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People From Classical Paintings Photoshopped into Modern Day Photos

Ukrainian artist, Alexey Kondakov, takes subjects from classical paintings are photoshops them into photographs of modern day.  It’s an ongoing series that he calls “The Daily Life of Gods.”  Take a look at some more photos that he has made for the series:



Is Modern Art Terrible?

*Something different, but fuck it*

By Franz

I saw a video some days ago titled Why is Modern art so Bad? by PragerU, before you read any further, please watch it, just click… 1,055 more words

the results are in!

I conducted a survey about the general things to do in Pittsburgh and the results are in! Check out the charts below. First, I simply asked if the surveyors were from the city of Pittsburgh. 330 more words

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The Museums of LA

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Jake Scharbach

Jake Scharbach’s wild paintings!

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