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Modified trailer wiring - 10 May 2017.

Here’s another “late” post!

I have been having some trouble with the electrical connection between The Fire Bike and my trailer. I’ve changed both the plug on the trailer and the socket on the bike but can’t get things to stay connected properly. 299 more words

Classic Motorcycle

Experimental valve clearances - 7 May 2017.

Well, I’ve finally sorted out all my old posts following the Photobucket debacle. I’ve done what I always should have and hosted my blog photos here in WordPress. 332 more words

Classic Motorcycle

Fuel starvation? - 4 May 2017.

It’s taken me a while to get around to writing this post. Other stuff has been going on!

On a couple of occasions recently The Fire Bike has come to a halt without any prior warning. 811 more words

Classic Motorcycle

RE Continental GT's Falling Sales Could Result In Production Halt In India

With its retro styling and nostalgic riding capabilities, cafe racers reside in a corner of every motorcyclist’s heart. Most of the bikemakers have at least one such bike in their portfolio and so does Royal Enfield. 180 more words

Rhino gets a new battery - 31 Mar 2017

The other week I finally got around to taking Rhino for his MOT (annual road worthiness test). Before I could go I had to charge the battery despite having charged it only a couple of weeks before. 419 more words

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Too many volts! - 11 Mar 2017

I’ve mentioned before that, over the last few months,┬áthe voltage warning light on The Fire Bike has been “playing about”. I fitted this soon after getting the bike so that I will know if the charging system develops a fault and can do something before I get stranded with a flat battery. 857 more words

Classic Motorcycle