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A More Balanced Esta

After months of purposeful lunging, riding and in hand work, Esta’s balance and impulsion are looking great!  A big key was the discovery of the… 149 more words

Classical Dressage

Creating an ideal partnership through knowledge

Knowledge is an important part of learning to ride. We can learn about our horses mind’s and how to empower them. We can learn about our horses ” natural ” habitat and believe we are creating a natural environment in our training methods. 222 more words

Thirteenth Classical Series Symposium!

The dates are set! The reservations are pouring in…make your plans now! Harvest time is super busy here in Sonoma Valley, but it is also a beautiful time of year to visit. 69 more words

Dominique Barbier

Classical Dressage – what it means to me, to the horse, and where I come from.

So, in the beginning…

I’m convinced I am exceptionally lucky that my first experiences in dressage came from classical routes. I’m talking about classical as in the sense of the old masters – those old sketches you see of horses doing levade, or piaffe, with the men dressed in frilly outfits on top. 1,533 more words


An Introduction to Barbier Farms

Watch our new video to understand the philosophy and intent of Dominique and Debra Barbier’s enlightened French Classical Dressage. Enjoy! Looking forward to your comments.

Dominique Barbier

"Striving for total harmony ..."

I’m laying on my back fighting a cold.  This is to be the weekend of a conference at my old trainer’s place, and I only hope that I am well enough to make the three hour drive tomorrow.  335 more words

My Journey

Lesson with Pearl Classical Dressage 2/6/16 - 2/7/16

I already spilled the beans that I had some amazing rides with Elise this past weekend. I’ve taken my time writing down notes and things I want to be sure to remember because there was so much goodness. 2,293 more words