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Flooding - 28 Aug 2016.

Yesterday I finally got round to cleaning The Fire Bike and trailer following the Guzzi Festival. I’ve been away. I started the bike and put it back in the garage. 677 more words

Classic Motorcycle

Something extra in the fuel tank! - 16 Aug 2016.

Today I was going over The Fire Bike ready to take it to the MGCGB Guzzi Festival at the weekend. When I moved it and put it on the stand I heard a tapping sound from the fuel tank and was concerned that the stand pipe I added to the left side fuel tap to provide a reserve capacity may have come off. 181 more words

Classic Motorcycle

Tweet tweet.

We have opened a twitter account under the name of @pw_mitch it is a little thin on content and followers for now but we are working on it when we can. 111 more words


Item dan kalem si Estrellaku

Brothers & sisters…, monggo dipirsani (mari dilihat) motor model jadul ini. Kalau soal kenceng jagan dibandingin dg Ninja250, R25, CBR 250 pasti kalah. Estrella nya yang kalah.. 39 more words


Wheel balancing, take 2 - 30 Jul 2016.

Having successfully balanced the wheels on The Fire Bike, I decided to go ahead and do the same for The Racing Rhino, my V7Sport. These weren’t balanced when the new tyres were fitted. 727 more words

Classic Motorcycle

Home made wheel balancer and tyre sealants - 28 Jul 2016.

Ever since buying my V7 700 I have been concerned about getting a puncture, particularly in the rear wheel. I’ve been carrying a spare tube but know it would be near impossible to replace it at the side of the road by myself. 1,323 more words

Classic Motorcycle

Gearbox clutch-shaft oil seal replacement - 13 Jul 2016.

Having got access to the gearbox, it was now time to tackle the leak from its front end. Just to backtrack a little, before removing the gearbox I like to tie the clutch arm on the ‘box so it can’t swing about and get damaged. 1,513 more words

Classic Motorcycle