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Working Student for Bent Branderup... Part 2

From 8-24th of August I helped out as a working student at Bent Branderup’s place in Denmark. And I fell in love with a pony. 1,954 more words


A moment in time

Today’s post is by a guest author – Rhonda Scott, my mother.  Enjoy.

There has been a lot of chatter recently, throughout social media, regarding what is or isn’t Classical Dressage.  804 more words


Bridge Builders

Author’s note: I’ve been publishing my new book, JOYFull Horses in this blog.  This post is different.  July was packed with great training adventures.  I wanted to share, so this is a slight divergence from the JOYFull Horses posts.  2,790 more words

Clicker Training

Heidi's Strengths: She's pretty.

Heidi was advertised as 15.3. She’s maybe 14.3 on a good day. She may actually be a pony. But she’s still beautiful! She is a gray and white paint but her gray parts don’t show up unless she’s wet. 56 more words

Classical Dressage

Heidi's Strengths: She's mellow.

Heidi is super chill. When I picked her up, she got right into the trailer despite not seeing one for about 6 months. When she had a pissy attitude about being handled, she never kicked or bit or tried to push me around on the ground. 373 more words

Classical Dressage

Heidi's Issues: She won't go forward.

In Heidi’s sale videos, when they asked her to move forward, she resisted. She would fling her head up, move sideways, or do a mini buck. 197 more words

Classical Dressage

Heidi's Issues: She hates everyone.

Well, she doesn’t hate everyone, but she would prefer that people leave her alone. At least that’s how she was when I got her. Heidi is my first mare and everyone told me to prepare myself. 514 more words

Classical Dressage