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We Are Conditioned To Using Technology

What is the first thing that comes to your mind after looking at the photograph displayed above? Some may say addiction others might simply state silliness but very few would say conditioned as in classical conditioning. 429 more words


Captain America and telling our dogs what to do.

I went to see Captain America: Civil War at the weekend at our local 3D IMAX (It was very entertaining, the usual great Marvel stuff). At the beginning of the film, there was an announcement… 461 more words

Dog Behaviour


By: Marie Chen

My seventh grade teacher was a man named Mr. Clark.

Our classes took place in a stuffy portable building, and by all accounts we were just an average seventh grade class. 1,065 more words

Classical Conditioning

Classical Conditioning

I suppose Ruby’s hypothalamus is informing her that she’s hungry because she’s begging again. Every time I eat a snack on the couch, I put this pillow up to block her from snatching my food…But even when I put this pillow up without having any food in my hands, she still begs! Classical conditioning at work!

Unit 6 (#7)

I spent 6 hours on a 7 minute video

I’ve been working non-stop lately on projects. I think I’ve projects due in every class right now. The good news is that this is the last one for my Psych 101 class. 75 more words

Fear is an emotion, not a behaviour

You Can’t Reinforce Fear

Fear is an emotion, not a behaviour. It is subject to classical conditioning (the way we form associations between different things) rather than operant conditioning (how we learn by the consequences of our behaviour). 496 more words


Pavlov & all his dogs

It was nothing,

But, the classical


of happy

  to stolen glances,

of comfort

  to hands

  holding secrets,

of kisses and broken


It was nothing, 43 more words