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Behaviorism Explained

This title may be a little ironic as in this video I try to explain the workings of behaviorism and the concepts behind it. You will find out in this video that behaviorism only focuses on observable behaviors and doesn’t focus on how things occur or the thought process behind behaviors. 214 more words


Horror and Me

I’m an avid fan of horror fiction and can frequently be found greedily consuming everything spawned from the twisted mind of James Wan, to the occasionally musical universe of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 1,018 more words


Having a Neutral Stimulus of a Smell

When I hangout with my boyfriend I always have fun and enjoy my time with him (otherwise I wouldn’t be with him). He has a specific cologne that he wears all of the time and I always smell it on him when I am with him. 113 more words

Classical Conditioning

Classical Conditioning at Work

In September I started working at Pizza Alloro in Bukchorn. Working there has been a great experience with lots of fun. Part of my job working in the front with the customers (which is usually where I work), is cutting the pizzas and organizing what items go with which order. 163 more words

Classical Conditioning

KFC = Gross

A few years ago, my brother was sick with the flu, however we did not know this yet. We decided to go get some food from KFC for dinner. 89 more words

Classical Conditioning

Me, Learning Psychology: Classical Conditioning

Classical conditioning is, basically, the act of being trained. This isn’t just for house pets. Almost every person is a participant—one could even say victim. There are countless examples of social conditioning, which is the sociological version of classical conditioning. 1,039 more words