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This Has Got to Stop: A response to sexist website Return of Kings

I have experienced things recently which say to me that sexism and anti-women cultural elements are subtle, insidious and designed, whether intentionally or unintentionally, to wear us down, make us decide we have it “pretty good,” so why fight the tiny injustices? 836 more words


#BlackLivesMatter: adseanlewis

#blackoutpride we march to recognize the racism, classism, corporatization, and transphobia that are the cornerstone of price. we demand justice for all people! #blacklivesmatter #morethanmarriage #fuckpride

by adseanlewis


Power Over Division

Do you believe there is an evil presence in the world today using anyone and anything to steal, kill and destroy the good on earth?  Our world seems to be under attack by a spirit of division – a method of destruction that fights to separate or keep apart.   324 more words

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Trans Day of Action (#tdoa)

I’m a day late to this unfortunately but yesterday was the trans day of action – a rallying march organized by the Audre Lorde Project… 354 more words

14 Things I Do To Actively Love My Blackness

For the past month, I’ve spent my time in San Antonio participating in a program titled the African American Literatures and Cultures Institute under the supervision of the incredible Dr. 494 more words


Racism, Classism, Sexism and Religious Intolerance are Children of the Dark Brothers Disdain, Deception and Destruction

“You do not know that you are being deceived because you are deceived.” Quote from a Wise Woman


The cover picture is a statue of Janusz Korczak, Polish-Jewish pediatrian and orphanage owner, who is said to have accompanied children he cared for into Nazi death camps and who refused to leave said children, possibly dying with them despite being given multiple opportunities to save himself. 2,665 more words


Measuring the grass.

I had a conversation recently with someone who lives in a community that has a Homeowners Association (HOA). It started when I overheard her laughing over how her husband was measuring the height of someone’s lawn. 976 more words