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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

This book is accessible enough for everyone. It’s a novel about romance, misfortune and religion – although not necessarily in that order. Highly critically acclaimed classic. 430 more words

Classical Literature

"...it was a sign that the creative spark was fading."

We should try to keep the different meanings of ‘classical’ distinct, but they easily bleed into one another. It should be clear from this book that plenty of ancient literature is ‘romantic’, in any of the senses of another elusive word. 277 more words


Five Fascinating Facts about Euripides

Interesting facts about a classical playwright

‘Have all the nations of the world since his time created a dramatist worthy to hand him his slippers?’ Such was Goethe’s assessment of Euripides. 491 more words


Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

This book is a bit complex for those who are starting their journey in classical literature. However, it is a beautiful intricate web woven  around social-class, guilt, love, lust. 507 more words

Classical Literature

Iliad: The treatment of mortal and immortal women

Note: Here’s the final draft of the essay I shared a few days ago.  I don’t take full ownership of this essay, as this was a group project. 1,496 more words

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How does an immortal/mortal man treat their women? Their enemies women?

(This is my first draft, any feedback is very much appreciated.)

The relationship between men and women are varied, depending on the culture, era and even upbringing. 966 more words

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Five Fascinating Facts about Ovid

Interesting facts about a classic Roman poet

1. Ovid wrote a tragedy about Medea, but it has not survived. This is particularly galling since the Roman rhetorician Quintilian thought this among Ovid’s finest work – and this is a poet who also gave us the fantastic (in more ways than one) catalogue of myths and legends, the… 464 more words