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Plastic Times: In the Beginning

This year we have been focusing on Book Studies. We have read several great works of literature including Love That Dog and Bridge to Terabithia… 454 more words


Tech Tools- Instructional vs. Learning

Technology can be both an instructional tool and a learning tool in the classroom. According to Orey (2015I), technology can be used as an instructional tool when it is used to present information, while technology as a learning tool is focused on getting your students to use the technology to become active learners. 399 more words


First blog post

Hello.  I could have changed the title above, but I decided to leave it. The title is says it all and I want to keep it as a marker for me in case this becomes something long term, and also as a warning to those reading it that this is just the beginning and a work in progress. 159 more words


Ted Harrison Art

I have decided to resume our study of artists. We started a project on Ted Harrison mostly because he’s originally from England but his art is all about the Yukon in Canada; a nice joining of cultures, like our family. 191 more words


Time Travel

One of my students approached me today and said, “if you could travel back in time and see one thing, what would it be?”

I took a moment to think before answering, “I would go see George Washington be inaugurated as the first president of the United States.” … 81 more words



Finally, today I held my first real BreakoutEDU of the year. I say ‘real’ because I had run Mini Math Breakouts earlier this year. They were a success, but I just didn’t have enough kits to pull off a full class Breakout (I now know it can be done with one kit and tickets). 291 more words