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street ghost

To my knowledge, in “Street Haunting” V. Woolf doesnt make explicit the distinction between “street rambling,” which she uses at the beginning of the piece, and “street haunting” which comes at the end. 1,738 more words


changes in illumination

When issues like sexism and racism and classism are prevalent in a community, we tend to want to ignore them. Some of us, because we reap the benefits of those systems of oppression; others, because we believe that if we ourselves avoid those problematic mentalities, there is no larger problem. 527 more words

Step I: Home

Racism and Classism in Pop Culture: Kanye West’s Fight to Have all that Power

Kanye West might just be as crazy as you think he is. Then again, he just might be crazy as a fox. A black, intelligent and very angry fox. 2,920 more words

Slices of truth scattered around

It’s not a secret that I’m sort of addicted to social media, and say what you may about the advantages or disadvantages about that fact, but what I’m certain of is that what you surround yourself with is what shapes your opinion and knowledge about the society we are all a part of. 162 more words


Today, the hashtag #BlackWomenEqualPay on Twitter has been taking about the intersection of race and gender in regards to wages and money. Sarah Mirk wrote… 383 more words

Personal Ramblings

Can we change racial inequity in this country?

‘Do I believe we can change racial inequity?’ This question was posed during a Race Power, Privilege Workshop: Tools and Strategies for Advancing Racial Equity training I attended last week. 548 more words

Community Issues

Infinite Pie in the Sky

The ideology of economic growth is so entrenched an idea that it often goes unnoticed and unquestioned: the media, politicians, and businesses all frame more growth as good and less growth as bad. 892 more words

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