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Book Review | Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

The only class I did at University that dealt with a period of time before the 19th century was an entire class on Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales… 592 more words

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LIFE LIST of Books for Middle-Schoolers and Beyond

With our first day of school just around the corner, I am using my last, lazy summer days to update our home-library. In the process of organizing our most cherished titles, I have come up with a great list to share. 1,508 more words

What literature tells us about forgiving, forgetting and vengeance.

Forgiveness is a concept most of us are familiar with. When someone has wronged you, whether its to break your heart or your phone, the virtuous way to deal with it is to forgive and forget. 768 more words


Review: Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's 'Carmilla'

I love vampires. The classic, predatory type in combination with a historical setting and a nuanced undertone of rampant sexuality.

The genre has changed beyond all recognition over recent decades, and I seldom find gems among the hordes of new bloodsuckers. 590 more words

Review: The Paul Street Boys by Ferenc Molnár

Last year I bought a few books at Amazon Brazil’s website. It was the first time I used it. However, despite my willingness to buy some books,  I didn’t have anything in mind, so I decided to scour the site looking for interesting titles in Portuguese. 680 more words


The Baron's Gloves - A Review


Two rather young women. Amy and Helen, are traveling with an older uncle and doing the “tour” of Europe. They are supposedly soaking up education by secretly yearning for adventures and romance. 250 more words


Review: Leo Tolstoy's 'Resurrection'

Phew… I finished it. Don’t get me wrong, I really am quite emphatic when it comes to my love of the Russian classics, but this one took me a while. 645 more words