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Against the Flow: Reconstructive Modeling of a Watermill

As an archaeologist, my first experience with modeling came almost as an afterthought to my thesis work. I had an opportunity to present my work as a poster during the Southeastern Archaeology Conference in Athens, Georgia and wanted to show people in a readily accessible visual format what the watermill structure looked like prior to the weather, moss, and debris created what exists today. 784 more words


The English Wall at Project Day

December 5th morning dawned bordering between pleasant and chilly, or so they tell me. I was somewhere between Chennai and Coimbatore, stumbling into flights and cabs and buses to get to the school on time for the Annual Project Day. 1,207 more words



There are many terms out there to describe when a girl pees her panties. I want to look at them and propose some new ones. 306 more words


An older, male student argued with me in class and took the discussion far off topic. After class, he came up and told me he was “sorry” for arguing with me, but as I was “being so shrill” in stating my position on the issue, he felt it was important for the other students to also hear a more “reasonable” position on the issue.


Coniferous Leaves

Had a really good morning schooling today! Lady P got down to business in anticipation of her friend coming round for a play date.

She completed her reading lesson; practiced her counting by 5s and 10s; counted backwards from 10 confidently and started to count backwards from 20; sorted coins with their number amounts; wrote some more of her story; compared coniferous leaves to deciduous leaves and made notes. 43 more words


3 reasons to integrate Google Classroom with Readers’ & Writers’ Workshop

I love Google Classroom. Why? Because in this case integrating tech allows me to redefine what is possible within a readers and writers workshop framework so that I have a better understanding of what my students know and are able to do. 656 more words

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