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7 Little Words: Vocabulary revision.

Recently I realised I need to pay more attention to how we review vocabulary in class.  I’m expecting students to take on a lot of new words and I’d like to vary how we recycle our vocabulary lists in class. 594 more words


The Week That Was #2019-06

The Phuket Old Town Festival starts today so I am in a hurry to finish my blogging for the day and get out and enjoy the crowds and the food… 1,915 more words

Around Phuket

Young Teens: Unesco Sites.

31st January 2019

Lesson Plan

What happens next: Show four clips and ask students to guess what will happen next. Introduce the word ‘predict’, model, then encourage the use in sentences (I predict the man will ….). 422 more words

Teaching Notes

Kindergarten: Surfin' Safari

24th January 2019

This type of class is very divisive among teachers who either love them or hate them. I am firmly in the former camp, so please allow me to set the scene. 1,183 more words

Teaching Notes

Classroom Games.

I’ll be using abbreviations throughout these blogs so for clarity, here’s a short run-down of the most common ones:

Back to Board (B2B). Any activity where a student can’t see what is behind them, but has to guess or deduce from clues by the other students. 672 more words

Teaching Notes

World Countries



(Note – (1) Click on the links below.  (2) Click on “Solo Game” on the site as above.)  15 more words