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The Heritage of Apelles

In his encyclopedic work Naturalis Historia, the Roman philosopher and author Pliny the Elder praises Apelles as an exemplar of Grecian artistic fortitude: “[I]t was Apelles of Cos who surpassed all the painters that preceded him and all who were to come after him….He singly contributed almost more to painting than all the other artists put together….His art was unrivaled for graceful charm, although other very great painters were his contemporaries.” Apelles, who worked  sometime in the late 4th century BCE, is known only by anecdotes related by later authors, through whom his legend has resonated down through the centuries. 1,099 more words


Bronze statue of the Boxer at Rest

My ARCHAEO-Crush for the month of May is a fabulous Greek bronze found in a museum in Rome.

Type: artefact (bronze statue, lost-wax process) 307 more words


A Classical Education in Dundee, courtesy of the McManus

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to get up to Dundee to catch two excellent exhibitions at the McManus gallery and museum before they closed: “Roman Empire: Power & People”, on tour from the British Museum, and “Classical Art: The Legacy of the Ancients”, curated by the McManus in response. 846 more words


Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery | Forged Art

To even the most trained eye, it is not a simple task to identify authentic art from its counterfeit counterparts.  Since before the Classical period, Copy art is world-wide a multi-million dollar industry, and as such has grown in demand and concern tremendously. 714 more words


3 hour figure study

I was finally able to attend the 3 hour figure drawing session again.  It was nice to get a longer pose in.  I have recently been attending a short pose session where the maximum pose is 20 minutes.   114 more words