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PhD Fellowship, Universiteit Gent

Fully-funded PhD fellowship in project in classical languages (Latin and Greek) (FWO, 4 years)

Universiteit Gent

Application deadline: 10th July 2016

The Department of Literary Studies at Ghent University (Belgium) is seeking well-qualified applicants for a fully-funded and full-time doctoral research fellowship (4 years), starting on 1 October 2016 or as soon as possible thereafter. 54 more words


The wonderland coloring book was a great surprise for me. Instead of a more cartoon character look, it is a very dignified and well constructed. By dignified, I can see this being a workbook for when this classic tale of Alice was first released. 62 more words

Alexander Wilder on the term Pagan and the Value of Ancient Worships

The term Pagan, or paganus, originally meant, H.P. Blavatsky defends, an inhabitant of the village (a peasant); but now refers to everything considered not only perverted to the sacerdotal theology of the Latin Church of Roma, but heretical and heterodox! 873 more words


Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, University of Winchester

HSS-F03 – Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Classical Studies

University of Winchester

Application deadline: 23rd May 2016

The Department of History within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is seeking to appoint a Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Classical Studies, specialising in Classical literature and drama. 264 more words


My Classical Education

I stopped reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice forty-two pages before the end of the book. I am familiar with the conclusion, and I have viewed both the Jennifer Ehle version of the movie as well as the Keira Knightly version (the Jennifer Ehle is far superior), and yet I put the book down for no other reason than to extend my own enjoyment. 236 more words

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The Dangers of Reading Henry James and Jane Austen at the Same Time

I have ended up really disliking “Portrait of a Lady.” I am listening to it, and although Flo Gibson is an excellent narrator (narratoress? should we collectively agree that that should be a word? 249 more words

How to Read Classical Literature

Classical Literature is highly regarded as one of the foundations of today’s modern literature.

The complex and dynamic characters that are brought to life by the timeless plots and twists is one of the main reasons why I have fallen in love with this particular genre. 981 more words

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