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awwww jheeeeaaaaaa

Y’aaaaall, this is my new favorite music video {the song goes kinda tough too}, so you know I had to share!  And that’s saying a lot… 337 more words

Celebrity Style

Greengrocer Loaf - AKA The No More Waste Cake

Greengrocer Loaf

I hate wasting food!! I’m sure I speak for most of you with that statement, however, perishable ingredients can only be used so fast. 386 more words


Star Wars characters pose with shelter pets for a unique spin on a classic photo shoot

The Force is strong with these furry rescue animals.
That’s right — in a recent photo shoot, the Ottawa Humane Society used the Force to show off some of their adorable adoptable pets. 25 more words

Over a 100 Timeless and Classic Gosple Hymns Videos

A collection of the best and most loved old and timeles gospel hymn classics that have blessed millions of Christians the world over. Enjoy!

Daily Dose: Glengarry Glen Ross and the SET OF STEAK KNIVES Moment

The One Line Summary: In a seedy second floor real estate office barely surviving on the poor performance of its curmudgeonly staff of weathered male telephone salesmen failing to sell plots of land to lousy leads, they blame their failure on dried up prospects and the company’s refusal to hand over the shiny new Glengarry Glen Ross leads that are handled as if delivered from the very gods of earning money underhandedly, so they mutter and complain and drink and scheme and evenutally one of them breaks into the office and straight up… 532 more words