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Episode 9 of Under the Toadstool Podcast – Michelle Carrera of Chilis on Wheels

Under the Toadstool is a podcast by three pro-intersectional vegan women, Sarah K. Woodcock, Sonia Chauhan, and Dr. Corey Lee Wrenn.

Click the link below for Episode 9 of Under the Toadstool Podcast – Michelle Carrera of… 16 more words


The, Like, shaming of vernacular is, like, not okay

Isn’t it just, like, super obnoxious when everyone puts unnecessary ‘likes’ in front of other words–it’s pretty much presented as the downfall of Standard American English (SAE). 876 more words

Intersectional Issues

Is Veganism an Eating Disorder?

Note: a version of this piece was originally published in “Complicating Veganism” (2015) – a compilation zine edited by Nicole Davis and Clementine Morrigan… 1,205 more words


Your money or your life

We’re not expecting a rescue for the next several days. The sea is too rough. The waves are already topping three metres and are expected to go up to five. 543 more words

I am not my skin color!

Never before in my life have I ever been equated to the color of my skin.  I have never once given my skin color much thought.   1,057 more words

Peace Corps

The JudgmentAL World of the Know-It-All

Does having a belief or opinion always mean you’re being judgmental? Judgment, as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, is the ability to make decisions or to make good decisions, or the act of developing an opinion, especially after careful thought. 1,044 more words

Life As I Know It

The blame game: classism and inequality in tertiary education

Trigger warning: This blog post addresses classism and *extensively* quotes classist/ anti-poor sentiments. Also, there’s some reference to the #RUreferencelist protests later.

The national shutdown in the #FeesMustFall movement was significant in that, amongst other things, it displayed the potential for students to band together for an important cause. 1,613 more words