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Pavlovian Side Note: You Will Fear Santa.


What (we think) Pavlov taught us: ring a bell before feeding time, and a dog will learn to associate the bell with food, and salivate just at the ring of it. 1,396 more words

Human Nuttery

Self control | Behavior | MCAT | Khan Academy

  1. Change Environment
  2. Operand Conditioning
  3. Classical Conditioning

Marshmallow Test

Rays Of Light

Your Guide To A Digital Detox

“Digital detox” and “digital diet” are two catchphrases I’ve seen used a lot lately in the wellness sphere. I get it: 2017 is still shiny and new and for many there are new year’s resolutions to be attained. 974 more words

Take Action

Classical Conditioning Ruined Deafheaven For Me

On why you should never set your favourite song as your ringtone

 You all know what classical conditioning is, right? Learning by association, ring a bell when you feed a dog, dog learns to salivate at the sound of the bell. 1,115 more words


Musing on Intelligence-- Part 7: Learning and Memory

This is Part 7 of a multi-part series where I explore various topics on intelligence bringing together ideas from biology, brain studies, psychology, computer science and engineering. 2,291 more words


Equine Cognition and a Breakdown of Applied Learning Theories

Now that we looked at equestrian sports from the horse’s perspective and also dug into origins and explanations of traditional training; let us once again jump to some studies to find out… 2,937 more words

Animal Science

Distractions in the 21st century

Disclaimer: These are my views on how distractions can have a lasting effect on the minds of kids. Any resemblance to practices followed in anyone’s household is purely coincidental. 902 more words