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No Namer: A Poem on My Students' Handwriting

“I have a no-namer!”

Called out absent-mindedly

As I instinctively write your name at the top of the paper mid-bell



Of you

I fear the day when I sit down… 172 more words

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Toast... Its Complicated

Making toast. A simple act we can easily carry out, sometimes without a thought. However to say its simple is only a result of a repetitive processes, unintentionally practiced throughout our daily lives. 119 more words


Week 1 Activity: Toast

This week we did an activity where we had to write a procedure on how to produce toast within 11 steps and create a flowchart for it. 53 more words


App Design 101

  *apa style reference of image* – as caption

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this post is about……

"Coffee Thoughts" Podcast Intro

This is my intro to a fake podcast “Coffee Thoughts”. I received an email saying my first one was removed so I mad another, but the the first one is back! 13 more words


2017 NBA Dunk Contest Weakest in Years

Everything leading up to the 2017 Dunk Contest was more exciting than the dunk contest itself. Usually the spectacle of NBA All Star Weekend, the dunk contest typically leaves fans in awe by what some players can accomplish. 494 more words


PETA's Perspective of Fishing Is Wrong

Sometime last week I was scrolling
through Facebook and came across a video that one of my friends that I fish with shared. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or more known as PETA, decided to release a video on August 10th, 2016 titled “This is Why I Don’t Go Fishing”. 640 more words