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WASSUP! HOW YOU DOING? Well anyways, firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Wine Wine. I turned 13, five days ago. Today is December 13, 2017 so try calculating it. 73 more words


Sr Nick in the House! *smacks table*

Are you looking for a 12 year old boy who goes to a new private school and likes french fries (extra salty), Pocket Mortys, Youtube, and anime? 406 more words


insert self-depricating title here

I was told to write a paragraph about myself. When writing about myself, I don’t like to go the traditional route of writing. Instead, I like to directly talk to the reader…sometimes even mess with them. 300 more words


Lab Directions - 12/12

  • First 25 minutes of class: Work on your lessons, either regular or AIG. Prioritize Lesson 8A, 8B, 8C.
  • Remainder of class: Work on one of the following review games …
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Writing your Opinion Piece

  1. Complete this graphic organizer
  2. Use ideas from NewsELA and CNN Student News
  3. Write your complete essay in your Interactive Notebook
  4. Show Ms. Moldovan so she can revise…
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Lab Directions - Monday, 12/11

  • If you did not pass your quiz from last Thursday, do corrections
    • For each question you got wrong, explain why you chose the wrong answer, and then explain why the correct answer is a better choice.
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Caesar: The Great Conspiracy

Oh, poor Caesar–killed by a conspiracy in the Senate. But did he get too powerful? And what happens after he is killed? His nephew, Octavian (Augustus) takes over and Rome is no longer a Republic. 11 more words