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Thoughts on Classroom Design

When I think of historical classrooms and school environments from 50+ years ago I immediately hum the Pink Floyd hit “Another Brick in the Wall” (I listen as I write) … 164 more words


The Electronic Learning Space

I am always using ICT within my classroom from computers to netbooks, and IPads to smart boards for teaching and learning tools. I use them daily as a teaching and learning tool, therefore, the reading for this week surprised me in saying that ‘iPads no do step up to the modern understanding of how people learn’ (Murray and O’Clese, 2011). 335 more words


Classroom Design (Part 2)

The pedagogy and curriculum approach of the school or place of learning greatly influences that layout and design of the classroom. As reflected upon in my previous post I experienced a school that followed the Kathy Walker Learning Approach, and that influenced the layout of the classroom, it was one that I had never seen before. 209 more words


Classroom Design

The layout of a classroom has changed significantly over the past 100 years. No longer do all the desks line up straight facing the front, except for at university it seems. 320 more words


Module Two: Classroom Design

Prior to the readings that have been presented this week, I hadn’t given a lot of thought to classroom design, in regards to outside the box. 240 more words


Their Own Space

I have spent a fair bit of time reading about and watching videos about the various situations that the Syrian refugees find themselves in. Leo Tolstoy said “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way” and I think this principle can be applied to the different experiences of those in liminal spaces such as a refugee crisis. 310 more words

Future Learning Space