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Five Fascinating Facts about Plutarch

Fun facts about a pioneering ancient writer

1. Plutarch effectively invented the genre of biography. Plutarch’s innovative approach to biography was to take two important figures – one from Greek civilisation and the other from the Roman empire – and compare and contrast their characters, fortunes, and outlooks. 447 more words


Getting into the Classics (books)

I have hit this stage in my life when I am craving reading the classics.  I look at all these stories I haven’t read and feel like I am now ready.   597 more words


Book Review | Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Early on in the first year of undergrad, I realized that there are two kinds of English majors: the ones who love Pride and Prejudice… 493 more words


Why Everyone Should Read the Classics

Good Sunday afternoon,

This past week, while roaming through the stacks of my college library, I was impressed, once again, with the sheer volume of literature that has been written and published in the world. 649 more words

Classical Literature

10 of the Best Classical Plays Everyone Should Read

The best drama from the ancient world

For over 2,000 years, the Greek dramatist Menander’s works were lost. Then, in the twentieth century, they were rediscovered. 1,138 more words


“From Ave Maria To The Other Road To Rome”

Ave Maria

Interview with Benedict, Philosophy, Latin, Greek and German teacher

Hello Benedict, you’re a writer and you offer classes in Philosophy, Latin, Greek and German on MyTutorSpeaksFrench. Could you talk about your background?

I have a PhD in Philosophy and Classics. 439 more words

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