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Buh-bye May, Helloooo Summer

Summer is a generous term for June and half of July (not to mention the PD days I’ll be subtracting from those few weeks). But that’s okay, ’cause SUMMER. 200 more words


The overflowing book bag

Why does each teacher insist on their own 3-ring binder for class? I know it’s to keep things organized and separate. But that’s what dividers are for! 700 more words

As I sit here basking in the beginnings of my summer, the only thing running through my mind is I’m exhausted.  I just wrapped up my eighth and hardest year of teaching high school and I feel like I’ve aged 10 years.   457 more words



Life is not a competitive sport.
There’s no need for commentaries.
No first prize .
No best in show.
No elimination round.
No judgement,
No official uniform. 159 more words

Inspirational Quotes

Why I Banned Fidgets

Be they spinners, cubes or slime. Fidgets are the bane of most primary teacher’s lives. The year started with dabbing and bottle flips and now has descended to this. 320 more words


Friday, May 26

Word Study:

Spelling practice


Module 6 mid-module assessment

Social Studies:





Read Aloud, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Read To Self… 16 more words


The new girl at school

Public school. August 1996 meant the beginning of public school.

Farewell to school uniforms, now nearly anything was allowed. I went from a small school of about 300 for K-8 to more than 800 for 6-8. 1,195 more words