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Teaching in Egypt

As I write this, we are on our 34th day of school! The time has flown by, it seems like just yesterday I was preparing my classroom for the first day of school.   511 more words


Educational Chiropractic Care: Getting Our Work in Alignment

Alignment. When we think about this word we probably most often connect it to what a mechanic does to the front end of our cars or what we might need for our backs after a few too many twists and turns on the dance floor at a friend’s wedding reception. 971 more words

Student Achievement

October Moon at Ascending Node

Wednesday October 26th the waning crescent Moon will be crossing the plane of the ecliptic moving north relative to the ecliptic. This is known as the… 184 more words


Half term? Time for the teaching ideas to roll in!

I don’t know what it is, I guess it could be my mind relaxing, but it seems every single time I have a break from school I come up with ideas to improve my teaching practice. 186 more words


Zip Grade and Plickers combined with Idoceo for IOS

In this article I want to concentrate on using two wonderful apps for real time formative assessment of students work that can be (almost) instantly added to your mark book in… 478 more words


How is Citizenship a Curricular Problem?

The problem with citizenship in education is the focus on the personally-responsible citizen. A personally responsible citizen is typically seen as someone who does what they are supposed to as citizens such as vote, taxes, and occasionally may donate to a charity. 346 more words

Stress Day 36: Class 10-25-16 Tuesday: (3rd Eye)

Shared from student, cool visual meditation.

Read: Third Eye Meditation: http://www.doctor-recommended-stress-relief.com/Third-Eye-Chakra.html


Perform a 15 min 3rd eye meditation.

Note the position you chose to be in and describe location and time of day. 46 more words