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How to utilize your student assistant

If you are blessed enough to have a student assistant (like myself), then you are just that…blessed! I have a lovely student assistant that is eager to learn and do! 248 more words

Classroom Management

Middle School STEAM: Straw Bridges

In my most recent middle school STEAM class, we were working on bridge building.  There were some absences, so it was a small class, but here they are showing off their final products, just before testing commenced. 290 more words


How "The Plan" Went

How did the new plan go, you ask? Well. It went like every plan I come up with goes. It was magical the first day. Every student bought in to the No Czech rule, the point system, and possibility of prizes. 820 more words


Educational Theories Explored – An Index of the Most Influential Theories Informing Learning Design

Without a coherent and consistent theory to underpin learning, you risk each lesson or learning episode becoming a stand alone and random opportunity. Our friends at Educational Technology and Mobile Learning have referred us to the excellent work of Instructional Design who have published a list of fifty of the most influential educational theories which inform the design of learning. 10 more words

Ike Onwubuya

Photoshop is a good thing?

I am so blessed to go to a school that is rural, surrounded by plenty of nature yet still has the aspect of a town incorporated into it as well. 335 more words

Green means go

I am not sure about classroom management strategy.  Is it there to help children learn self discipline and caring for other class members?  Or is there so that the teacher can feel she/he has a feeling of control over the class?   337 more words


New Year, Lent and bent

If I were the sole eyewitness to a crime and were asked to retell the minutest details leading up to the event; to where I’ve been and on what specific time, or maybe describe the criminal for a facial composite – God forbid, I’d be the worst eye witness the world has ever seen. 481 more words