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The Class System of Eating and Gentrification

When thinking of eating you might consider taste, favorite restaurant, or your favorite dish. In 2018 we must consider the socio-economical, cultural, and racial implications of eating. 738 more words


The Eye of a Needle

A man came up to Jesus and asked:
“Teacher, what good thing must I do
to get eternal life?”

“Why do you ask me
about what is good?” Jesus replied. 

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Starbucks helps widen the great divide

Headline from an opinion piece by a lifelong black resident of Philadelphia:
“Starbucks wasn’t created for black folks, it was made to push us out.” 356 more words

Mainstream Media

Despise No Man

“The need to feel superior is a basic human sickness.” “The trouble with false pride of any kind which makes a man despise another is that it is always costly and often dangerous.”

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White Without Privilege

I like to post a youtube of my piano playing here each Friday.  Although I prepared something yesterday, by the time I got around to uploading it, I noticed that my screen was cracked. 

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The Missing Homeless Person

A few days ago, this question was posed on the site Quora: “If a homeless person I see on a regular basis suddenly disappears (and no dead body is found), what would police do if I reported him missing?”  I could not speak on the behalf of law enforcement. 

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Classism Based Memes for Glasgow Uni Teens

Rivalries between universities are a time-honoured tradition. Oxford vs Cambridge, Edinburgh vs St. Andrews, Glasgow vs Edinburgh, Glasgow vs Strathclyde, Glasgow vs Caledonian – you get the picture. 596 more words