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Making Learning RIGOROUS

Play is the highest form of research. – Albert Einstein

Childhood should never be a race to see who can learn to read, write and do math quickly.  85 more words


Creativity & Imagination in Education Mindmap

This mindmap was created using the program, Popplet. It is a visual representation of the understandings which emerged while researching and developing a framework for the cultivation of creativity and imagination in education. 48 more words

21st Century Learning

Wednesday's Creations

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Outside lesson time in NZ vs USA


2015 Fulbright scholar Lauren Zappone Maples spent time in NZ studying the impact of place on the educational experience. She says:

“The most startling thing I discovered was that on average teachers in the US go outside for academic lessons four times per year, while teachers in New Zealand go outdoors for lessons on average three times per week.” 131 more words

Classroom Design

Classroom Noise: Who is Affected?

A recent study shows:

1 in 6 words is NOT UNDERSTOOD

by the average 1st grade student


“Poor classroom acoustics” means NOISE.

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A Re-imagined Learning Space

The Current Learning Space

In my current classroom, the desks are arranged so that they face one another with long rows along both sides of the walls and one row positioned in the middle of the room. 947 more words

21st Century Learning

Classroom Design

In 2012 I did my masters.  My main paper was focused on Classroom Design.  We were just beginning to tackle the issues of self-regulation in the classroom and I found myself itching to redesign the room. 523 more words