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"Potent Quotables"

Many years ago, as I was reading a copy of Reader’s Digest I saw the “Potent Quotable” section and a light bulb went off. How many times have I been teaching a lesson and a student blurts out a pearl? 900 more words

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Hardware Week and a Valley.

For my 7th and 8th grade CS classes, I set a goal to help students develop a basic understanding of computer hardware and architecture. Early in the year we did lessons on binary and hexadecimal information, the internet and how information is divided into packets and transmitted through data centers. 2,871 more words


What I learned about Questioning in a Math Classroom

Last summer, I became part of a Teaching Research Coorp group that decided to analyze the questioning level we use in our classroom.  I previously… 641 more words

Classroom Management

My Classroom Management Plan (Flow Chart)

“Just wait till you have kids—it’s not as easy as you think!” My mother has told me this a number of times and has explained that oftentimes it is easy to think that we will one day be the perfect parents if we just follow the right protocol. 981 more words

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Using a Text File as a Digital Notepad

I used to keep a yellow pad on my desk where I would scrawl notes as my teaching day wore on: “3rd period made it to page 40” or “Call Johnny’s mom about his tardiness.” If I thought of an idea for the next day’s lesson, remembered that I needed to set up a meeting with other teachers, or realized there was something I needed for the classroom, I wrote it here. 624 more words


Grouping Students II: Pros and Cons of Individual Work

There are many different ways in which a teacher can group their students. One option is to have the students work alone. This post will look at the pros and cons of having students work individually. 419 more words

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Gamified Motivation

Until things start to slow down, I am participating in #Edblogaday by creating blog stems of posts I’d like to create but don’t have time or energy to finish.  91 more words