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Dare to Ditch Desks: Week 1

“Look at your learning space with 21st century eyes: Does it work for what we know about learning today, or just for what we know about learning in the past?” 1,381 more words

Classroom Design

It's All About the Kids

Last week marked one month since my arrival here in Finland. It has felt a little strange to not be with my students during this past month while the rest of my teacher friends are busy working away in their classrooms. 1,471 more words


Physical enviroment - if it's good enough for Mourinho it's good enough for me

I must confess, I’m a football fan. It’s not cheap supporting a team nowadays. But if this season is anything to go by, managers are placing more and more… 398 more words


classroom v.1.0

Teacher: Chris Nho
Location: Chicago Technology Academy
Date: 2/2/2017

My current classroom is set up so that 20 students can work in groups.

The global shunning of educational technology

I’m putting together another lecture that I’m going to be delivering to student teachers at University College Birmingham on a topic that holds special significance to me: ADHD and Tourette’s Syndrome in the classroom. 574 more words


Feedback and Environment?

This week in Assessment and Evaluation (ECS 410) we discussed and reflected on the assigned readings from Anne Davies’ book. Davies explores the process of establishing the foundations for assessment, and understanding what assessment can look like. 408 more words

eTwinning - people watching for teachers

I love people watching. It’s a guilty pleasure that I’m sure most people will secretly admit to. It’s life affirming watching people who look so different to you and then realising that they’re actually very similar. 401 more words