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Stumbled upon these videos in YouTube while learning about Behaviorism, Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning and Thorndike’s Theory.

I’m sharing ’cause it helped me a lot, hope it can help other learners too.

Check it out here:

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Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning, & the Best Joke of 2015 So Far


Now if anyone seriously wants to look over how we use classical and operant conditioning in dog training, I quite enjoyed these two posts that I found yesterday. 30 more words

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Classical Conditioning Approaches to Addiction Research.

There have been a vast number of psychological theories applied to addiction research. Learning Theory based Models describe addictive behaviour as an over learned habit. Wanigaratne (2006) suggests that the development of addiction may be viewed as a continuum from experimentation and recreational use to dependence and abuse. 1,930 more words