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How does one take into account student personalities and emotions?

One fact that I have reminded myself of each day, while working with children, is: each child is different and each child is different on any given day. 219 more words


Citizenship in the Health and Fitness Classroom

In a Health and Fitness class, the concept of citizenship is brought to the forefront. Not only is sportsmanship encouraged in all competitive sports, it is also necessary in health and fitness classes. 312 more words


How can advance organizers be used in Health and Fitness class?

As is stated in Classroom Introduction That Works (2012), graphic advance organizers are best used when “Teachers provide students with graphic advance organizers in advance of the learning to introduce them to new material.” (Dean, Hubbell, Pitler, Stone, p. 261 more words


Video Analysis #2: 10th Grade Close Reading Lesson (EDU 6526)

For our second video analysis assignment, in the course EDU 6526: Instructional Strategies, I chose to watch a close reading lesson from a 10th grade classroom. 736 more words

EDU 6526 Video Analysis #2

The video that I watched for the Video Analysis project was Video 3: 10th Grade: Close Reading. I enjoyed looking back on all of the topics we have covered in this class so far and looking for them in this video. 1,329 more words

Generating and Testing Hypotheses

In this module, we learned how creating hypotheses can be a great strategy for learning. Out of the strategies that we have discussed this quarter, I am the most excited about integrating this learning strategy into my classroom. 395 more words

Identifying Similarities and Differences

In the eighth chapter of Classroom Instruction that Works (2012), we read about how identifying similarities and differences can help students to learn. The information presented in this chapter and in the parallel chapter from… 441 more words