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Bad Manners - an informal tool for maintaining social class advantage

Picture this. You are in England, standing patiently in a queue to be served. Finally your turn comes and just as the salesperson is about to deal with you someone else enters the shop and the salesperson turns away and deals with that person first. 770 more words

Courtesy is normal, socialised behaviour. It is NOT grovelling to "higher" status

I view the values that my parents gave me and the standards of behaviour they instilled in me obvious and commonplace. Treat everyone with equal consideration and respect. 495 more words

The Ongoing Quest for the Missing Birth Certificate 

Social Security caseworker left me a message saying my “document” (birth certificate) is available at their office in the dreaded federal building for me to pick up. 209 more words

Mental Health

Against feel-good consumerism and fake personal politics

There’s superiority in the air. Self-congratulation. Hypocrisy. And oftentimes, it smells like stale herbs and body odor. Let’s kick things off with a personal example, one of many in my life and out there in the world. 534 more words


Class Bigotry at the NOW, or Adventures in Bourgsplaining

American higher education has a long and shameful history of discrimination. In recent decades, many colleges have attempted to address the problems of racial and gender prejudice in their admissions practices. 762 more words

Working Class

Ableism and Classism in the Vegetarian's Agenda

There is an obvious difference between the torture of animals and the killing of animals for food. To clarify, I support free range, which is clearly more ethical than the horrific farming of animals that we’re used to. 525 more words


Savage Terror: A Screenplay

Barbara Steele in The Horrible Dr. Hichcock (original title: L’orribile segreto del Dr. Hichcock), 1962

In 2010, I wrote a short horror screenplay¬†called… 3,170 more words