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Radio 3

Does it get a bad press, when it plays music and concerts as good as this one. It should nt



Music Freelance A guide to Vaughan Williams's Symphony No. 2 'A London Symphony'



After a series of long-awaited successes, Vaughan Williams (VW) creates the atmospheric four-movement symphony that celebrates his adopted city. Outwardly a four-movement orchestral portrait of the composer’s much-loved adopted city (complete with ‘Big Ben’ chimes), this idea broadens out to encompass a tragic vision culminating in the Finale’s Epilogue, which then dissolves into nothingness. 535 more words


The mongoose problem, revisited; new old technology; prearranged "playlists"

In an old New Yorker — the magazine, that is, not someone I dated — I recently saw an article about growing up in Beijing by Yiyun Li… 1,238 more words


Penthesilea: The Real Thing

The daughter of Orithia, Penthesilea was the ruler, along with her sister Hippolyte, of Amazonia, the Bronze Age Amazon nation in an area of the Black Sea. 438 more words


Concert Music on Yeah I Know It Sucks

The always delightful Yeah I Know It Sucks has a very flattering review up of Concert music for orchestra, chorus, and chamber musicians, 2005​-​2010, an artificial album made up of live recordings of some of my pieces over the years. 165 more words


Alex Ross Bookshelf

New publications of interest.
Mark Berry, Arnold Schoenberg (University of Chicago Press)
Damon Krukowski, Ways of Hearing (MIT Press)
Oliver Soden, Michael Tippett: The Biography (Weidenfeld & Nicolson) 40 more words