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Fan Culture

Fans have always played a huge part in media culture, but recently the fanatic phenomenon has reached to heights. The Internet and sharing culture that we have now creates a platform for people to get creative with the things that they enjoy to watch, listen, or read. 288 more words


Classwork and Homework Week of 12/5/16

Monday 12/5/16 – Chapter 10 sec 1: States’ Rights and Western Expansion

Tuesday 12/6/16 – Chapter 10 sec 2: A Rising Tide of Protest and Violence… 19 more words


Writing Test on Wednesday Dec 7-Prompt and Rubric

In a well-developed paragraph of seven to twelve sentences (150-250 words), assume the persona of either the king or princess and summarize the main points of the story “The Lady or the Tiger” as seen from her his or her perspective. 53 more words


Ethics aren't easy

A professional’s discussion on protecting users

When I conducted my first usability test, it was easy for me to make predictions of what the participants were going to have problems with, and what they would like about the website.   251 more words


Keep Droning On

The abilities of robots are improving everyday. From video drones flown by civilians, to war machines that can engage and attack humans automatically, there are ethical questions behind any machine that can do what a human can’t do alone. 450 more words