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Ivan Pavlov

Ivan Pavlov is known for his experiments in classical conditioning and his dogs.

Pavlov was born in Ryazan in the Russian Empire to a village priest, Peter Demitrievich Pavlov and homemaker Uspenskaya. 316 more words


Implementing Pavlov's Classical Conditioning In My Writing Routine | MBA Lessons Are Life Lessons

Classical conditioning was initially discovered to be an effective method of learning in dogs – however, ever since Ivan Pavlov came up with this theory, tons and tons of researches have proved that classical conditioning has the exact same effect on humans as well. 1,533 more words

Dog Behaviour Class 3

Class learning

Again we covered two topics in this class;

Learning Theory

This covered all the scientific theory behind learning and methods of training such as classical and operant conditioning, desensitisation, reinforcement schedules, extinction etc. 282 more words

Dog Training


In lecture we discussed the different ways we learn from our experiences.  The behavior perspective provided us with examples of both classical and operant conditioning.  The cognitive perspective showed us examples of how we learn through observations and vicarious conditioning.  153 more words

Academic Writing

Classical Conditioning From The Inside Out

How To Let Challenges Push You Towards Your Goals

ALTERNATE SUBTITLE: How To Make Things You Don’t Like Remind You Of Things That You Do… 692 more words

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I am a stickler for short doggie nails.  Apparently I am such of one that an acquaintance once told me right before she left her house to come visit she realized her dog’s nails were very long and she decided she would rather be late to my house than show up with the dog’s nails as is.  807 more words


We're getting old, or are we just overloaded with mental associations?

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The other day I got up to throw out a wrapper. The next moment I found myself in the bathroom in front of the toilet, holding the lid open, about to throw the wrapper inside and I stopped myself. 454 more words