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New Temple dedicated to Artemis discovered on Greek Island

Archeologists have discovered an open air sanctuary dedicated to the Greek goddess Artemis.

The sanctuary is on the island of Euboea, and was discovered near the village of Amarynthos.

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Seeing Diversity in a Dig: Olynthos 2017

I know that my post on my time at Olynthos is nearly a month late now, but I had been struggling to decide what to write about. 1,077 more words

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Review: Archaeological Museum of Thebes

Reporting live from the trowel’s edge…

For the next six weeks, Ricarda and I are sweating it out in the middle of the Greek countryside, all in the service of academic discovery and for the advancement of human knowledge. 862 more words


My Solo Trip to Sounion

It might not seem obvious to anyone (I hope), but I am a very anxious person. I overthink everything down to the last detail, take photos of Google maps just in case (even though I can still use the GPS without wifi), show up too early in fear of being late, and generally avoid eye contact with anyone who might accost me on the street in a foreign city that I actually know pretty well (even if I’m still learning the language). 872 more words

Finding Forgeries at the Museum of Classical Archaeology

If you visit the Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge in the next month, you will see a display that I curated on the idea of forgeries. 1,094 more words


Discovering the obvious - the Blenheim sarcophagus

Earlier this month a story that made a splash in the national and international press and that was all over my twitter feed was the ‘discovery’ of an ancient Roman sarcophagus at Blenheim palace. 1,108 more words

14. Starting a PhD: a non-linear approach

St. Andrews Cathedral…be seeing you soon.

For the last few months I have taken a hiatus from writing my blog to focus on applying for a PhD at the University of St. 651 more words

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