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Classroom Design

Classroom design in the 21st century

As a pre-service teacher, i’m aware the classroom design has some impact on students learning, however until I completed this weeks readings, I never really gave much thought to how big of an impact seating arrangements and classroom designs can have on students learning or give you an insight into students characteristics. 357 more words

Should Students Get A Say?

Interview preview: with special school deputy head Pamela Murphy

Pamela Murphy is the deputy head of a special school in London for pupils aged between 4 – 19 years with severe learning difficulties and profound and multiple learning difficulties.   1,225 more words


Classroom or Teacher Room?

It strikes me as odd that I have never thought too much about the input children should have into creating the environment they will be learning in. 157 more words

Classroom Design

Classroom Design/Layout

1. My understanding of classroom design has changed as I had the belief that classroom design meant the layout of the furniture. Since doing this week’s readings, I now know this includes what materials are on the wall, the lighting in the room, the architecture of the room (e.g. 240 more words


'I Can' Bulletin Board

To prepare for my classroom, I decided I wanted to make a bulletin board. And since this bad boy was picked up for only $1, I thought it would be perfect to recycle, revamp, and decorate for my 10th and 11th graders! 202 more words

Student Teaching

Classroom Design - It's an attitude

In the “good old days” the curriculum was rigid; a tight mould for young people to accept and fit into. Learning was rehearsed and performed. Difference was discouraged and hidden. 456 more words


My "nearly" perfect classroom..

Well they are not actually mine , but if I could import them into a school I was teaching at, then they could be! I can see from browsing images on the web, that aesthetically there is a certain type of classroom I prefer. 124 more words

Classroom Design