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Gratitude List 652

1. Went back to bed for four extra hours of sleep after first getting up at 4:30. This took away the raw feeling in my throat, as though I’d been about to come down with something. 275 more words


Taxation (2) Why Not Oligarchy?

Because of the oligarchs. An oligarch puts his self-interest before every other interest, identifies protection and extension of his self-interest with large quantities of money, and uses that money to control everyone else, because everyone else’s interest threatens his/him. 351 more words

Neuromancer: Human After All

Neuromancer: to even describe the effect William Gibson’s 1984 novel and subsequent trilogy would have on culture is an undertaking in and of itself, fortunately, one that countless others have already tackled. 1,501 more words


English 103: The Color of Racism


“No, my grandson ain’t playin’wit no white boy,” the aged and stern-looking black woman informed me from behind the screen. I had knocked on the neighbor’s door expecting that my new friend would be allowed to come outside and play. 1,125 more words


Taxation (1) Gates Upon Picketty

Taxation is not a complicated thing. One of the most natural and best things for humans is community. Probably second only to family. Then maybe third is the healthy individual. 547 more words

Sears CEO Eddie Lampert F***ed Up & My Friend Paid for It

by Matt

Over at Occupy.com, you’ll find my new essay on the fallout from Sears’ financial debacles (the result, among other things, of Lampert’s decision to do stock buybacks instead of, umm, maintain and repair the physical stores where people were actually showing up to buy things). 101 more words