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Going to the Lighthouse with Gatsby

Thus far, my 1000inadecade blog has been concerned mostly with images of weight and size: how my size has changed, how I perceive myself, and how culture treats fuller figured women.  1,337 more words

Around the Web

Well, it hasn’t been the greatest week for me and I’m not feeling super inspired to expound about much. Still, there is a lot of arts news that I thought my readers might find interesting. 409 more words

Art In The News

Welcome To The Monkey House

Welcome To The Monkey House – Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut is one of my favorite authors from his satirical war novels ( Slaughter House Five) to his Account of a Scientist and his experience of Bokononism on San Lorenzo. 155 more words

Book Review

34 Down, 966 to Go

Here are the first 34 works I’ve read (since December 4th) for the 1,000 in a decade challenge.  The horror short story reviews are available at… 278 more words

Menelaus Reclaims Helen as Troy Falls

As Polyxena describes the scene: Menelaus strode up to Helen bent on avenging the injury and humiliation she caused him. He raised his sword -did I misjudge him?- and for an instant there I thought he might indeed kill her. 60 more words

Middlemarch and Human Nature

Over the course of two months, I’ve been listening to Juliet Stevenson read “Middlemarch.” It’s been a fantastic two months–it was like tuning into a great television show, following the troubles and dramas of a set of brilliant characters whom I grew to love. 158 more words

Aristophanes' Audience

William Missouri Down, Lou Anne Wright and Erik Ramsey, together complied The Art of Theatre in which they use the example of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata (411 BCE) to explain the ‘Theatre of protest’. 1,668 more words