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Classic Auto Express Quotes Done Immediately!

Got a car show coming up and the date was accidentally licked off your calendar by your dog, and you need to get your 1915 Model T stake-bed from Florida to Orcutt, California, immediately?  19 more words

Radiohead // Amnesiac (2001)

If you treat Radiohead’s discography like a family tree, Amnesiac is the direct descendant of Kid A. Some might consider it the bastard child. Comprised of songs recorded during the same studio sessions,  1,211 more words


Yu-Ming Wu : Sneakerhead, Founder of Sneaker Con 

Soooo….you like sneakers huh. And I’m willing to bet you go to sneakernews.com to find out the latest releases don’t you? I’m also willing to wager that you have noooo clue who is behind madness that is Sneaker Con and Sneaker News? 151 more words

weekly-photo-challenge - Shine

A ’63 split window Corvette with a meticulously shined engine and painted hood underside.


The Edit: Winter Essentials

Feng is absolutely swimming in gorgeous Winter Essentials. For those of you who attended the StyleBoard saw some of these great pieces, but for those of you who did not, you are in luck! 58 more words

Closet Add

Remember Them ? - 18

I thought it would be nice to relive some of the tunes that I for some time had forgotten about but at times in my life meant something to me, they will mainly be the songs and bands that anyone under the age of thirty (Ok forty… who am I kidding!) may never have heard of, if you’re a little older you may just have some memories of your own in amongst the music to follow, there’ll be some rubbish in here but I can promise there’ll be some gems too. 102 more words


Vintage Modern Crochet: Classic Crochet Lace Techniques for Contemporary Style

Vintage Modern Crochet: Classic Crochet Lace Techniques for Contemporary Style

Vintage crochet lace techniques, on-trend garments and accessories!
Lace is one of the hottest trends in crochet, but it is by no means a new technique. 8 more words