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Lecture Pod - Data Types

“Does a data type matter? Yes as it prevents mistake such as finding medians or taking the ratio of two Ph values.”

Sarah Waterson begins discussing basic data types as levels of measurements called nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio.  475 more words

Bias Incidents & Hate Crimes Forum - Notes

Location: UNICUE (800 Sycamore St., Waterloo, IA)

Time: 6:00-8:00 p.m.

People in attendance: mostly fellow classmates, several community members (incl. a few children), several official people in the front of the room giving the presentation… 655 more words


Dragon Games Pt 3

So, finally finished the game (mostly)

Added proper sprites for the dragon, adjusted the physics so it’s more challenging, and less likely to just fly off the screen after one or two flaps, and fixed the clouds! 329 more words


Managing your Online Identity

Online Identity/Presence is a huge part of social media, without it you cannot define yourself or make yourself stand out. For me I have personalised my blog and multiple other social media platforms that best describe who I am and what is easy to remember for others. 342 more words


Lecture Slides

Day 1: Introductions and Overview

Day 2: Key Terms: Audience



When Section C fell down the rabbit hole….

When Alice fell down the rabbit hole, Time, as we know it, began to take on new dimensions and her relationship with it began to change; just as her relationship with Space began to alter too. 231 more words