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My Opinion on " White Privilege"

The idea of privilege is seemingly very simple.


  1. a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.

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To Be An Ethical Person Or To Be A Good Person, That Is The Question: Part I

Rules of ethics as with calls for ethics, preaching about a need for ethics, and committees on ethics are omnipresent. Everyone who is anyone from the extreme political right to the extreme political left seems only to agree on one thing: ethics is good. 1,339 more words


Immigration and Historical Argument

As an immigrant to this country, it is extremely painful intellectually and emotionally to listen to present day argument on President Trump’s attempted immigration ban or on immigration overall. 644 more words


Dissecting Black Pussy: PT 1

As some of you may or may not know, I am in grad school. I am working on an interdisciplinary MFA degree. And part of the work is about my talk Black Pussy, as well as the ways in which I use social media to educate, entertain and to build community. 1,552 more words

Sex Work

Social Darwinism is not new in the USA part2

It has been 2 months! Thank you all who read my posts and those who are following my blog.

So to continue, I want to back track to what happened to me in the 70’s Here is an example of white, classist fascism in the 90’s… 1,220 more words

No justice

No justice. That is why I wanted to kill parents, teachers,nurses, guidance counselors, lawyers, psyche ward technicians and nurses, emts cops, men I blew and fucked, men I supported, bosses, co-workers, social workers, case workers, landlords, children, clients, and students today. 234 more words

A Judge Judy Think Piece

The internet is often full of aesthetic think pieces. It’s easy to write them–you identify some show or artist that’s captured the attention and the artistic sensibility of your readers, and you make some vague connection between the themes of that art and some current issue. 916 more words