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"So Whaddya Think? Consumers Create Ads and Other Consumers Critique Them" Annotation

Ertimur, Burçak, and Mary C. Gilly. “So Whaddya Think? Consumers Create Ads and Other
Consumers Critique Them.” Journal of Interactive Marketing, vol. 26, issue 3, 3 Dec. 229 more words


Orwell and Me

I was asked to write a piece reacting to George Orwell in Creative Writing class yesterday and this was what I managed to write. It was a little rushed but it received great feedback in the session so I was eager to share it! 304 more words


Biblical Wisdom

Decided to share my response to the Plato’s allegory of the cave that I wrote for my class; enjoy

Out of the cave and into the sunlight.

495 more words


Before I start explaining what I’ve done so far, I’ll explain that the topic of my EPQ is basically how men and women are affected differently by borderline personality disorder. 416 more words


Israel: video and video notes

In class on Tuesday, you will watch the video Geography Now: Israel and use it to answer questions.


Self-portrait final

At the beginning of this project on planned on turning this into a painting or adding some texture to the image but I liked how the image looked on its own and left it as is.