusion first.  No, this is not Lil Louis who brought us the legendary anthem “French Kiss“, but rather a cheeky alias for some Toronto-based DJs who grabbed a few choice soul samples, dropped them over a fairly basic beat and made one of the best records ever to come out of Toronto’s early house scene. 176 more words

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