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My Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is the trail you leave everytime you use the internet. No matter you do on the internet, there is some sort of mark you left behind. 407 more words


The Wonderful World of Screen-casting

Hi again! I’m back after a week of exploring and creating in the wonderful world of screen-casting. This is not something I have done before, however, with the simple tools available I was able to set up the program, record my screen-cast, and upload it to YouTube in no time at all! 368 more words


Screen Casting? Use Loom.

I recently just created my first ever screen cast. I made it on How to create a tweet and use hashtags on Twitter. To create this screen cast I used the program “Loom.” For anyone creating a screen cast especially for the first time, I would definitely recommend using Loom. 491 more words


Creator Apps: Where Will Your Imagination Take You?

Welcome back everyone!

This week’s task for my Ed Tech class required a spark of imagination and innovation to complete. Last time I talked about the pros and cons of some of the “consumer” apps I had explored, however this week I am going to show you a couple “creator” apps that are available for you and your students to use! 614 more words


Creation vs. Consumption - PowToon


I recently used the website PowToon for the first time, I have seen some of the different products from it before, but I had never actually created one. 586 more words


QR Codes: The Possibilities Are Endless

Hello again!

This week I was introduced to a very fascinating tool and I am so excited to share it with you! I’m sure some of you will recognize what the featured image of this post is; however for me, this strange, pixelated icon was something that I had only occasionally seen posted on bulletin boards and I had no idea of the possibilities it could lead to. 335 more words


QR Codes in the Classroom

I have previously never really used QR Codes before. I knew what they were and had seen them in a few places, but I had never truly interacted with them before, until this week in my Educational Technology class. 326 more words