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John Lee Hooker - The Best of John Lee Hooker - Classic Music Review

Over the years, my music collection has grown into a completely unmanageable mess, especially since I started the blog. Those of you who regularly read my stuff know that I listen to each album three times without distraction, then listen to it again as I write. 5,856 more words

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Horace Silver - Horace Silver and the Jazz Messengers - Classic Music Review

I didn’t want to end the year without doing at least ONE jazz review, and out of the hundreds of jazz albums on my to-do list, I chose the one I would characterize as “most exuberant.” 2,393 more words

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Jimmy Buffett - Changes in Attitudes, Changes in Latitudes - Classic Music Review

I enlisted my partner to write introduction to this review, for reasons that shall become obvious. Take it away, Alicia!

When we lived in the United States, Ari and I used to love going to Las Vegas to dance, to gamble and to take in all the different kinds of people who pass through that very unique place. 4,688 more words

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Angélique Kidjo - Oremi - Classic Music Review

As I pondered how I might approach this review, I reflected on my deep feeling of admiration for Angélique Kidjo and wondered how I might communicate that respect in a way readers could understand. 3,684 more words

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Dressy Bessy - Dressy Bessy (album) - Classic Music Review

I first heard about Dressy Bessy a few years ago via a comment on one of the indie rock reviews I used to do early in this blog’s history. 3,169 more words

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Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf - Classic Music Review

As she held the album cover, her exquisitely manicured fingers trembled with anxiety. She had been here before, facing the possibility of reviewing another album from her salad days,  filled with self-doubt that she could avoid the generational bias displayed by Baby Boomers, who pronounce every record made during their teenage years an “all-time classic.” The doubt that pervaded her soul was seasoned with a feeling of dread, for she had listened to several albums she thought were the bees’ knees during her teens and twenties only to discover that they were little more than one-dimensional turkeys. 3,897 more words

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Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever - Classic Music Review

I may get more than a little emotional in this review, but fuck it.

I mentioned in my review of Long After Dark that I was drawn to Tom Petty after moving to France because he reminded me of home. 3,823 more words

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