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What is the worse behavioral problems you've dealt with?

The worse I’ve dealt with and succeeded:

I worked with fifth graders who often verbally fought. They would get almost blindly angry at one another for various reason. 222 more words

Oklahoma Teacher

Classroom Management

For me this is:

  • Atmosphere and expectation of mutual respect.
  • Students feel safe, respected, and at ‘home’ as possible.
  • Classroom procedures, expectations, consequences are enforced, consistent, and benefit students overall.
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5 Tips for Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport in the 1:1 Classroom

One of the biggest problems teachers have when transitioning to a 1:1 program is dealing with distractions and classroom disruptions. Often, this can feel like yet another stressful thing piled onto your full stress plate. 1,023 more words


Five Apps that Support Group Work in the Classroom

Constructivist Learning Theory emphasises the value of Group Work in the Classroom. As Vygotsky has highlighted, learning is first social before it becomes internalised. In other words the more opportunities students have to discuss and work through any content, the greater the opportunity to internalise that content. 1,141 more words


More Learning, Less IDK

More Learning, Less IDK

Do you get the nonchalant shrug of the shoulders and cocking of the head when you ask certain students questions?  Do they reply… 965 more words

Language Acquisition

Which Apps To Use In A Classroom Economy?

In this video, I focus primarily on the banking systems and budgeting options for a classroom economy but also share a little bit of some of the other changes I made this year. 27 more words

Classroom Management

Hard-learned lessons in classroom management

For all the teachers who have (ever had) a class that made them feel like a failure, I see you. This blog post is for you. 998 more words