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Is new scholarship always better?

This is something I’ve been asking myself for a few weeks now, ever since I read something someone I am following on Twitter – a university lecturer – had posted about the instructions they give their students concerning searching for reading for assignments: is new scholarship always (to be fair to the tweeter I should probably say ‘usually’ but that would make a less punchy title) better than old? 1,725 more words

The London Mithraeum!

So this is a very cool thing! Firstly, I have a massive soft spot for this site, since I think that Mithras and Mithraea are very cool ™, and I wrote a paper on small finds at three Mithraea including this one at the Walbrook valley in London. 402 more words


I have had a change of heart: classical archaeology and it’s flaws.

I have spent three and a half years of my life studying Ancient Greece and before that had spent my life trying to avoid the fact my ethnicity is Greek. 530 more words


18. Quelques jours au bord de la mer à Nice

October in Scotland has been, on occasion, described as so windy, “it’ll cut ye in half”. Locking myself indoors over this month to re-learn how to study has arguably been made easier by the poor weather. 508 more words

Classical Archaeology

The Thracians - Warrior Tribesmen of Bulgaria

The Thracians were a bunch of barbarians who lived in what is now modern-day Bulgaria. They lived in mud huts and spent their time bashing each other’s brains out and sometimes pestering the Greeks with their clubs and trying to set their sheep on fire. 1,738 more words

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New Temple dedicated to Artemis discovered on Greek Island

Archeologists have discovered an open air sanctuary dedicated to the Greek goddess Artemis.

The sanctuary is on the island of Euboea, and was discovered near the village of Amarynthos.

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Classical Archaeology

Classics - The What and the Why

One of the struggles of any classics student is the countless times we are asked what in Hades we are studying. It starts with a confused look, then an unsure ‘Soo classical music or classic films’ or worse the silent and awkward nod. 755 more words