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Screen Redesign




In my opinion the before one is kind of narrow, both pictures and texts place in the center. So the after one layout is wider also has a “tips” element but a little bit messy compare to the before one.


Writing A Scenario/ User Personas

 Who will be using your X? 

Anyone who needs data or information about overfishing.

How will users use your X? 

Scroll down or up to experience the website. 119 more words


How to cook toast

  1. Place bread in the toaster
  2. Select temperature for desired crispiness
  3. Push town toaster level to begin toasting
  4. After toast pops up remove from toaster, place on plates…
  5. 10 more words

To Kill A Mockingbird 1-9

First Impressions

Going into this book with a reputation it has I thought it would catch right off the hook but in the beginning, it didn’t stick out to me as interesting or amazing. 539 more words


Podcast Bloggy Thingy

School assessment

This isn’t exactly the answer but i believe that it was a more important point. Metcalf said that he knew that he had an advantage from the color of his skin so he knew he had an easy path in his life. 226 more words


Last Bloggy Thing

How it all went down

My group started the project off by addressing what each of our strengths were. My group mates were Leana, Kendall, and Glen. 284 more words