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Discussions, Transactions, and Documentation: The Power of EduBlogs

Educational technology would simply be technology in education without the interactions between peers and teachers Blogs not only allow students to practice their writing skills but are also a great platform for building class discussions and practicing evaluation and critique of other people’s work. 39 more words


Unleash Everyone's Inner Storyteller Through Storyboards

Stories have been a powerful educational tool since pre-history, they help us better relate to and visualize consequences. With storyboards, students could create their own scenarios to illustrate course content, describe it as they see it, and make it more relatable. 33 more words


From Foes to Friends: Cellphones and Tablets in the Classroom

Why try to ban cellphones from our classroom if we could use them to our advantage? From asking students to quickly research information, to using interactive applications for activities, to accessing soft copies of books or looking up words they misunderstood, cellphones and tablets are powerful educational tools that are already present in almost everyone’s hands.


Web-based Inquiry: Webquests

It’s time to take inquiry-based learning from the classroom to the student’s homes with WebQuests! A WebQuest is an online activity you could create for your students,  where they need to find, analyze, classify, synthesize and evaluate information from the web to create their final product. 22 more words


Presentation Softwares: What to choose?

You will look over three main presentation software and where to apply them: Powerpoint, Prezi, and Powtoon.
While Powerpoint and Powtoon follow a linear format of presenting ideas, Prezi presentations are closer to animated mind maps, that show the connections between the different ideas and how they join together to form the big picture.


Word Link and Word Bounce

APOLOGY – not really ICT based as my usual content on this blog is but is very much about teaching and learning.

These are two quick and easy activities for d… 617 more words

Calming Strategies in the Classroom

I’ve been teaching for 17 years, all in early childhood. I’m currently in first grade. For the last several I’ve learned a lot about calming strategies for students. 1,686 more words

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