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Public Activism Culture is Classist and Ableist

There is a culture around public activism. “If you don’t march/rally/publicly protest, you are not supportive of this cause.”

That is problematic.

It’s ableist because: 338 more words

Lilies of the Field

Why are you anxious about clothing?
Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow.
They don’t toil, neither do they spin.

So says the bible.

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Some Colleges Have More Students From the Top 1 Percent Than the Bottom 60. Find Yours. - The New York Times

Students at elite colleges are even richer than experts realized, according to a new study based on millions of anonymous tax filings and tuition records. 1,028 more words

Income Inequality

What Were You Thinking?

What Were You Thinking?

We’ve learned to take the elevator between 10:56 and 11:06 to get to the cafeteria these days since the lines for both take forever until after 1:00. 487 more words

"I have been a social worker in the Latino community for many years.

We need to push for more meaningful mental health services for the Latino community. We are supporting people in power who are not willing to recognize there is a need not being met. 47 more words


History Has it's Eye's on You

Whether you like history or not I think most people can agree that the Hamilton soundtrack is amazing. On this Martin Luther King Jr. day two of the hit songs come to mind: the aforementioned in the… 632 more words

MLK, Jr: passionate and revolutionary

A couple months ago, I wrote about Martin Luther King, Jr.‘s pursuit of positive peace. King succinctly but powerfully differentiated this peace from what he described as “negative peace”: 206 more words