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Riding Renvers & Travers.

Renvers is an often neglected lateral movement. Travers by contrast is something most riders use a great deal. Why would this be? Well, I’m tempted to be a little cynical and say that Travers is easier (though not necessarily easier to do well). 1,144 more words


Loving the Spook, Pt. One

I’m on a hunt. There must be a rational way to deal with a horse that you love on every level and with all your heart. 1,129 more words


Using Work in Hand to Gymnastically Develop the Horse: an Introduction to Straightness Training

Lately, my interest in broadening my understanding of various kinds of ground and in hand work has been growing, and I am enjoying learning about ways in which this work could be beneficial to both my training process and developing the relationship with my horses. 2,984 more words


Bella Blu Farm

It’s been eons since I have blogged. But life is rich and full just now and it seems right to catch up here and enlarge on the adventures life has offered the last few years. 338 more words


Principle above technique

If there is one thing that can stir horse people up, it’s a discussion on technique.  I don’t care what discipline you are in, as soon as you start to discuss technique or method, opinions are strong, and dismissals frequent.  1,823 more words

Thinking Out Loud

The divergent paths of art and sport

I write often about the parallels I see between art and classical Dressage.  It was a sensibility that began to take root while I was studying art, but was truly entrenched during my years of training Dani.  991 more words

Classical Training And Philosophy

Notes and Observations:  Carl Hester at the NEDA Fall Symposium 2017

The northeast dressage community was electrified by the announcement that British dressage superstar Carl Hester would headline the 2017 New England Dressage Association (NEDA) Fall Symposium, held October 14-15, 2017 at the picturesque Equestrian Center at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, ME. 2,600 more words