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Good Design, Imaginative Children

My son’s imagination failed him recently.  Pen poised over a blank sheet of white paper to plan a short story, he found nothing forthcoming. He blamed it on the classroom: ‘it’s like sitting in a grey box’ he explained, ‘ sometimes, the ideas just won’t come’. 588 more words

What time is it?!

Middle school students have a hard enough time reading analog clocks, so why would I cover up the numbers?! I mean, have you seen most watches now days?? 37 more words

Classroom Design

Art Classroom Management

Everyone loves to socialize during art class, but if the class gets too noisy and out of control the class will first get a warning. If the noise persists they will earn themselves 5 minutes of silence. 70 more words

Classroom Design

Lost and Found

A spot designated for the middle school lost and found at our K-8 school brought to you by the Creative Teacher Creature.

Classroom Design

Classroom design for collaborative learning

How much collaboration is too much?  Does creative work depend upon group pow-wows or solitary thinking?

As a teacher who supports collaborative learning and project-based approaches and a person who values independence for creative time, I find myself torn between finding the appropriate ratio of collaborative space versus individual space needed to carry out a project.  773 more words