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Paintings and Poetry: Early Morning in the Wilderness of Shur, Egypt by Frederick Goodall

Source: http://fineartamerica.com/products/early-morning-in-the-wilderness-of-shur-frederick-goodall-greeting-card.html

The Egyptian heat
Mountains in pastel-like shades of
Pink like youthful horizons
The clouds are a collection of mountains
The mountain camel is perched on… 148 more words

Paintings And Poetry

Why I Think You Should Be Heading in Opposite Directions — Equally, at the Same Time

This is exactly where I find myself at this point in the journey. If you have followed my work for some time, you have seen a marked change in my process. 282 more words


One last look at the marbles

Just before the holidays, Mark the marble guy dropped by the NCMA to take one last look at the classical marble sculptures before he could hand over his reports and catalogue entries. 130 more words


South Italy and Sicily: the research continues

The research on the NCMA’s classical collection continues and that is making me really, really happy. It might not be related to ancient Egypt or Nubia, but at least it’s ancient! 138 more words


Spot Light on a Master

Spot Light on a Master

We know of Rembrandt by his first name – like Cher or Madonna. His name was Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn and he is generally considered, by many, as one of the greatest artists in the history of art. 191 more words


The Art of Claude Lorrain

Despite my indecisiveness about whether or not to continue with a written counterpart for my Ruins Project, I have decided to write a brief post looking at some of the artwork created by the Master artist, Claude Lorrain. 997 more words



The spotlight for Ancient Greece stays pretty firmly on the Classical and Hellenistic periods. You don’t hear much about the time before them.

The ‘Bronze Age’ is divided into periods by region, because bronze technology wasn’t accessible or adopted by everyone at the same time. 175 more words

Ancient History