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Too many volts! - 11 Mar 2017

I’ve mentioned before that, over the last few months,┬áthe voltage warning light on The Fire Bike has been “playing about”. I fitted this soon after getting the bike so that I will know if the charging system develops a fault and can do something before I get stranded with a flat battery. 857 more words

Classic Motorcycle

Re-torque heads and adjust valve clearances - 22 Feb 2017

I’ve now ridden about 230 miles since doing the work to change the cylinder head gaskets on The Fire Bike so, it’s time to retighten the six nuts securing each head and barrel. 892 more words

Classic Motorcycle

The cylinder heads are done - 5 Feb 2017

It’s taken me some time but The Fire Bike is now back together. As indicated last time, I did buy the posh type of exhaust nuts with a lock ring. 319 more words

Classic Motorcycle

Off with his head, part 3 - 29 Jan 2017.

As I said yesterday, I’ve decided to repeat the work on the left hand cylinder, mainly for the sake of thoroughness. It’s also a chance to examine the condition of the cylinder bore and rocker gear. 629 more words

Classic Motorcycle

Off with his head, part 2 -28 Jan 2017.

I ordered the necessary parts from Stein-Dinse in Germany on Sunday, arrived here in Wales on Wednesday. Even with the minimum postage cost it was still worth it as no one in the UK had all I needed in stock. 981 more words

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Off with his head, part 1 - 21 Jan 2017.

I had to move some stuff around in the garage today so started up The Fire Bike to temporarily move it outside. I had the choke on and noticed smoke coming out of the RH cylinder when I revved it. 952 more words

Classic Motorcycle

Welcome to the New Year.

Welcome to the New Year we hope that our customers are well and rested looking forward to what 2017 has to offer. As we look back at 2016 – it was busy for us but not in way we had expected. 278 more words

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