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Short Words at Work #3

She sits in the store, sobs pushed deep in her throat. She’s so close, so close to death and she knows it. I know it too. 396 more words

Short Story

Translation Poem

Roulette Dares

Briefly tired buffalo

Curse of chance

Tingling fingers

Buyer beware

Shackled prisoners speak

Interrogate the onlooker

Expected guilt

The truth on the lips of the choked… 87 more words


My Inspirational Piece

Now what has actually really inspired me for the past few years in coming up with a grand story is a band. This band has 6 albums as of posting this, and four of them are titled  435 more words


The Aftermath

Now the iridescent sky shimmers like the puddles littering the streets. The smoldering bones give rise to thick clouds of smoke. Talons clank down onto the cement, falling with the heavy weight of time passing. 236 more words

Tenth Grade

Untitled Ending

i think this should end.

She’s not looking at me. Her gaze is downwards, angled towards her hands. Her thumbs are rubbing together.

I love you, I say. 366 more words

Tenth Grade

Universe Condensed in Cat

The feline was sitting there, on the gate, tail slowly flicking back and forth. She watched me with crystalline eyes, refracting light in squares across shadowed surfaces. 238 more words

Tenth Grade

The Magician's Show

The light is centered on the lone man. He is around forty, with a rounded stomach and a greased mustache. The age strengthens his step, adding a level of confidence to his performance, making the girl wonder what he’s done. 582 more words

Tenth Grade