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Every Day during Summer School

Having just finished a module for a repeat class, this was a daily issue. And now, I’m just about to start our summer module, which also happens to correspond with Ramadan. 14 more words


Wild Horses, Black Hole of Death Students, and Original Medicine

When I was 8, my bipolar dad put me on our unbroken horse with the advice, “Roll away from the hooves when he bucks you off.” Even better advice? 938 more words

Children Need to Fidget!

How many adults can sit still for 30″ without “going crazy?”  How soon do you start bouncing your leg, curling your hair, tapping your finger nails onto a table?   283 more words

New Teachers

Finishing the School Year Strong

Towards the end of my last full school year in the classroom, I received a note in my mailbox from administration. The note was a reminder to teachers to staying on top of students; to finish the year strong. 874 more words

Teacher Support

Tip #11: Pupils off task? Accurately predict and time activities.

If pupils are off-task in lessons or produce poor quality work, it could be that they’ve been given either too much or too little time for activities. 720 more words

Classroom Management

Why "Just Write Them Up" Isn't Always the Answer

As a teacher, you sometimes have those days when a student or a whole class does something crazy or rude or inappropriate, and you feel the need to vent about it to a friend/family member/everyone on social media… But sometimes we get this response: “Just write them up.” “Send them to the office.” “Don’t put up with that.” 595 more words

Please, Please, Please, for the Love of God-- Dare to Be a Strict Teacher

I am a strict teacher.

If your child is in my class I have certain expectations for him or her. I expect him to be on time; I expect him to have his materials with him— 1,998 more words

Classroom Management