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Bon & Jay im Zoo (13.10.2017)

In the mid-`70s, Chicago was still America`s second largest city. Yet after the financial collapse of a number of independent soul labels a few years earlier, its recording industry was virtually non-existent, and its club scene was heavily segregated. 222 more words

Bon Adrien

Bon & Jay im Zoo (Fr. 25.08.2017)

Wir spielen am Freitag 25. August in der Zoo Schänke zu Köln Ehrenfeld. Los geht es gegen 21 Uhr. Bon & Jay all night long! Non Stop House Music bis in den frühen Morgen.

Bon Adrien

Architectural Details in Saranac Lake, Adirondacks

Walking around the town of Saranac Lake in the Northern Adirondacks, we see all kinds and styles of cute houses and buildings. Here is a formal entrance to a building that I liked.


Copper Colored Frieze Tiles at the Dana House 

Here at the Dana House by Frank Lloyd Wright in Springfield, Illinois, we are looking up at the corner of the house at the top. The copper crowns and gutters point out and up but are actually horizontal. 184 more words


Entrance to the Dana House by Frank Lloyd Wright 

The Dana Thomas House was actually known to Frank Lloyd Wright as the Dana House after Susie Dana the heiress of the Lawrence estate. The Thomas name came in when a company by that name bought the house later in the 20th century and then donated it. 208 more words


The Abraham Lincoln House in Springfield 

Downtown Springfield, Illinois just a few blocks from the Old State Capitol Building, sits the original Abraham Lincoln House on its original place. This four block area is now preserved as a National Historic area with Rangers giving tours. 71 more words


Playin' with fire...

In the late 1980s as house music took off in the clubs of the UK, fragmentation of the genre began to take place. Around the same time that acid house became a sub-genre of house, some producers had begun to blend disco and house to form another sub-genre: disco house. 225 more words