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10 Additional Tips on Classroom Management and Motivation [3]

An annotated lesson: This made-up story is again meant to be an exercise. The idea is that you read through it and try to see whether you agree with the teacher’s decisions / practices. 2,154 more words


What We Expect of Teachers

Not only are there issues of what we (parents, school leaders, even society at large) expect of teachers, but also what they expect of themselves. 942 more words


Buried Deep

Dear Friend,

I am writing this during my Principle’s retirement ceremony.

I do not know where to begin to tell you about my week. Things have been crazy busy. 382 more words

Classroom Management

Foundations of a Discipline Plan

I wrote this discipline plan as a component of my Understanding Classroom Management graduate class. This plan is a foundational document: it reflects my core beliefs about discipline and classroom management, but it is not designed to be put in place immediately on entering a classroom. 2,844 more words


Inspiring video of the ‘Handshake Teacher’ and his fifth grade goes viral

Barry White, Jr. is a fifth grade English teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina. Earlier this month, he shared a video taken of him greeting his students in the morning before class. 571 more words

5 Reasons Your Students Might Be Misbehaving and What You Can Do About It

We all have those classes… Those classes where it seems as if the students are out to get you because they refuse to learn and they constantly misbehave. 1,296 more words


Standard 7 Reflection

State 8 standard 7.1 Communicating with Families

Teacher communicates with families about students’ progress on a regular basis, respecting cultural norms, and is available as needed to respond to family concerns. 681 more words

Classroom Management