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TUSK! The interactive Game

Aside from SNL, one of my ALL TIME favorite TV shows is a little program originally based out of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area of Minnesota. It is Simply called “Mystery Science Theater 3ooo” (Or “MST3K” for those who speak in abbreviations). 339 more words

Spearhead From Space (1970 UK)

Doctor Henderson: “How are you feeling?” The Doctor: “Shoes”. First appearances of Jon Pertwee and Caroline John as Doctor Three and Liz Shaw. First appearance of any colour. 621 more words


From Yuks to Yecch: The Top 6 Silver Linings of SNL Season 6

Before we begin, VERY Special thanks to Ben Douwsma for use of most of the pics you’ll be seeing in this story. Also of note, there’s a LOT of Backstory for the uninitiated, so I don’t mind if you skip ahead a little. 2,411 more words

Classic Television

Our Visit to Lucille Ball's Hometown

We were visiting my husband’s mother and grandmother, in Pennsylvania, when we got the idea to take an hour-long road trip to Jamestown, New York.  This is the birthplace of non other than Lucille Ball.  564 more words

Classic Television

Kaz: An Appreciation

A lot of us have our Favorite SNL Cast Members, our most Hated Cast Members, and those who slip through the cracks. I want to take some time this week to take a closer look at someone who’s actually 2 out of 3 of those things—a favorite that gets lost in the shuffle. 1,193 more words

Classic Television

House Of Cards (1990 - 1995 United Kingdom)

This is almost 11 hours (4 DVD’s) worth of top quality entertainment. The viewer’s life grinds to a halt to digest each segment. This is the kind of drama that makes the BBC world-famous. 650 more words