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Apparently with no surprise * Emily Dickinson Poetry

Apparently with no surprise
To any happy Flower
The Frost beheads it at its play—
In accidental power —
The blonde Assassin passes on—
The Sun proceeds unmoved… 128 more words


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Lisa + Wes: A Party for the Ages Wedding at Gladstone Hotel

As far as fairytales go, you don’t get much better than this. Wes + Lisa are from the same hometown of 7,000 people as I am. 137 more words


Hogan's Heroes

“Who was the guy who was able to sell the idea for Hogan’s Heroes? Who was able to walk into a network and say,

‘Here’s the idea, a group of American soldiers in a Nazi prison camp……….IT’S A COMEDY!'”-Gilbert Gottfried  1,532 more words


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