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Course Description:

This course is designed to meet the components of the Teacher Leadership Standard Domain IV: Facilitating Improvements in Instruction and Student Learning. … 1,937 more words

Standard 04: Analysis Of Teaching

EDU 6989 Professional Issues & Field Experience: Journal Entry 3

During our last class period, we discussed issues surrounding special education and exceptional students. Much of the discussion was centered around the core subjects in school (math, science, reading) and thus most of the proposed solutions were less viable in a health and fitness classroom than I had hoped. 204 more words


EDU 6989 Professional Issues & Field Experience: Journal Entry 2

During our EDU 6989 classroom discussion, the topic of religious activities came up. As I remember, from my time in elementary school, religious activities were not “banned” from schools but were required to be a part of a larger educational purpose. 415 more words


Standard 10: Teacher Leaders understand effective use of research based practices

Over the years, I have acquired several teaching strategies that I find effective with my students. My teaching toolkit is filled with ideas that I know from my own experience will help students better understand a lesson. 1,350 more words

10.Understand Effective Use Of Research Based Instructional Practices

How does one take into account student personalities and emotions?

One fact that I have reminded myself of each day, while working with children, is: each child is different and each child is different on any given day. 219 more words


Citizenship in the Health and Fitness Classroom

In a Health and Fitness class, the concept of citizenship is brought to the forefront. Not only is sportsmanship encouraged in all competitive sports, it is also necessary in health and fitness classes. 312 more words


How can advance organizers be used in Health and Fitness class?

As is stated in Classroom Introduction That Works (2012), graphic advance organizers are best used when “Teachers provide students with graphic advance organizers in advance of the learning to introduce them to new material.” (Dean, Hubbell, Pitler, Stone, p. 261 more words

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