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Dog Days - Lessons From Mans Best Friend

I recently started editing some articles for the e-magazine Women Testers. One of the articles I reviewed led to me suggesting the writer should think about adding some discussion on operant conditioning. 2,720 more words

Classical Conditioning

The Plan

Well I now have a plan for Mojo. He needs more confidence to explore on his own, he is quite happy to follow and be told what to do, but he now needs to learn he has a choice. 392 more words

Pavlov Explains Lingerie

I once attended an underwear-themed all-female bridal shower (not bachelorette party; the bachelorette party was yet to come.) By “underwear themed,” I mean that everyone gave the bride-to-be lingerie, and then we all tittered and pretended to be scandalized as she opened the presents. 566 more words

Mojo Week 2

Week 2


The podiatrist came today to do Mojo’s feet, he is very sensitive to having his feathers touched but obviously I haven’t had time to do anything about that yet. 589 more words

Horse Behaviour

The Question of Punishment

It sends lightning down my spine whenever I look myself in the mirror. Watching myself, my past, my present and my intended future looking back at me in scrutiny and examining my thoughts and actions. 219 more words

Conditioning the bridge signal

To commence reward based training with Mojo I have first to classically condition the bridge signal. A bridge signal is to tell the horse he has done the correct behaviour, it is applied as soon as the behaviour we want occurs – the reward can then be given once the horse is calm and relaxed e.g not mugging or looking for the reward. 337 more words

When I am a boy or a girl...I call myself ArdhanaRESHwar

Summer camps are often thrilling times for kids. It’s all of those fun moments where a teenager gets to discover their wild side in the wilderness. 1,139 more words