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Unraveling a Mystery in the Classroom

By Judy Berman

What if something you did when you were a teenager came back to haunt you 20 or more years later?

That’s what is happening to many teachers in Florida. 1,006 more words


Story War: A Fun and Crazy Game for Young Writers

Order a nice set of the game cards here:


or download and print them FREE here:


Today’s Assignment:

1. Pick a card.

2. Create a character from that card.

3. Continue?


1minute29: Classroom Crisis 5

These people don’t actually exist, do they? Today A-TEC goes on a school graduation trip, though if they graduated they wouldn’t be at school anymore. It doesn’t make sense, because their class is still working on the advanced magic space engine. 52 more words


Mr. Syayid’s Classroom Rules

Often times, students like you asked me how to get a good score in my classroom. Believe me; it is difficult to get a good score in my classroom. 79 more words


The Future is Now!

As I watch this video, as few things stand out to me.

1. Personalized learning: students are doing what seems to be interesting to them and therefore it engages them. 304 more words


Explicit Instruction on Effort-EDU 6526

I really appreciate the take on emphasizing effort’s effect on performance as outlined by Dean, Hubbell, Pitler and Stone (2012). The most interesting and perhaps most convicting part of the reading was the need to explicitly teach students what effort means and requires to succeed in a classroom (or any other arena for that matter). 469 more words

Ideas for Classroom Decorations, Part 1: General Classroom Decor Information

Prepare your Sunday Church School classroom by dressing its walls with bulletin boards and/or displays. These can act as teaching aids to help your students focus on what they are learning in class. 930 more words

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