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First Year, Second Semester: Charcoal and Collage 2/2

For my the following work from the collage assignment, I used different materials like onion, aluminium foil, a safety pin and bits of thermocol. I set it up like a scene from a play, including small dialogues and narration such as ‘the surgeon has arrived and the operation is about to begin’, with various images from magazines acting as the ‘characters’. 443 more words


First Year, Second Semester: Charcoal and Collage 1/2

We began our charcoal module by taking rubbings of the textures around us on newsprint paper. After collecting about 10 such sheets, we made collages by combining these textures in various ways. 507 more words


First Year, Second Semester: Watercolour and Poster Paints

Here I have presented some works from the Second Semester of my First Year at Bachelor for Visual Arts (BVA) in Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, MS University of Baroda. 788 more words


PMP Certification Underway!

On and off for the past year or so, I’ve been considering the idea of starting the process to become a certified project manager. I truly enjoy project management and I can see that I tend to thrive in that capacity. 109 more words


Classroom Assignment: iMovie Trailer

This is a Trailer for a classroom assignment where students will take things with interesting textures and transfer them to paper by rubbing crayons or other mediums over the textures. 20 more words



Filter game

This was my original game idea. After playing around with it, I found that it was beyond my skill level in terms of coding, and also lacked appeal – I struggled to find a pleasing visual aesthetic, or a way to make it more fun without adding to the complexity and making it even harder for me to code. 992 more words