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Hues of pink and yellow canvass the sky

To welcome the sun before its sudden breach

I sip my honey-lemon tea with solace and sigh… 42 more words



Hues of pink and yellow canvassed the sky

To welcome the sun before its sudden breach

I sip my honey-lemon tea in solace and sigh… 41 more words


From Precedents to Master Copying

One method of learning from the great minds of the past is to study precedents (those works which precede our own). When I first entered architecture school, we had to study case studies by reproducing a building’s floor plans, elevations, and sections by hand. 299 more words


Oxford History of Art

709.0214 COR

709.034 BRE

709.38 BEA

Three newly acquired titles from this series are currently on display and can be borrowed now. Hover over each image to see where they will be shelved.

New Books Display


This cartoon by Peter Duggan appeared in The Guardian in 2014, and I still see it popping up on social media on occasion. It’s a fabulous cartoon. 1,285 more words

Egyptian Art

The Return of Greek Ceramics

As promised yesterday, today’s post presents the last study session of 2017. Actually, it’s the last study session. Full stop. We’ve looked at the entire Classical collection since 2013 and this part of the project is completed!! 185 more words


A long time ago: a Cycladic figure...

Gad! The end of the year is upon us! (Where the heck did 2017 go?)  I’m taking a few minutes of free time to try to write the last two  posts on the classical research conducted in 2017. 171 more words