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Summer Classes Starting Soon

Please join me for registration and orientation on May 26, 2015.

Until next time.


Operant Conditioning

Working Out the Kinks


I have been fiddling with the site all morning.  My hope is that at best it will give you information about the dog training classes I offer. 36 more words


Strange associations

1 August 2014

One perverse thing I’ve heard a lot about is the link between chemotherapy and Pavlovian conditioning. Patients often feel (or are) sick after receiving chemotherapy and start to associate this with their oncologist. 172 more words


CBT: what is it and how does it work?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,  or CBT is one of the most well known types of psychological therapy.. But how does it work, and why is it so effective? 465 more words

Psychological Disorders

No Stimulus Goes Unconditioned: Thinking out of the NILIF box

Following is a link to an excellent blog post about pairing classical and operant conditioning in dog training (might as well use all the tools in the toolbox, right?).  213 more words


Time for GOD.

by Irish C. Salvador (An advocacy Project)

This advocacy ad is a timely reminder for people to not snooze on God’s time. Every Sunday, when our alarm clocks blow off, we must not hit the snooze button but instead get up, prepare and go to church. 60 more words

No Stimulus Goes Unconditioned: Thinking out of the NILIF box

When I first read Kathy Sdao’s book, Plenty in Life is Free, I cried. I cried because her words made sense. I cried because she described the incredible impact, negative and positive, we can have on our dogs’ lives through what we choose to reinforce, and through the contingencies we place on those reinforcers. 680 more words

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