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Describe a time when you faced a difficult task or problem. What was your motivation to work through that issue and how did you keep yourself positive?

I’ve worked on a number of campuses where admin and teachers have brought in an appreciation for mindfulness.  I’ve been to a few trainings and done some of my own work in mindfulness and found that one of the most effective ways to handle a difficult task, problem, or conflict, has been to take a breath and give it some space.  73 more words

Want to reimagine your secondary classroom?

Are you looking forward to changes for next year? Are you thinking of changes to make to hang on to your sanity for the rest of the school year? 75 more words

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Flying By The Seat Of My Pants

“I make the moves up as I go…. I’m lightning on my feet.” Taylor Swift

I relate to those song lyrics on a deep level, especially in teaching. 135 more words

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Here's the thing

Did you happen upon KQED’s interview with San Francisco educator, Michael Essien, principal of MLK Middle School? If not, here’s the report which includes an audio of the story. 467 more words


Everyone needs to be in Mrs Zuczek's classroom...

Thanks to Daniel Sobel for this…

We all need to be in Mrs Zuczek’s Classroom for two reasons:

  • As teachers it is what we live and espouse – with no mismatch between words and deeds – that sets the learning culture in our classroom.
  • 65 more words

The day I cried then ditched the desks

One day I got bad news. Perhaps the worst news of my life.  Classrooms were moving and I was being relocated to…gasp…The Portables!  948 more words

Classroom management: Pinkfong Stories

Apart from Go Noodle that I mentioned in last week’s article, I also discover good use in this Youtube Channel, Pinkfong.

Aside from the… 107 more words

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