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Elevator Pitch

We were asked to give an elevator pitch on our app that would go for around 30 seconds.

Ever been running late to work or don’t know where to catch the next bus to your destination? 155 more words


User Scenarios

Joe opens the app and presses on the map to where he needs to go to work. As Joe is in a rush he does not care about the bus timetable and when the next bus is, rather he needs to know where closest bus is. 262 more words


Logo Update


Peer Review


The reviews were overall positive with only the logo being not memorable being the only issue. To combat this I added in a few hills to the background to give the logo some depth and detail.





This video was a project for a video/audio production class.


Alan Alda, Jason Reitman at the Bushnell on Life, Film, and Women in Hollywood

The Bushnell Center for Performing Arts in Hartford held a forum conversation between Alan Alda and Jason Reitman. Originally instead of Alan Alda, Rob Reiner was supposed to attend but decided not to show for some undisclosed reason. 713 more words

Bass Masters Classic Summary & Results

One of the most common phrases that fishermen say is that the best fishermen are always the ones with the most experience… but this wasn’t the case at the 2017 Bass Master Classic. 832 more words