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10 Classroom Items to Buy in Bulk Before the School Year

As the old meme goes: “Teaching is the only profession where you steal stuff from home and take it to work.” It is sad, but true. 611 more words


Do Fish Sneeze?


Students (incredulous): Wait, are you, like, a PhD doctor or a real doctor?
Me (amused): The latter, though some of my grad school colleagues might object to the distinction. 823 more words



Welcome to my classroom blog where you can find materials useful for interpreting literature, writing, and reading good book.

I have been an avid life-long learner and reader for a long, long time — 60 years at least! 206 more words


Welcome to Room 25!

This is where I will introduce my new classroom…


A classroom.

This photograph depicts a classroom at Colored Graded School (later known as the Sallie Barbour School) on what was then Stantonsburg Street. The children appear to represent several grades, but only two have been identified. 51 more words

City Of Wilson

Mid Term Presentations and Work Due

set: 19 July 2017                                                 due: 26 July 2017

On Wednesday 26 July 2017, in our class time, all students will present their answers to

Section 3  : What are you going to sell? 30 more words


Flipping it...

One thing I love is flipping my classroom on its head.

The flipped classroom is one that is busy, engaged and has plenty of ‘deeper’ developed learning activities happening from start to finish. 312 more words