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The Importance of Focus

Hey Fellow Teachers!

I decided that my first post would be about what I now believe to be the most important thing for any new teacher. 485 more words


Goal: Classroom Management

Sorry it’s been a while, guys! Mike has been sick with a bacterial Infection so I’ve been playing Florence Nightingale and I’ve been his personal nurse. 138 more words

New Teacher

The Invisible Students

As teachers, we are among a strange group of people who choose to be in high school for the rest of our lives. Most people, even those who enjoyed their times as students, are usually eager to move on. 865 more words


Trans-Formation Tuesday

Our classrooms are filled with a variety of students with different cultures, languages, strengths, weaknesses, and races. The inclusion classroom model makes the classroom a diverse place for learning and teaching, enriching the lives of the students as well as the teacher. 381 more words



The philosophical foundations of discipline

By Brett I. Kier | Monday, 27 July 2015

What is clear in reviewing the different theorists of classroom discipline is that for the most part they are all addressing different aspects of human behavior for the ultimate purpose of creating a positive learning environment, which is why a strong argument can be made that each theorist is simply highlighting a different side of an infinitely-sided die. 1,223 more words


Resources Toolkit for New Teachers | Edutopia

This is the perfect starting point for anyone who has been hired over the summer and is not sure were to begin! I wish such a resource existed when I started teaching. 14 more words