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get that statue some pants.

Every so often the art world churns out a story which is undeniably and deliciously ridiculous. Like, for instance, the residents of St. Petersburg holding a vote to decide whether or not their 5-metre plastic statue of  629 more words


Exercise: The classical landscape

In this essay I will analyse at least two landscapes by Claude Lorrain and use them to test the following statement made by the noted art historian Kenneth Clark in his book… 190 more words


Exercise: Plan a country house refurbishment

For this exercise I must imagine that I’ve been asked to advise on the refurbishment of a country house. The building can be of any period. 146 more words


Research point: Trompe l'oeil decorative schemes

For this exercise I must research some of the ways in which trompe-l’oeil has been exploited in works of art, particularly in decorative schemes.

According to the Tate: Trompe-l’oeil is a “French phrase meaning ‘deceives the eye’, which is used to describe paintings that create the illusion of a real object or scene” (Tate, n.d.). 84 more words


Studying Etruscan art...

One of the many projects and tasks that occupied me last week was the ongoing research on the NCMA’s classical collection.  This time around, it was the Etruscan objects and other early Italic material that was under study. 36 more words


Walking Ghosts

A strange coincidence – yesterday I wrote about having dreamed of my grandfather on the day he died, and feeling that it was I who had now become the… 719 more words

The Rattle Bag