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Class at at Elite Campus

This looks like another excellent book on class on campus — at least elite campuses.  Certainly the contrasts of class are most stark in such places. 179 more words

Social Class

Classism and Racism - Insults people embrace

THE WORLD.   Classism.  Euphemism used to lessen the blow of the reality that your own has turned on you.  Euphemism to cover the fact that whereas some people stay behind and push and work for others to succeed, then they, in their success, turn and spit on their sponsors and supporters.   472 more words

Naked Departure

When youre autistic but poor....

Minus the flapping of the hands and rocking, I had ALL of the PDD-NOS ‘symptoms’ as a child. (PDD NOS = Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specifeid, a developmental disorder on the autsim spectrum) But since I was advanced in school and largely ignored at home, I don’t think it was obvious that I was different. 853 more words

Classism - 020


26 April 2016

Hm, I should make it so shading is simpler. *puts setting as a tavern with multiple light sources.*
… screw it. 13 more words


21 And Black In Post-Apartheid South Africa

While I dream of a world without difference or rather, social acceptance without identity stratification – I am forced to live, think and act with the bounds of my reality and the material conditions with which I am confronted as consequence of these conditions and realities. 999 more words

Breaking news: Soda not responsible for majority of Medicaid spending!

Let’s talk about taxing soda. Background here: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/23/upshot/a-new-policy-disagreement-between-clinton-and-sanders-soda-taxes.html

Reading online comments on this and other articles, Facebook, etc, I find it interesting that so many say things like, “I’m tired of my taxes going to fund Medicaid for people who gave themselves obesity and type 2 diabetes by drinking sugary drinks all day” (I’m paraphrasing multiple comments but it’s quite a literal paraphrase). 633 more words

#atoz: Something Rotten in these United States

Change and innovation are part of the historical meme. Better, newer, faster is the constant drumbeat of American society. I am addicted to technology; I enjoy using it, and I’m sure that it would be hard readjusting to not having it. 273 more words

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