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Setting up the office

Today was spent in a fairly ordinary way – setting up my office and thinking about the coming school year. It is the calm before the storm. 105 more words


Badge Boards: Allowing More Time for what Matters Most

As a teacher, my biggest wish is more time.

More time to meet with students one on one. More time to fine tune lessons to specific students’ needs. 853 more words

Teaching design thinking in Cambodia

Throughout my study experience in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in the last 4 years, I have led a small number of design-thinking workshops under the Student Innovation for Global Health Technology (SIGHT) program. 1,417 more words

Personal Business

Tip 13: Tame the evils of your classroom displays.

Classroom displays promise so much but deliver so little. They take hours to make and steal the attention of your pupils. Put the promise back into your displays by simplifying and reducing them to the bare necessities. 813 more words


Alternative learning spaces

There are many initiatives for learning methods and subjects but a usually overlooked aspect is the suitability of the space inhibiting them and even the contribution of its design to the success of their implementation. 160 more words


Flexible Classroom Seating in Middle School: How I Started the Switch

Why Flexible Classroom Seating?

Boy, do my students just love to fidget. This year, I have an especially squirrely bunch. It’s been pretty distracting. Even more so now that the end of the year is near. 807 more words