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International Tamil drama-festival

Dance and Drama

My next performance  will be on 24th – 26th of September in Paris. 

For the first time in the history of Tamil drama, 11 Countries, 19 Plays, 150 artists and Popular drama and dance artist are participating in this… 195 more words

Classical Indian Dance

Choreography in Indian Classical Dance

Folk dance in western dance may seem limited. But the fact remains that the elements of the choreography are an essential part of any pregnancy in the creation of the Western dance. 359 more words

Classical Indian Dance

Bharatanatyam and Kathak - The Traditional Art Of Dancing

Bharatanatyam is a classical dance form which claims originating from the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India. Most of the statues are based on Hindu temples in attitudes dance Bharata Natyam known as karanas. 439 more words

Bharatanatyam Classes In Pune


on 29th of May 2016

MASALA the world market is very special every year. On stage you can hear bands from the UNESCO Cities of Music from Italy, Colombia, Jamaica and Hannover and the Naatyakendra will be on the openair dance stage this year. 7 more words

Dance day celebrations

Dear Friends,

today was the press conference for the „Move your town“ on 29th of April. 

Honorable Mr. H. Härke -The Director of Culture and Personnel of the State Capital Hannover, and Dr. 547 more words

Bharatha Natyam at Sri Ganesha Temple in Hannover

 Two group of mine were presenting Pathams today – “Meenakshi thaye” and “Asainthadum Mayil”.  It is a great pleasure to perform here at this holy place at… 277 more words

Word of Thanks

We’ve all had an unforgettable holiday to India! My sincere thanks go to Ms. M. Joshi and Mr. P. Weiss of  Mocca Travels . The two of them combined with their work made my dream come true.  111 more words